Best Baby Monitors for Your Money – Read My Reviews Before You Buy

Parenting and attending to young babies has been made effortlessly easy with the onset of baby monitors.

Designed innovatively with sleek designs, these monitors are portable and quite easy to setup and consequently use. The best baby monitors have characteristic features such as high definition video, superb audio clarity, smartphone enabled apps, and consistent warning alerts.

If you're looking for top rated products that are money worthy, check out the product reviews below.

Quick Comparison Table

ProductImageWeightDimensionsNotable featuresPrice
Snug v2 - WiFi Video Camera with Audio for iPhone/Samsung

** Editor's choice **
1.2 pounds8.6 x 5.7 x 5.4 inches- Free iOS, Android apps
- Simple to set up
- Motion & audio detection
- Night vision
- Quick online support
Motorola MBP36S1.7 pounds10.2 x 8.6 x 5.1 inches- Remote Pan, Tilt & Zoom
- 2-Way Communication
- High-sensitivity Microphone
- Night vision
- Built-in lullabies
Philips Avent DECT1.6 pounds3.5 x 8 x 6 inches- Temperature sensor & built-in lullabies
- Long range (up to 900 feet)
- Talk back feature
- Vibration alert
LeFun Wireless Camera Monitor

** Best for money **
0.77 pound5.1 x 4.9 x 5.3 inches- High resolution camera
- Plug and play setup
- 2-way talk
- Convenient digital zoom
Infant Optics DXR-51 pound3 x 1 x 3 inches- Night vision
- 100% privacy and security wireless transmission
- High quality video playback
- Automatic voice activation power saving mode
Infant Optics DXR-82 pounds19.3 x 13.4 x 6.5 inches- Interchangeable optical lens capability
- Long battery life
- Large full color LCD display
- Remote pan, tilt and digital zoom
VTech DM221 Safe & Sound1.7 pounds7.4 x 2.4 x 8.2 inches- Clear transmission, no white noise
- Long battery life
- Talk back feature
- Hands free carry with belt clip
- Support English, French, Spanish on screen displays
Summer Infant In View Digital Baby Monitor2 pounds12 x 5 x 11 inches- Long range (up to 600 feet)
- Clear color LCD display screen
- Supports up to 4 cameras
- Digital zoom
Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor1.2 pounds8.6 x 3.2 x 6.7 inches- Plug & play setup, up to 4 cameras
- Clear sound and high quality video
- 2-way talk
- Long battery life with power saving mode
- Temperature monitoring and warning
Samsung SEW-3043W2.5 pounds4.5 x 11.2 x 9.5 inches- HD camera with touchscreen monitor
- Long range (up to 900 feet)
- 2-way talk
- Support up to 4 cameras

Snug Baby Monitor (V2-WiFi) Video Camera

The Snug Monitor works pretty well due to its amazing functionality and performance. The monitor comes with a password protected app for IPhone smartphone and an option for a storage device (SD) card. There is a two way microphone and audio feature that enables you to communicate easily with your baby when he/she is in his/her nursery. This incredible monitor connects easily to WiFi.

With 360 degree coverage, it has a zoom in camera feature that makes it possible to take the best quality videos and images. The best thing about this monitor is that it provides audio and motion alerts thereby alerting you when the baby starts crying or makes movements while sleeping. The monitor works greatly and will definitely surpass your expectations. The SnugCam App is a free download application and enables you to monitor your baby from anywhere provided you have 3G, 4G or WiFi connectivity.

If the device becomes defective or develops flaws, you can diagnose any problems or defects online at the snugtogether website. The night vision mode  enables you to keep check of the infant/baby even in darkly lit rooms. Generally, this is a great parenting device especially because you can mount it on the wall or place it on a tabletop depending on how you have organized your infant’s room.


  • Excellent functionality
  • Password protection
  • 2-way audio and microphone
  • Wall and tabletop mounting
  • Great online support


  • The smartphone app only works with strong wireless network connection
  • Gets damaged easily with poor maintenance

Motorola (MBP36S) Remote Wireless Baby Monitor

If you are looking for an expertly designed video monitor with unparalleled performance and functionality, then you need to look no further than at this one of a kind Motorola Baby Monitor. The images and videos produced by the camera in the monitor are crystal clear and are displayed on the large 3.5” diagonal LCD (color) display screen. Other features of the came include pan, zoom, and tilt. You can add 4 extra cameras to use the real time monitoring system in multiple rooms.

The upgraded wireless capability and technology provides a wide range coverage and strong remote connection signal. If you want to calm down the baby through singing but you are in a different room, you can use the encrypted 2-way audio feature to sing to the baby. You can also use this feature for conversing with another person in the baby’s room.

