Reviews of the Best Audio Baby Monitors for Your Money in 2016-2017

best audio baby monitors with reviews

Audio baby monitors are specially designed for pro-parents who are intent on keeping their babies safe and secure at all times. These monitors use fine precision technology and superior construction. As such, they boast of unparalleled performance and reliability that comes in handy when taking care of infants and babies. If you're looking for the best audio baby monitors for your money, take a look at the comparison table and reviews below for more information.

VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor1 pound7.4 x 2.4 x 8.2 inchesbuy3
Summer Infant Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor5 pounds11.2 x 9.8 x 2.8 inchesbuy3
Floureon BM162 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor With One Parent Unit, Green1.1 pounds6.1 x 2.2 x 9.1 inchesbuy3
Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor, White8 ounces2.6 x 2.2 x 6.8 inchesbuy3
Motorola MBP160 Digital Audio Baby Monitor1.4 pounds10.2 x 8.5 x 4.2 inchesbuy3

VTech (DM221) Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor

This VTech baby monitor is a digital audio monitor that uses the DECT 6.0 technology for enhancing crystal-clear and interference-free transmission. This unique technology is very sophisticated in that it guarantees 100% privacy. As such, when using this VTech device to monitor your baby, you can be sure that no one can hear the baby. This is because the audio monitor transmits secure and encrypted signals.

This incredibly designed VTech monitor boasts of an extra-large range of 1000 feet thereby making it easy and convenient to use the audio within any place in your house or in your home compound. This audio baby monitor is lightweight and has a sleek design for easy portability. The battery life of the monitor is also fantastic as it stretches to 18 hours when fully charged. In addition to this, the monitor comes with an inbuilt belt clip that you can use to clip the monitor onto your belt to move freely in your home.

The backlight display of this VTech audio monitor allows you to read the display easily when in the dark. The two-way communication feature of the monitor enables the parent to communicate with the baby from anywhere within the 1000 feet range through the parent unit. What’s more unique about this monitor is that it also has a flashing night-light that has a calming effect on the baby.


    • 5-level sound/volume indicator
    • Long battery life (18 hours)
    • Talk-back feature
    • Calming night-light
    • Belt clip


    • Sound quality affected by obstruction
    • Lacks a temperature sensor

Summer Infant (Baby Wave) Digital Audio Monitor

The Summer Infant digital audio monitor is a handheld monitor with excellent portability and powered by rechargeable batteries. This outstanding monitor comes with an inbuilt clip that enhances convenience when carrying on with your household chores. Unlike other audio monitors, this Summer Infant monitor features a low battery indicator as well as a range exceed alert. There is an adjustable volume control feature in the monitor and a highly sensitive microphone that captures micro sounds made by the baby.

This superbly designed audio monitor bestows parents with great peace of mind knowing that the baby is sleeping safe and sound. There are LED lights on the parent unit for indicating the intensity of noise coming from the baby’s room. These lights change color on the basis of the intensity and volume of the baby’s noise. Sound signals in the Summer Infant monitor are transmitted through an encrypted 2.4 GHz interference-free transmission.

The monitor is light-weight and has a sleek design that not only makes the monitor attractive but also enhances its functionality. This digital audio monitor boasts of being a reliable parenting device with the latest technology for excellent functionality, dependability and functionality.


    • High sensitivity microphone
    • ​Sound activated lights
    • ​Interference-free and encrypted secure connection
    • Low battery indicator
    • Out-of-range alert


    • Limited battery life
    • Short range

Floureon (BM 162) Audio Baby Monitor (Digital) Green- 1 Parent Unit

If you are looking for safe and sound monitor with non-radiation injuries to babies, then this is the best digital audio monitor to purchase. This high-end baby monitor is covered by a one year warranty and comes with guaranteed performance and reliability due to its superior construction and design. The monitor has a 984 feet communication range that can extend to 1,000 feet when indoors and free from obstructions.

This Floureon monitor comes with inbuilt music lullabies and has a signal strength display feature to alert you when there is weak signal strength. Transmission in this audio monitor is powered by wireless digital FHSS transmission technology. This technology is very efficient in delivering noise free and clear sound. The monitor ensures that it delivers a secure transmission that provides you with exclusive privacy.

The Floureon BM 162 monitor is powered by 3AAA batteries that can run up to 4-5 days when fully charged depending on your frequency of using the monitor. The baby unit has a sensitive microphone that captures even the slightest baby sounds in the nursery.


    • Temperature alert feature
    • ​High-sensitivity microphone
    • ​Inbuilt lullabies
    • ​Long battery life
    • Two-way talk feature


    • Long charging time
    • Complicated setup

Safety 1st (Crystal Clear) Audio Monitor, White

The Safety 1st Audio Monitor is an all-new monitor with exceedingly amazing features and unrivaled performance. This incredibly affordable baby monitor is very easy to set up and does not require any detailed technical know-how to operate. It has an impressive design and is powered by the latest baby monitor technology. The easy-to-use adjustment controls in the monitors enable you to operate the monitors with ease and preset your preferred settings.

This monitor has a headphone functionality that allows parents to plug in headphones to hear the baby’s cries, motion or other sounds clearly. In addition to this, the monitor has two channels (1 and 2) that make it expressly easy and effortless to operate the monitor. The highlight of this one of a kind monitor is its crystal clear transmission that ensures that there is no white noise or other noise captured by microphone in the baby monitor.

The Safety 1st baby monitor does not make any annoying buzzing sound or vibrations that are common in poor quality audio monitors. Powered by a set of three AAA batteries, this monitor should be kept away from the reach of babies and infants as there is a possibility of entanglement injuries.


