7 Ways To Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy You Should Know

A baby’s skin is so soft and silky that you will always be tempted to touch it. Touching a child’s skin also feels one with a sense of possibility and newness. But, exposure to the sun, pollutants and harsh chemicals in the baby products and clothes can leave the child with some nasty marks or lead to some severe skin conditions. And so as a parent you should not just admire your baby’s skin, but you should also take steps to ensure that it remains healthy. Here is how to keep baby’s skin healthy and with a natural glow.


#1 Keep Him Clean

Infants are very delicate, and most parents do not have the courage to clean them up. Others do not think that the babies are dirty and so they will only clean them occasionally. However, if you want his skin to remain healthy, you should make sure that you wash him at least three times a week. Bathing the child helps to remove the excess oils and to prevent the accumulation of pollutants which can cause blemishes on his skin. When cleaning him, you should use warm and not hot water and an organic soap without any harsh chemicals. Also, make sure that you moisturize his skin after the bath to replenish the lost oils and to give him a protective barrier.


#2 Wash All Clothes Before He Wears Them

Most parents have a tendency of dressing their kids in new clothes straight from the pack without washing them. The new clothes look neat and clean, and so most moms think they are safe for the child. However, this is a big mistake, and you should avoid it if you want to keep the baby’s skin healthy. It is important to know that the beautiful colors and drawings on the clothes come from the use of chemicals which leave some residues in the clothes. Since the clothes are in most cases, mass produced the manufacturer does not have time to clean them thoroughly. And so it is your responsibility as a parent to wash the clothes before the child wears them so as to remove any chemical residues and fragrances than can affect his skin.

#3 Avoid Overdressing or Underdressing the Child

Dressing the child in too many layers of clothes is one of the common causes of skin problems. Wearing too many clothes leads to overheating which in turn causes some heat rashes. Although most parents think that babies should wear warm clothes at all times, this is not true. Just like adults, the clothes that you choose for your child should go with the weather, and so on a hot day, you should make sure that you keep the clothes light and in a few layers. Under-dressing is also not good because it might lead to loss of body heat and hence result in a dry skin and conditions like eczema. To keep the child’s skin healthy you should aim at maintaining the right body temperature at all times.

#4 Always Use Baby Safe Products

Your choice of baby products is vital if you want to keep the child’s skin healthy. It is essential to do adequate research when buying things like baby soaps, lotions and baby detergent for washing his clothes because they will all have some effect on the health of his skin. Make sure that you go for organic products that do not contain any harmful chemicals that can affect the health of the child’s skin. For the detergents you should buy those with a unique formulation for use on baby’s clothes and they should also not leave any chemical residues in the clothes. Also, the right idea is to go for fragrance-free products that have certifications for baby use from the relevant authorities. Products like bed linen, towels and blankets can also cause itchy skin, and so you should also make sure that you buy ones with some soft fibers.

#5 Give Your Baby Regular Massages

Massaging your baby is always a good way of inspecting his skin. Also, it helps to calm him and to keep his skin smooth, and so it is an excellent idea to make sure that you massage him regularly. Make sure to keep it gentle and use the right products and that you do it in a fun way that the baby will enjoy. You can do the massage with your moisturizing lotion or buy massage oil with a unique formulation for infants. You should also make sure that you do not do it for too long because you can irritate the skin.

#6 Understand the Diaper Basics

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Diaper rash is one of those skin problems that you will have to deal with as a parent. Although sometimes it is a hard problem to prevent there are some measures that you can take to ensures that it is not very severe. First, you should be very keen on your diaper choice and only go for something that does not have any harsh chemicals. Also, make sure that you get the size right because diapers that are too tight are one of the primary causes of the problem. Secondly, you should make sure that the child does not stay with a wet diaper for long. Buying those with wetness indicators is a good way of ensuring that you will always know when the infant needs a diaper change. Lastly, make sure you wipe the baby bottom gently when changing the diapers and that you dab some diaper cream to prevent irritations.

#7 Treat the Skin Problem Before it Worsens

Even if you take precautions to keep the child’s skin healthy, some problems might still arise. When this happens, moms should make sure that they deal with them as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse. Parents should know how to treat common problems like diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap and sunburn because they might have to deal with them many times as the child grows. You should know the best home remedies to use and also what to buy in case you need to use an over-the-counter cream.


The overall health of your baby should be your top priority as a parent, and you should also not forget about his skin. With the seven points above baby skin care will be very easy for you. But you should also know when to consult a dermatologist in case the baby develops some skin problem. The golden rule is to wait for a few days, and if the problem worsens, you should visit a specialist immediately.

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