The additional features of this product include an inbuilt room temperature sensor, infrared night vision, and 5 programmed polyphonic lullabies with a soothing effect. The VOX function turns on automatically upon detecting sound in the nursery. Overall, this Motorola product is a great purchase considering that the present buttons are easily accessible and navigable.


  • Inbuilt temp. sensor
  • 5 programmed lullabies
  • Remote control enabled
  • Expandable using 4 extra cameras


  • High power consumption
  • Poor audio quality

Samsung (SEW-3043W) BrightVIEW High Definition Baby Monitoring System

This Samsung BrightVIEW is specifically designed for the modern day parent. This is because the monitor enables parents to keep watch of their baby in the nursery while they (parents) are busy attending to other duties. The high definition aspect of the camera delivers crystal clear images with impressive quality. This unique monitoring system has exclusive features that set it apart from other baby monitors. For instance, the 5-inch touch display screen monitor is highly sensitive to touch thus making it easy to preset your preferences on the touch screen.

For parents who mostly spend their time in the backyard or outdoors, this is the perfect monitoring system for them. This is because it comes with an exceptionally long range that stretches up to 900 feet. In addition to this, the night vision extends to approximately 16 feet, thereby providing parents with sufficient baby coverage day and night. In case your baby starts to cry when you are not in the room, you can turn on the 2-way talk feature to calm him/her down or play any of the 4 programmed lullabies.

Another key aspect is its superbly amazing battery life. This is because the monitor’s power saving mode delivers a long battery life as functions like VOX mode and Audio Mode are put on sleep mode until noise is detected.


  • Long battery life
  • 4 programmed lullabies
  • Automatic VOX
  • Long range (900 feet)


  • Poor video quality in dark rooms
  • No smartphone app for remote monitoring

Philips Avent (DECT) Baby Monitor

With a 330 meters range, this Philips Avent is one of the most functional and equally reliable baby monitors in the market. This excellently designed monitor from Philips- a giant electronic appliances company uses the DECT technology that provides clear sound and guarantees zero interference. The talk-back feature enables you to comfort the baby when in a different room or use a calming blue night light coupled with lullabies to calm the baby down. All this is done while still monitoring the temperature of the room using a vibration alert enabled customized temperature sensor.

There are LED lights in the parent unit that signal noise levels. The parent unit can be wirelessly recharged thereby guaranteeing all-time reliability and dependability of the system. This unique device has a low battery alert that warns the parent when the power of the battery is excessively low. When using this monitoring system, you can be guaranteed to hear every slight gurgle, hiccup and giggle with perfect clarity.

The camera has a digital zoom feature as well as pan and angle tilt capabilities. Ideally, the build quality of the monitor is at its finest thereby providing excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear.


  • Digital zoom feature
  • Pan and angle tilt capability
  • Perfectly clear audio
  • Low battery alert


  • Easily damaged by falls
  • Performance hindered by short battery life

LeFun Wireless Baby Monitor with Nanny Surveillance Camera

If you are looking for a two in one monitoring device, then this LeFun Wireless is the best option for you. The monitoring system not only features a baby monitor but also doubles as a nanny surveillance camera. With this system you need not worry about how the nanny is handling the baby as you can monitor both the baby and nanny on your smartphone even when at work. This WiFi enabled monitor connects remotely to more than one smart device. There is a password identity feature that enables parents to limit access to the monitor’s operation and functionality.

This quick to install item requires only a few minutes to plug and connect to a smart device and seamlessly stream video/images captured using the LeFun camera. There are 12 IR LEDs that account for the night vision feature and an IR range of 30 feet. The alarm notification feature alerts parents when the baby is crying, when motion is detected or when the battery power is too low.

The captured video can be stored in an SD card not exceeding 32GB and reviewed later, thus enhancing the nanny surveillance feature. The best thing about the set up of this monitor is that you can either connect it wirelessly or to an Ethernet cable from a router.


  • SD card enabled
  • ​Plug and play
  • ​Smartphone connection capability
  • Password identity feature


  • Does not work will with poor WiFi connections
  • Short IR range

Infant Optics (DXR-5) Portable Baby Monitor

This Infant Optics device is characteristically slim and has a lightweight construction for easy portability. The 2.4GHz (FHSS) digital wireless connectivity ensures unparalleled and interference-free connection thus enhancing 100% privacy. The parent unit has a 2.4” TFT LCD screen powered by a Li-on rechargeable battery thus providing unlimited portable usage. This expertly designed and developed monitor has an 800 feet outdoor and 150 feet indoor reception range.

