What are the Best Baby Monitors for iPhone & iPad?

best baby monitors for iphone ipad reviews

Baby monitors for smart devices like iPhone and iPad are becoming exceedingly popular due to their high efficiency and ease of use. These modern monitors use some of the best technologies and come with superior features that enhance their efficiency. Some of the high-end features in these monitors include password protection, dedicated apps, wireless connectivity and configuration lights among other features. And today, I will show you the best baby monitors for iPhone & iPad for your money. Read their reviews below and pick the one that you like the most.

LeFun Wireless Camera, Baby Monitor12.3 ounces5.1 x 4.9 x 5.3 inchesbuy3
Snug Baby Monitor v2 - WiFi Video Camera with Audio for iPhone/Samsung1.4 pounds8.6 x 5.6 x 5.3 inchesbuy3
ComfortCam Pro HD Baby Monitor - Remote Viewing Baby Camera via WiFi, Secure Stream to your Device (iPhone or Android)10.9 ounces3.9 x 5.5 x 5.3 inchesbuy3
Video Baby Monitor Camera Compatible With iPhone & Android. Wifi Enabled Nanny Cam, 2 Way Talkback With Motion activated Cell Alerts3.8 ounces2 x 1.5 x 5 inchesbuy3
Martheroll Video Baby Monitor Wireless Home Security IP Camera HD 720P Nanny Cam1.4 pounds8.2 x 6.8 x 5.3 inchesbuy3

LeFun Wireless Camera (WiFi IP Surveillance) Baby Monitor Review

LeFun Baby Monitors are popular devices that boast of incredible and exceedingly great functionalities combined with excellent efficiency thereby making them great baby monitoring devices. This LeFun monitor comes with WiFi connection for remote baby monitoring on your phone. Using your iPhone, PC or tablet, you can conveniently monitor your baby while in the kitchen or at work. The monitor has a password identity feature that makes it possible for simultaneous monitoring on multiple devices.

The camera in this baby monitor is highly functional with the 720 pixels hHigh Resolution lens providing you with excellent video recording and image quality. The camera also has a digital auto zoom feature and clear HD video that ensure that you capture the best and most clear images/videos while monitoring your baby. Voice communication in the monitor is enabled through the two way talkback feature that allows the baby to hear your voice as you hear the sounds that the baby is making.


    • Easy to use
    • 30 feet IR distance
    • 12 IR LEDs for night vision
    • 25FPS (Real-time) frame rate
    • Wireless and Ethernet enabled


    • Not mountable on wall
    • Remote PTZ function fails at times

Snug Baby Monitor (V2-WiFi) For Samsung/iPhone Review

This Snug Baby Monitor is designed for use in the present times when technological advancement is at its best. When using this monitor, you can comfortably check on your baby from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad or Android smart devices. This monitor is quite easy to set up and easily connects to your home’s WiFi network and consequently, makes it possible to control and navigate the monitor from your smartphone.

The smart device app that comes with the monitor makes it possible to remotely monitor your baby from your smart device. This monitor also doubles as a nanny watch as it allows you to see and hear every sound in the nursery as well as use the talkback feature to address the baby or someone else in the nursery. The best thing about this monitor is that its app operates efficiently even when running background. As such, you can use your smartphone for other purposes while still monitoring the baby.


    • Free downloadable app available
    • Easy troubleshooting for flaws and defects
    • Password protected
    • Wide coverage
    • SD Card option


    • Inconsistent motion alerts
    • Not the best quality audio

ComfortCam (Pro HD) Baby Monitor w/ WiFi & Remote Viewing Review

ComfortCam Baby Monitor provides you with a safe and reliable way of remaining connected to your baby at all times. This monitor has an ultra-sensitive microphone that makes it possible to hear any sounds in the baby’s room clearly and without any background noise whatsoever. There are infrared lights that provide a clear vision at night as well as dual speakers for clear sound when using the talkback intercom. In addition to this, there is also a 350-degree pan feature as well as 120-degree tilt viewing for a wide viewing angle.

This ComfortCam Baby Monitor comes with downloadable apps for all smart devices including phones, iPods, tablets and smartphones running on Android. The monitor is WiFi enabled and as such, you can use it remotely monitor your baby as well operate the monitor from your smart device. In addition to this, the monitor comes with an accurate sound bar that shows the intensity of sounds in the nursery.


    • Full room coverage
    • Portable design
    • Reliable remote monitoring
    • Visual sound bar
    • Digital zoom


    • Not wall-mountable
    • Monthly subscriptions for the app

Video Baby Monitor (Camera) Wifi-Enabled, Compatible with Android & iPhone Review

This Video Baby Monitor by Puretech is an exceptionally useful and reliable baby monitor that allows remote monitoring on Android devices and iphone. The monitoring system features a motion detector that uses cell alerts to warn you if there are motions/movements detected in the nursery. The night vision in the monitor’s camera makes it possible for you to watch the baby even in the dark. This plug and install monitor are easy to set up and use as it requires you to download the app and use a WiFi network to connect to the monitor.

When using this baby monitor, you need not worry about not being able to view some of the parts of the nursery. This is because the monitor’s camera has a wide viewing angle that provides a great view of your baby and the nursery. In addition to this, the camera transmits live feed to your smart device thereby making real-time monitoring easily achievable from your smart device.


    • Easy setup
    • Wide angle lens
    • Night vision
    • Motion detector
    • Portable design


    • Poor nighttime video quality
    • App does not run background

Martheroll (Video) Baby Monitor- Wireless Home Security Review

This 720P HD Camera Martheroll Baby Monitor is a wireless monitoring device with both video and audio transmission. The monitor comes with free apps for IOS and Android, and an easy to set up camera system that automatically connects to your homes Wi-Fi. The apps run smoothly in all IOS and Android smart devices including iPhone, iPad, and tablets among other devices. The camera in the monitor has a 720P HD lens and pan & tilt functions for the best video quality. The monitor also has a night vision mode as well as motion detectors to ensure that you are aware of what is happening in the nursery at all times.

This Martheroll Baby Monitor boasts of having modern and sophisticated technology that provides for its excellent performance, functionality, and efficiency. The monitor also ensures secure transmission for ultimate privacy by using a password protection feature. All the functions in the monitor run smoothly including the night vision and talkback feature.


    • Multi-purpose monitoring system
    • Limitless Wifi capabilities
    • Easy set up
    • HD lens and PTZ function
    • Two-way audio


    • Susceptible to hacking
    • Only works best with strong Wifi

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The quality of best baby monitors for iPhone & iPad is superb. These monitors make it possible to monitor your baby even when you are away from home and have left the baby under the care of someone else. What is more amazing about these monitors is that you can use them to monitor your baby’s nanny and see how well she is taking care of your baby.

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