20 Most Beautiful Quotes About Parenting You Probably Don’t Know

There comes a point in life when parenting seems more of a challenge than a mare responsibility, it takes heart to give love even in the most disturbing circumstances. Great quotes make a sophisticated life simpler, it gives us the will to push on when we are challenged.

Different quotes hold in various aspects of life, from education, behavior wise, general mode of conduct to the personal issues affecting the internal environment of our children. Here are some of the most inspiring and beautiful quotes of all time that will get you started as a parent or guardian. Read on, get motivated, inspire hearts and see a change in your parenting journey.

1. “For you to be in your kid’s memories tomorrow, you’ve to be in their lives today” – Barbara Johnson.

2. “Not only do children grow, parents really do also. The more we are eager to see the progress in our children’s lives, the keener they watch ours. I can’t tell my kids to reach out for the sun. All I have to do is reach it out myself” – Joyce Maynard.

3. “Nothing can actually influence the psychological life of children than the unlived life of a parent” – Carl Jung.

4. “That attitude we have as parents is what our children will learn from more often than what we really tell them. They’ll always remember what you are and not more of what you try to teach them” – Jim Henson.

5. “Tantrums aren’t bad behavior. They are expressions of inner emotions that become unbearable for the child. It need not any punishment; compassion, loving and safe arms to unload in, is more important” – Rebecca Eames.

6. “If you raise your kids to feel the power and strength of accomplishing any goal they decide upon in life, you’ll have succeeded in your mission as a parent. You’ll have given your kids the best of all blessings” – Brain Tracy.

7. “Embrace even the little mess of life with your children. No matter how hard it may seem, never disengage. Do anything- something- to guide and connect with your kids today. Parenting is such an adventure of the greatest significance. It’s a great legacy” – Andy Kerchoff.

8. “Most things in life are beautiful, they are the best things, strongest things; but there are evil too and you aren’t doing any favor by shielding reality from your kids. The most important thing you can do is to teach them that food things always triumph over the evil things”- Jill Churchill

9. “Positive, charming and encouraging words from loving dads and moms are more like light switches. Speak words of affirmation just at the right time in your child’s life; this is like lighting up a whole room full of possibilities” – Smalley Gary

10. “One of the hardest parts in raising any child is teaching them to ride bicycles. A fearful, shaky and scared child on a bicycle for that very first time needs freedom and support. Realizing that is what your child needs the most can hit really hard” – Wilson Sloan

11. “If your kid is to keep alive that inborn sense of wonder with less of such gifts from the fairies, he/she needs that companionship of least one adult, who has the will to share and rediscover the joy, mystery, and excitement of the world we live in”- Rachel Carson.

12. “Those guys who fear to be fathers don’t really understand that that fathering isn’t something all perfect men do, it’s something that perfects a man. That end product of a child raised from scratch is not the child but that enduring parent” – Frank Pittman.

13. “Life affords no other responsibility greater than the privilege of raising a coming generation” – C. Everett Koop.

Quotes that holds meaning to education

Sometimes a child’s education means more than the basic reading and writing skills. It’s more than what we can imagine as parents. Education serves to mold our children’s life from the innocent toddlers, knowledgeable youths all the way to responsible men and women.

Educational quotes speak to parents, children, and even teachers. They support the theme of instilling purpose of life to our young boys and girls. They provide impetus and irresistible ideas towards adult actions that fully support learning.

14. “Education isn’t to make children expert technicians or to reform them, it serves purposely to widen their horizons, unsettle their conscious minds, inflame their intellects and most importantly teach them an acceptable way of conducting themselves with the outside world” – Robert M. Hutchins.

15. “Creativity is expressed as the ability to make connections, turn things around more often, make associations and to express them in a beneficial new way” – Tim Hansen.

16. “There will always be two types of teachers; those that fills you with much of quail shots and the those that will give you just the little prod enough to make you jump up the skies” – Robert Frost.

17. “Everybody is a genius. It’s only that if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will definitely live the whole life believing it’s stupid” – Anonymous.

18. “Education can be painful, difficult and continual work to be done with much of kindness, by warning, watching, praise and all those, but above all is” – Anonymus

19. “They may forget all that you say, do or believe but they will never forget how you often made them feel” – Carol Buchner.

20. “Let that potential artist in our kids come to live. Cherish and model them that they may surmount industrial pressure and monotonies” – Barbara Morgan.

A motivated child has the power to overcome challenges at his/ her own pace, an uplifted parent has the will to guide her children all through to adulthood and an inspired teacher provides the best of knowledge to her students. Your child’s mind isn’t a container to be filled rather a fire to be kindled; it takes the efforts of parents and teachers to bring sustainable change in the life of your child.

Be the first one to build self-esteem in your child, trust your children’s abilities and correct their weakness. Have a purpose of raising them in the best of conditions. Motivate them all along and let them explore more on their own to appreciate the real life experiences.