This DXR-5 model features intuitive functionality and unmatched reliability. The IR Night Vision mode turns on automatically once low light or poor lighting is detected. The monitor’s viewing capability can be expanded by adding up to 4 extra cameras to use in monitoring different rooms in the house. The main monitor camera streams high definition video at 30 FPS (Frames per Second). This ensures that there is no delay or lag in the video viewed on the parent unit.

The power saving features include automatic shut down after 3 minutes of no noise detection, automatic VOX activation only when necessary, automatic IR vision that turns on depending on amount of lighting in the room and an inbuilt audio shutoff mode for eliminating white noise.


  • Automatic VOX activation
  • ​Automatic shut down
  • ​Intuitive functionality
  • Long outdoor range


  • Small size display screen
  • Limited indoor range

Infant Optics (DXR-8) Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

This Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor boasts of being the first of its kind to have an interchangeable lens technology. The monitor comes with three unique lens types: normal, zoom and wide angle (sold separately. These lens types make it easy for the parent to capture the best images and videos using the most ideal viewing angle and focal length depending on a specific environment. The quality of the videos/images captured on this monitor matches that produced by professional cameras.

The product can be recharged using a micro USB cable connected to a power source such as a computer USB port. The video is captured and streamed in real time to be viewed on the LCD display screen. For purposes of added convenience, there is a remote camera tilt/pan feature, IR night vision, room temperature sensor and a talk-back function among other features.

This product has a sleek and stylish design that makes it equally portable around the house. The interchangeable feature is an amazing improvement in the camera that extends the viewing perspective thereby providing a wide scope of view. The long battery life is yet another extra feature that enhances the ease of use of the camera without the need of recharging from time to time. The battery lasts for 10 hours when on power saving mode and 6 hours on normal use.


  • Interchangeable lens technology
  • ​Multiple lens types
  • ​High quality videos
  • Room temperature sensor


  • Easily damaged by poor handling
  • Limited battery life

VTech (DM221) Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor

With a VTech Audio Baby Monitor, you can be guaranteed to enjoy great peace of mind due to the high level expertise and professionalism employed in the design of the monitor. It has unique sound clarity that makes it easy to hear even the slightest micro sound made by the baby. This one of a kind monitor boasts of an extra long range of 1000 feet and is powered by a pair of rechargeable batteries.

There is a vibrating sound alert that captures the attention of the baby in case the baby moves or produces a sound while asleep. In addition to this, there is a talk-back intercom feature that allows you to address the baby while in another room or outside the house. The 5-level sound indicator expresses the intensity of the sound produced in the baby’s room.

The night light in this VTech monitor enhances better visibility at night or when using in a poorly lit room. The 6.0 DECT technology provides clear transmission by eliminating white noise and other forms of sound interference. Generally, the product works flawlessly and has an impeccable performance and functionality.


  • Smooth operation
  • ​Long range
  • ​Excellent monitor with no static
  • Two-way talk feature


  • No temperature sensor
  • Language limitation as only 3 languages are supported: English, French & Spanish

Summer Infant (In-View) Video Baby Monitor

The 5-inch LCD display screen in the Summer Infant monitor has a digital color as well as a black & white feature (for use in night mode). The monitor is designed using a fully digital technology that accounts for its ultimate privacy and security. The working range is 600 feet with the digital zoom feature enhancing closer screen views. The range exceed indicators warn the parent once he/she goes beyond the specified working range.

The multi-position feature is enhanced by the tabletop and wall mounting capability. The swivel design of camera gives it a characteristically sleek and stylish look that complements the overall design. The best thing about using this monitor is that it makes it possible to monitor babies in different rooms by adding up to 3 extra cameras.

This Summer Infant baby monitor is a force to reckon with. This is because its customization and personalization capabilities make it possible for the product to suit your needs and match your lifestyle. With this monitor, you can move freely in the house and watch each of your baby’s movements in the large 5 inch display screen.


  • Large display screen
  • ​Digital color and Black & white display modes
  • ​2.4 GHZ technology for interference free transmission
  • Viewing scope can be enhanced by adding 3 more cameras


  • Fairly poor quality videos
  • Abysmal battery life

Hello Baby (Wireless) Video Infant Monitor Review

Hello Baby Video Infant Monitor is very popular for its superb video and audio quality. The night vision mode features a white & black display for best clarity. The 2.4GHz wireless connection technology prevents signal drop outs thereby provide seamless video transmission. The monitor has an amazing 960ft range that works best without barriers. This plug and play monitor is quite easy to setup and use as it does not require detailed assembling. Additionally, you can use the split screen feature to monitor up to 4 infants in different rooms using the expandable camera function.

