Best Baby Monitors for Twins with Split-Screen – Which One to Pick Up?

best baby monitors for twins with split screen reviews

Taking care and attending to twins can be quite hectic especially if you're doing it on your own. This is why it is necessary to get good baby monitors with split screen functionality for your babies. And below are some of the best products of this kind on the market currently. Take a look, read their reviews, and tell me which one would you choose.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras2.7 pounds14.4 x 8.7 x 5 inchesbuy3
Summer Infant Side By Side Split-Screen2.6 pounds13.1 x 10 x 4.8 inchesbuy3
VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound2.8 pounds5 x 0.8 x 3.3 inchesbuy3
Summer Infant Dual View Set with 3 CamerasN/AN/Abuy3

Summer Infant (Side by Side)

This 5-inch handheld device allows you to see clear views of up to 4 rooms simultaneously and comes with a remote-control feature for the camera. This feature allows you to remotely control and enhances the functionality of the cameras while maintaining a good view of the baby’s room using scan and pan to adjust the view of the camera from left- right and up-down.

Among the amazing features of this unit is the automatic IR LEDs that automatically adjust depending on the lighting in the room for the best non-pixilated images and views. The split-technology is yet another great feature that provides multiple viewing (in up to 4 rooms) or side- side viewing in the same room. Easily reassure and calm the baby through the impressive two-way talk back intercom feature. And the best thing here is that you can set the cameras to automatically rotate between each other every 8 seconds.


    • 2.4GHz DECT Technology
    • Inbuilt belt clip
    • Wall-mountable
    • Excellent portability and convenience of use
    • Adjustable volume


    • False alarms
    • Short battery life

Motorola (Video Baby) Monitor W/2 Cameras

This one of a kind product that has picture-in-picture screen functionality for checking different rooms all at once. It comes with a 3.5-inch digital display screen that shows crystal clear and non-pixilated views. It is also designed to help you be in touch with your babies at all times and know when they need your care and attention. The unit has an interference-free transmission and a reliable two-way intercom for talking back to the baby.

This unique product from Motorola boasts of exclusive features that include auto-screen switch with an expandable camera function, infrared night vision, picture-in-picture viewing, pan, tilt &zoom, and a secure connection for a distortion-free transmission. The best thing about this system is that it allows you to simultaneously track up to 4 rooms.


    • 20 second frequency camera cycles
    • Adjustable volume
    • Rotating camera function
    • Temperature sensor
    • Out-of-range indicator


    • Delays and lags when changing camera focus
    • PTZ function fails at times

Summer Infant (Dual View)

Summer Infant has an incredible reputation and market recognition for designing and developing outstanding products with impeccable and amazing features. This one is a well-designed device with a 3.5 inch portable HD color screen and operates on a secure 2.4GHz wireless technology. It has sound-activated LEDs as a well as a two-way talkback feature.

When you purchase this one, you get unique monitoring features that come in twos. For starters, there are two cameras with multi-level PTZ features and an automatic black & night vision. In addition to this, there are range exceed and low battery alerts that warn you when moving beyond the working range and when the power is excessively too low respectively. It also features a split-screen technology that provides for cross-viewing in different rooms.


    • Low battery alert
    • Large 3.5” display screen
    • Sound activated LEDs
    • Portable
    • Dual view functionality


  • Limited range
  • Seems to black out regularly

VTech VM321-2 (Safe & Sound)

This VTech VM321-2 features two baby units/cameras and one parent unit/receiver. It has a high-resolution digital screen measuring 2.8” and automatic IR night vision for ensuring that you capture all the best moments. It operates efficiently and quietly thereby ensuring that it does not disturb the baby. The two-way talk back feature is designed to help you talk back to the baby through the receiver when in a different room.

It boasts of allowing you see and listen to your baby’s every breath on a digital display 2.8-inch screen. Unlike others of its kind, this unit has an adjustable camera lens, 2.4GHz secure transmission, 6-level sound indicator, a parent unit with adjustable functionality including customizable settings such as timer alerts and customized temperature limits, expandable system with adjustable functionality of up to 4 cameras, and a cord managing system.


    • Wall mountable
    • 6-level sound/volume indicator
    • Temperature sensor
    • Soothing lullabies
    • Adjustable camera angle


    • Short battery life
    • Fairly small screen

How to Buy

Here are the things you must look for:


There are different price ranges depending on the brand, quality, and model of the monitors. Some of them cost relatively affordable prices while others are highly priced. The cost of these devices should be of great interest to any parent especially if you are working on a tight budget and have limited funds to spend.

With good research and analysis, it is possible to get a good quality product at a relatively low cost. Always emphasize on quality and performance when shopping.


You won’t always spend much of your time around your babies as there are times when you will have to move to the furthest corner of the house or in the backyard to relax. Due to this, you will need to consider the operating range so that you can use the gadget freely in your home.

In addition to range, it is also important to check whether the product has a range exceed alert. Does it beep a sound or vibrate when you go beyond its provided working range? A monitor without this alert can be quite risky to use as it may not caution you when you are going beyond its range. As such, it will not notify you when the babies need your attention.


How portable is your device of choice? Can you move around the house with the receiver? Does the parent unit come with a belt clip for attaching the unit to the belt? Or do you have to walk around with the parent unit in your hand? How bulky is the receiver? Does it have a wireless connectivity? These are important considerations to look at when making up your mind.

You also need to check whether the functioning and performance are hindered by motion. This will make it easy for you to choose the most practical model with screen splitting function depending on your needs and preferences.

Video quality

A baby monitor with video is only useful if it has good video quality that makes it easy to see even the finest details. Additionally, it should have IR night vision for capturing the best video shots at night. A black & white vision mode is a great additional feature that is also important to have in this type of product.

Before settling on anything, it is important to test the quality of video first. Some of the pointers to look out for include the formation of pixilated views or blurred images on the display screen. It is worth noting that the best options should have ultra-clear videos and images that are easy to see and possess a good picture quality.

Screen size

The ideal screen size in this case should be at least 4 inches large. This is so that once the screen is shared, each of your little angels gets about 2 inches of view. This size goes a long way in making it easy for you to see all details about the baby perfectly. When using a device with a small screen size, it may be quite straining to see all the details in the nursery perfectly.

Units with a diagonal screen are the best option. A touch-enabled screen is yet another great extra to consider.. This is because it's easier to navigate and operate especially in entering personal preferences.

Notifications alert

How does the product alert its users in case of a notification? Does it vibrate or beep a sound when notifying you of an alert? Does it have sound activated LEDs to alert you of sounds in the baby’s room when the system is muted? Ideally, your main concern on notifications alert is how the transmitted signal is relayed to you.

The best device to use is one that has a low battery alert that warns you in case the battery’s power is getting too low and the tracker may turn off in no time. This enables you to seek alternative power or recharge the battery. Some products use replaceable batteries while others use rechargeable batteries. The latter is better and more economical in the long run as you only need to recharge the battery once power is depleted.

Also, this type of product has been reliably useful in preventing SIDS- a common condition that affects most babies. Additionally, they are efficient gadgets for looking after your little one. With a reliable monitor, you can be guaranteed that you will not receive any false alarms even when the baby is alright.

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