Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Review

Quick summary: Angelcare Movement and sound monitors are great parenting devices that enable you to watch both the movements made by the baby as well as listen to any sounds coming from the baby’s room. These digital parenting tools come with some of the best high-end features that will surely satisfy your needs. Read my Angelcare AC401 movement and sound monitor review below for more information.


    • Full color display
    • Glowing night light
    • Range exceed indicators
    • Rechargeable parent unit with great portability
    • Crystal clear transmission
    • Great battery life


    • Lots of static especially when at full volume
    • Easy breaks when it falls down

Angelcare (Baby) Sound Monitor-White

Angelcare is one of the leading manufacturers of quality baby monitoring devices. This Angelcare sound monitor is designed to guarantee ultimate baby safety and security at all times with real time baby monitoring. For parents looking for a highly functional sound monitor that is portable and has a rechargeable parent unit, then this is the monitoring device to purchase.

The monitor boasts of having top quality sound clarity and a full digital display featuring sound LED lights. The display also features temperature monitoring that enables parents to know the present temperature conditions in the baby’s room.

Product Highlights -Angelcare (Baby) Sound Monitor

The temperature display in this Angelcare sound monitor is designed to help you track of the temperature changes in the baby’s room. That way, you can take necessary steps depending on whether the temperature is too high or too low for the baby.

The full color display of the monitor is easy to read and allows parents to take note of important readings such as nursery temperature as well as sound lights. This monitoring system operates on an efficient 2.4GHz frequency that ensures secure and uninterrupted signal transmission between the baby unit and the parent unit.

The monitor comes with range-exceed indicators and sound an alarm when you exceed the operating range of the monitor. This Angelcare monitor has an amazing range of 820 feet thereby allowing you to attend to other chores around the house while still monitoring the baby. In addition to this, the monitor delivers top quality sound that is not interfered with by background noises and other forms of white noise.

The great battery life of this monitor ensures that you can effortlessly use the monitor throughout the night for monitoring your baby without having to worry about the battery running out of charge. What is more important about this is that it saves you the trouble of having to recharge the batteries every now and then.

What we dislike about this monitor

The greatest weakness about this Angelcare sound monitoring system lies in the statics that commonly occur when the monitor is set on maximum volume.

This static interrupts the efficient transmission of signal between the baby and parent units and interferes with real time baby monitoring. In addition to this, the casing of the monitor is prone to breakages upon falls. As such, the monitoring system needs to be handled carefully and kept away from the baby’s reach.

The only setback to this monitor’s performance is that it gives false alarms especially after being used for a long time. What’s worse is that the monitor can easily become non-functional if not maintained accordingly. (See other great baby monitors here)

Other people’s thoughts

Generally, this Angelcare baby monitoring system has received great reviews from most parents. It has had a good reception in the market with both first-time and repeat parents terming the monitor as a reliable monitoring tool and reliable parenting device. Most parents have noted that the long battery life and portability of the monitoring system are great additions that enhance the ease of use of the monitor. The temperature display is also cited by other people as a reliable feature in the monitoring system.

Parents who have used this monitor have applauded its durability and excellent performance as being one of a kind. Most parents have recommended the monitor to first time parents who are still concerned about the monitor of choice to purchase.

Ideally, this Angelcare monitor is designed for use by every parent for excellent monitoring. It allows you to enjoy peace and reassurance knowing that the baby is safe even when you are not in the nursery.

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