Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor AC420 Reviews – Would You Buy Something Like This?

Quick Summary: If you are looking for a combination of both sound and movement monitoring, then this is the ideal monitoring device to get. It comes with a motion sensor pad placed beneath the mattress. If no more is detected within 20 seconds, the monitor sounds an alarm that alerts you that the baby needs your attention. Read my review below for more information.


    •  Motion sensor
    • Clear transmission
    • Nursery night light
    •  Temperature display
    • Secure and interference-free transmission


    • Limited battery performance
    • Prone to breakage

Product highlights

With 8 channels and a long operating range, the monitor is popular for its ability to reliably offer an uninterrupted VOX transmission all clock round. What is more amazing about this monitor is that it also has sound lights that are used for showing the intensity of noise when the monitor is on mute mode.

The device features a practical and pretty design. The motion sensor pad placed under the mattress ensures that all the baby’s motions and movements are monitored. In case it does not detect any motion in 20 seconds, the monitor will prompt you to attend to the baby. The temperature display makes it possible to have a real time monitoring and tracking of the nursery’s temperature.

If you are looking for comfort, peace of mind and sense of security at night while sleeping, then this is the monitor to purchase. This monitor is that the monitoring system also has a temperature display that indicates the temperature in the baby’s room. When using this monitor, you can be guaranteed to enjoy a secure and interruption-free transmission with its reliable 2.4GHz transmission frequency. In addition to this, the decorative nursery night lights in the monitor project varied colors onto the ceiling for soothing the baby to sleep.

The secure transmission of the monitor that is also interference free allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably knowing that the baby is well-looked after even at the dead of the night. The great portability of the parent unit makes it possible to carry the unit with you wherever you go and use it to monitor the baby as long as you are within the operating range. The monitor is build to last and with proper care and maintenance, it can last for years without showing any signs of dilapidation or decline in performance.

What we don't like about the monitor

The functionality and continuous performance of this monitor is greatly hindered by its poor battery life. The battery runs for a maximum of 4 hours when fully recharged thus necessitating the need for constantly recharging the monitor.

In addition to this, the monitor should also be kept in dry conditions as moisture/water interferes with its performance. Additionally, the monitor is susceptible to breakages upon impact or when it falls. To lower the likelihood of these breakages occurring, the monitor should be placed away from the baby’s reach and on surfaces that are not easy to fall off from.

Other people’s thoughts

Parents and care givers who have used the monitor before liked it for its great performance and accuracy. Particularly, most parents like the motion monitoring aspect of the monitor as it helps in reducing chances of SIDS in their babies. What is more unique about this plug and play monitoring device is that it is designed for parents with heightened awareness. The monitor makes it possible to monitor your baby in real time thereby allowing quick response.

For parents who have used other products before, it is quite easy for them to enjoy the convenience and comfort that comes about from using this product.

In conclusion, this product is arguably one of the most innovative monitors currently in the market. The monitor is highly dependable and reliable in real-time monitoring.