    • Affordable
    • ​Crystal clear sound
    • ​2 channels for minimizing interference
    • ​Long range
    • Audio jack for use with headphones


    • Possible entanglement injury

Motorola (MBP 160) Audio Baby Monitor- Digital

Motorola is known to make electronic devices of high quality and superb precision. This amazing monitor has a long range of close to 1,000 feet (approximately 990 feet). The MBP 160 monitor has a low battery alert that sounds an alarm when the power in the batteries gets too low. Additionally, there is a range exceed alert that cautions the parent when he/she goes beyond the provided working range of the monitor. The high sensitivity microphone in the baby unit ensures that it captures all the sounds made by the baby including giggles, cries, and sighs among other sounds.

For purposes of superb sound clarity, this Motorola monitor uses DECT wireless technology that ensures that all transmissions are free from interference from background and white noises. Ideally, this monitor is designed to reassure every parent that their baby is sleeping and relaxing peacefully and safely. This makes this Motorola monitor a perfect choice for all parents including those who are new to parenthood.

When using the MBP 160, you can guaranteed that you will be able to monitor your baby perfectly even when you are fast asleep or busy undertaking your routine chores and duties at home. Powered by rechargeable batteries, this wireless monitor has a night vision that ensures excellent visibility on the parent unit at night.


    • Night vision mode
    • ​High sensitivity microphone
    • ​Low battery alert
    • ​Out of range alert
    • ​Sound level indicator
    • Long range


    • Extremely terrible battery life

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How to Buy Audio Baby Monitors the Right Way

Most prospective parents put baby monitors among their top priorities when shopping for baby items. Despite audio baby monitors not being a necessity, they are very beneficial to ever-busy parents taking care of young babies at home. These devices give peace of mind to parents as they make it easy for parents to undertake their chores while still keeping an eye on the baby. Here are a few things you should know about buying audio baby monitors:


Audio baby monitors are priced differently depending on features and specifications. Usually, high-end monitors with sophisticated features cost a lot more than simple monitors with basic features. The price of the monitor of preference should be determined by the features you are looking for.

With prices of most audio baby monitors being averagely the same, it is possible to get a good quality monitor at an affordable price. When working with a tight budget, it is important that you only consider buying monitors within your budget limit that have the features that you would like to use in monitoring your baby.

Brand, make and model

There are several audio baby monitor brands that are known for unique qualities, excellent features and stylish design. There are also other brands that are very poor in quality and come with inferior features. Some of the best brands and makes to buy include Sony, Samsung and LG baby audio monitors.

Finding a good brand audio baby monitor may be quite a complex task as there are dozens of brands in the market. As such, it is advisable to consider the reputation and image of every brand in the market. Avoid buying less popular brands as such brands have inferior qualities and features.

Reception clarity

The key feature to look for in an audio monitor is the quality and clarity of reception. Can the sound be heard clearly on the monitor? Are there any sound lags and distortions in the reception? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when evaluating how clear an audio baby monitor is.

If a monitor has a clear reception, it is quite easy to rely on it fully to watch your baby when going on with your business around the house. You need to hear all sounds in the baby’s room clearly since you will be rushing to the baby’s side anytime you hear a sound on the monitor.

Visual stimulus

Most unique baby monitors come with a signal that goes on once sound is detected in the baby’s room. This signal is quite important in capturing your attention especially when in a noisy room. There are some monitors that come with a vibration feature alongside the visual stimulus to alert you incase the baby makes a sound.

There are different light levels on the visual stimulus that light up depending on the intensity and sharpness of the sound in the baby’s room. Since you can strap most baby monitors onto your hand, it becomes easy to receive alerts and notifications through the signal and vibration alert.


The range of an audio baby monitor determines the distance within which you can use the monitor from your baby’s nursery. For people who live in large houses such as bungalows, it is important to get a baby monitor with a long range so that you can be within your baby’s reach at any point within the house.

If you live in an apartment, you should get a monitor of medium range so that you can receive signals when in any place within the apartment. The range of the monitor should be an important consideration when purchasing audio monitors since it determines the applicability and effectiveness of the monitor.

Low battery signal

When using an audio baby monitor, it is important that you should monitor its power consumption from time to time. This is so that the monitor does not run out of power without your knowledge. When a baby monitor goes off without your consent, you may presume that the baby is alright but instead, he/she is in dire need of your attention and care.

Most good quality monitors come with low battery signals to alert the parent when the monitor’s power gets too low. The low batter signal will alert you when you need to plug in a charger or use an alternative power source. There are some monitors that come with rechargeable batteries while others come with batteries that need to be replaced once their power is depleted.


Is the audio baby monitor of choice easy to move with around the house? How portable is the monitor or is it bulky? Can you carry on with your chores while the monitor’s receiver is strapped to your body? These are some of the portability issues you need to look into when purchasing an audio baby monitor.

Ensure that the receiver of the monitor of choice does not make unnecessary noise and static while you are moving around the house with the receiver strapped onto your body. The receiver should be securely strapped on the body to ensure that you can even the slightest noise made by the baby.

Two-way communication

A two-way communication feature is a great extra feature to consider in an audio baby monitor. This feature comes in handy when you cannot reach your baby’s room but need to communicate to the baby to calm it down or talk it back to sleep. The best thing about this feature is that it makes it easy to soothe your baby while you are busy attending to other chores around the house.

The two-way communication feature in these monitors needs to be clear for easy communication with the baby. The microphone in the parental unit needs to be clear and without any foreign sounds so that the sound made by the parent can have a soothing impact on the baby.


Generally, an audio baby monitor is one of the most reliable parenting tools in modern times. These monitors will let you keep an eye at your baby while you still make good use of your time by attending to other chores. After buying a baby monitor, it is important that you test its suitability, efficiency, ease of use, and overall functionality. This ensures that you only get a reliable monitor that you can depend on.

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