The outstanding multi-function features include temperature monitoring & warning, sound led indicator, two-way talk function, automatic VOX mode, 8-level alarm, and inbuilt lullabies.

The parent unit is powered by a 950mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for approximately 7-8 hours. Additionally, the preset buttons in the parent unit are easy to use and as such, make it possible to control the camera. It also automatically switches to power saving mode when not in save. This saves more than 50% of the battery’s power utilization.


  • 8 polyphonic lullabies built in
  • ​Affordable and superbly functioning
  • ​High quality design and make
  • Excellent sound & picture quality


  • Poor battery life- 8 hours max
  • Video transmission greatly obstructed by interference

How to Buy the Best Baby Monitors for Your Money

In the recent past, baby monitors have become a must have device for any parent. These devices come in handy when parenting young babies especially when living multi-storied apartments or large-size houses. As the baby grows, he/she moves, turns, twists, and cries a lot especially when you are not in the room with them. Many products are designed to help you undertake other chores around the house/home as you keep watch on the baby.

What you need to know

Baby monitors have a transmitter for capturing noise and other forms of sound or vibration in the room that the monitor is placed in. The captured noise is transmitted to a receiver (parent unit) - a handheld and portable unit that the parent uses to get real time monitoring of the baby. There are some parent units that have a display screen for convenience, ease of use, and interpretation by the parent.

When shopping, it is important to note that these devices differ considerably from each other in terms of performance, functionality, and quality. As such, it is advisable to exercise great caution when settling on your choice. For starters, you should understand the features that you are looking for in these devices.

Functionality and performance are also important traits to look for when buying. If you will be using the monitor on a daily routine, will the preferred monitor perform to your expectations? Will it be reliable depending on your needs? How economical will it be to maintain throughout the duration you want to use it?

Here are a few tips and tricks you can refer to when shopping:

New digital technology

When buying any technological device, it is important to opt for a device with the latest technology. This is because such a device not only boasts of superior quality but also has exceptionally unique features. Similarly, when buying baby monitors, it is advisable to opt for monitors with the latest digital technology.

The best thing about modern monitors with the latest digital technology is that such monitors do not experience signal interference problems. Therefore, they provide a seamless and smooth video streaming functionality and high clarity videos and images. Most traditional monitors are associated with pixilated and grainy images- a condition that has been removed and resolved in monitors with new digital technology.

Alternative power source

Most traditional baby monitors are powered by batteries (either rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries). However, new monitor models come with an alternative power source capability in addition to running on batteries. The most common alternative power source in modern monitors is a USB power outlet.

The main drawback of monitors that only run on batteries is that such monitors can be quite hard to maintain as most of these monitors have limited battery life. Therefore, using such monitors can prove to be quite expensive in the long run. In addition to this, the functionality and performance of such monitors may be hindered by low power supply particularly when the power of the batteries is almost running out.

Range exceed indicator

Even though most buyers overlook the range exceed indicator, this is one of the most important features that you should look for. This indicator warns you when you are moving beyond the working range of the monitor. Once you exceed the range provided, an alarm sounds and alerts you to remain within the specified range.

It is risky to use a baby monitor without a range indicator as it may hinder you from keeping real time track record of the baby which may in turn risk the life of the infant. Most monitors produce a beeping sound to warn you that you are not within the required range. Ideally, this is a standard feature that should be in all products you look at.

Low battery indicator

The low battery indicator is equally important as the exceed range indicator. When the monitor runs out power without you noticing, you can put the life of your infant at great risk especially because you may be thinking that the infant is safe but instead is in a life threatening situation. A low battery indicator alerts you when the percentage of power remaining in the batteries is too low. This will prompt you to find an alternative power source to keep everything functioning.

Audio, video or both

A baby monitor should help you be at per with the baby even when not in the same room or when at work. As such, you should look for a monitor with both audio and video monitoring features. This is because you not only need to note the sounds being produced by the baby but also the position in which the baby is sleeping.

Video monitors come with several options including but not limited to screen sizes, digital camera features, smartphone apps, and night vision modes among other options. In addition to this, there are some video monitors that have temperature sensors for tracking temperature in the baby’s room. This makes it possible to make necessary adjustments depending on prevailing temperatures and consequently prevent most temperature related illnesses in infants.

Sound-activated light

When in a noisy room or busy handling household chores or work duties, it is possible not to hear the alarm sounded when something is wrong. However, an alert from a monitor with a sound-activated feature cannot go unnoticed. The flashing light on the display screen in the parent unit captures your attention prompting that something may not be alright with the baby.

