Best Baby Pacifiers for Your Little Ones – Read My Reviews Before You Buy

Pacifiers are useful artificial nipples given to babies for various reasons. They are made of plastic, silicon or rubber. They are good as they prevent your baby from sucking his/her own fingers. They also make the kid calm down in various situations, and as well reduce his or her SIDS risks. And if you are still searching for good pacifiers, then read my reviews below and get a good comparison of the leading ones.

Comparison table


For baby aged

Material used

Editor's rating


Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie

0 to 3 months


Philips Avent BPA Free Freeflow

0 to 6 months


Born Free BPA-Free Bliss Natural Shape

0 to 6 months


Philips Avent BPA Free Contemporary Freeflow

0 to 6 months


Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie, Pink/Purple

0 to 3 months


Phillips Avent 3+ Months Soothie

This is a good pacifier meant for babies who are 3 or more months old. It is made using a silicone that is tested and authorized by hospitals and contains no latex. It is also BPA free and can be washed in dishes or be sterilized. It is also odorless and tasteless to ensure that your baby never differentiates it from a true nipple or bottle. Its whole package contains a pair of pacifiers that are green and transparent. The nipple of each remains smooth and soft throughout and can never become sticky.

This soothie one is good for your child. It may however be a bit stiffer and heavier as it is designed to resist bite cuts.

Philips Avent Free Flow

Philips avent free flow is a good option that features six air holes running through its shield. The air holes allow extra air flow that reduces skin irritation on babies. These air holes prevent the irritation through preventing excessive saliva formation underneath the baby’s lips. It is BPA free and can be washed alongside dishes or be sterilized. Its nipple is made of collapsible silicone to allow unaffected growth of your child’s teeth. It is recommended for babies who are 0-6 months old and comes with a ring handle that enhances security. It is also tasteless and odorless, and comes in pairs that have varying colors.

This pacifier comes with air holes. Some extra work may be needed to get rid of the water that remains inside after washing.

Born Free Bliss

Born free bliss is a good product that is manufactured and designed to enhance your baby’s safety and comfort. It is made using single-piece silicon that has the design of a button. Its nipple is unique and has an inside that resembles a real milk-full nipple. The feature helps your baby to adapt to breast feeding easily. It comes in differently colored pairs that are packed in a reusable storage pack. This one is good for babies who are 0-6 months old.

It is good but might be too heavy for some babies.

Philips Avent 0-3m Soothie

This product is uniquely manufactured and comes in pairs. Each pair consists of a pink and a purple pacifier. It is BPA and latex free, and is made using silicone recommended by hospitals. Durability is enhanced along with the correct size and shape for your baby’s mouth. This one is solely manufactured using a single material that makes its nipple look and feel real. It is recommended for babies who are 0-3 months old.

It is good but does not have a well curved nipple that would stick well in your baby’s mouth.

Philips Avent Contemporary Free Flow

Philips Avent contemporary free flow is made using silicon. It is tasteless and odorless. This makes it easy for your child to shift and adapt from the pacifier to breast or bottle. It comes with a nipple cap that keeps it hygienically protected. Six holes are featured on its shield to boost airflow and enhance the comfort of sensitively-skinned babies. This one is also BPA free and has a collapsible nipple that allows the free oral growth and development of your baby. It is good for babies who are 0-6 months old.

It is good but may have water getting trapped in its air holes when cleaning it.

How to buy

Shopping at the right place saves you so much. In the right place, you are able to shop without worrying because you are confident of receiving amazing services. Your baby’s happiness and comfort should matter the most. You should be able to check if your ideal pacifier has everything necessary and is up to mark.

Shopping online

There are many places you can purchase from. Shopping online is easier and recommended. With shopping online, you are able to make a comparison between various leading pacifier brands. You can also check for the product with the best deals and purchase it without having to spend too much. Online shopping is good and even allows you to check for reviews from previous buyers. You can therefore be able to rule out the ideal choices easily.

What you should not forget when shopping

When making your decision, make sure to confirm the age specified. Each product is made specifically for babies within a certain age limit. Your choice should be appropriate and correct for your baby’s age. Noting your baby’s age in months is therefore important and should be done before you go out shopping.

Baby pacifiers also come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Be sure to get the appropriate one. Babies tend to be choosy and they will need something that stays comfortably in their mouth. You should know your baby’s preference. If it's your baby's first time, be sure to note if he/she likes it.

Remember this

After purchasing and confirming the first pacifier, it would be good for you the parent to get a backup one. A pacifier may get lost or tear up. Having a second option is always good and will save you from rushing when it is too late.