When monitoring a baby or infant, you need to ensure that you are aware of the baby’s wellbeing every passing second. There is literary no room for guesswork or error as a slight mistake may mean the difference between life and death for the baby. The sound activated light feature is a very crucial feature for parents with hearing impairments.

Size and portability

A good monitor should not be a large device that is permanently placed in one location/position in the house. Instead, it should be a lightweight device with a compact size for easy mobility from one point to the other. A large monitor may be quite bulky and tiresome to move with around the house and as such, may hinder the full reliability of the monitor.

Portability also has an effect on its effectiveness and dependability in monitoring a baby. Ideally, you should never let the parent unit out of your sight as long you are not in the same room with the baby. Therefore, the device you choose should be comfortably held in the hand without causing you any discomfort or preventing you from undertaking other chores.


Unknown to most parents, the frequency is a uniquely important feature that determines the functionality and overall performance of the monitor. Basic monitors come with 49 MHz and 900 MHz frequencies. However, these frequencies are prone to interference by phones and other remote devices using the same frequency.

The best frequency is 2.4 GHz as this high frequency greatly reduces the possibility of signal interference from wireless devices like phones and remote control systems. There are some monitors that come with WiFi connectivity and such monitors experience the least interference.

Touch screen sensitivity

If you are buying a monitor with touch screen functionality, then you should ensure that the screen is highly sensitive to touch. This sensitivity makes it easy to preset the features and functions with great ease and convenience. However, even when majoring on a monitor with a touch screen, it is important to consider a monitor with function buttons. These buttons come in handy when putting your preferred settings in the event that the touch screen is not functioning properly.

Clarity of reception

Clarity of reception goes a long way in determining the reliability and dependability of the monitor. If you cannot see the images/video or hear the audios clearly, then such a monitor may not be as efficient as you would want it to be. A monitor without clear reception tends to give numerous false alarms that may interfere with how you attend to the baby/infant.

If the clarity of reception is good, then it becomes easy for you to sleep peacefully knowing that you will be alerted in case the baby needs your attention. The build quality of a monitor determines its functionality in terms of clarity of reception and performance.

After you have bought your preferred product, you should familiarize yourself with the use and maintenance of the unit. What is more important about these devices is that you need to know a few basic facts about the monitors so that you use and maintain them accordingly. A few facts you need to know about baby monitors are such as:

Reviews are the best buying guides

It is common for manufacturers to use hyped and persuasive language to promote their monitors even when they are not of the best quality. Therefore, you should refer to reviews to see how its functionality, compatibility with wireless connections, extra features, and affordability of using the monitors compared to others.

Reviews are truthful and contain accurate information that is in no way structured to promote sales. As such, reviews provide an honest opinion about the overall user experience and convenience of a specific baby monitor. These reviews enhance the knowledge base of parents as far as buying and using the devices is concerned.

Additional features need consideration

The only aspect that sets apart poor quality products from incredibly designed and developed ones is the available additional features. These extras may not be necessary but are very important in defining the user experience. Generally, additional features make the process enjoyable and more fulfilling.

Examples of the extra features to consider are temperature sensors, digital zoom in, and night vision mode among other features.

Exercise caution with wired monitors

Wired monitors pose a great safety hazard and risk to babies especially when left within their reach. Even though most modern monitors use wireless systems, there are still a few types that come with wires. When using wired monitors, keep in mind it should be placed far from the reach of your baby.

Babies/infants can interfere with the smooth operation of wired monitors or even strangle themselves with the wires. Due to this, wired monitors should be mounted or placed at a considerable distance away from the reach of the baby.

Monitors with expandable camera function

If you have more than two babies that you would like to monitor co-currently, it is advisable to look for monitors that feature and expandable camera function. These are monitors in which you can add even 3 or 4 cameras and use the split screen function (of the monitor) to monitor all the rooms at the same time. This is time and cost efficient in that you do not need to purchase other monitors for use in the other rooms or use more than one parent unit at a time.

The split screen function allows you to monitor all the cameras on one display screen. Monitors with this camera function may be a little expensive than standard monitors but provides great value for money in terms of convenient and economical use.

Always keep the parent unit within reach

At no one time should you keep the parent unit away from you when you are monitoring a baby. This is because you need to keep close attention at the baby particularly during the infant stage when babies are not aware of the best sleeping positions. In addition to this, you need to ensure that you are conversant with interpreting the warnings and alert indications on the parent unit.


Generally, when looking forward to buying baby monitors, you should invest your time and resources towards getting the best quality and most functional monitor for your baby. Avoid poorly designed monitors as they are very susceptible to developing flaws, errors and defects that hinder their maximum efficiency.