[Reviews] Best Baby Spoons You Should Have for Your Little Ones

best baby spoons

Introducing your baby to solid foods require that you get him some utensils designed to suit his needs. They should be colorful and attractive to the baby. A lot of mothers presume that they can make do with adult spoon. This makes feeding time strenuous and uncomfortable. If you are still looking for the best baby spoon, then read my reviews below:

Best baby spoons for your money comparison table

Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoon Review

Each pack holds six colorful spoons to make mealtime a fun experience for your toddler. They are so comfortable and are tender in your baby’s mouth. These kinds of spoons are suitable for babies who are 3 months and above. They have rounded shape to make feeding gentle and fun. The handles are well designed for comfort ability while holding them. These spoons are long enough to reach the bottom of a food jar with ease.

They are generally safe for use by the baby. However, there are safety precautions to consider regarding the spoon. It shouldn’t be placed in a microwave, boiled or sterilized in steam. It tends to damage with time therefore as soon as the first signs of weakness show up, discard for a newer one.

Gerber Graduates Soft-Bite Infant Spoons Review

Looking forward for a perfect eating experience for your baby aged 4 months and above? Choose Gerber spoons and you won’t be disappointed. The adaptability of your baby eating solid food will be hassle-free courtesy of these spoons. They are soft and gentle on your baby’s gums. The handles are long and curvy to provide comfort. It is made from a long lasting material- stainless steel.

It has a soft tip made from silicone that is favorable for babies’ teeth and gums. These spoons are not to be sterilized in steamy water. Just clean them in a dishwasher.

OlaSprout Bendable Baby Training Spoon Teether Review

Have you thought of making your baby’s food time fun and exciting? These are the perfect tools for that. They come in handy when detaching your baby from breast milk and introducing him or her to other foods. This is the best spoon that is made to mimic some plants like a spoon in form of a banana fruit.

They are great teethers. They are made of silicone and are BPA, PVC and phthalate free. They have soft tips to ward off unnecessary gum injuries to the baby. They are perfect shoving foods and are great tools for the baby when trying out numerous foods. They are also great tools for any baby trying to feed him or herself.

However, this spoon is so soft therefore as the baby grows to eat harder foods, you should probably get him a stronger spoon.

Cuddle Baby Spoon Review

They come in two shades of color: light blue and green. The spoon is shallow to allow just the right amount of food to the baby’s mouth to prevent chocking and is well rounded for easy dipping. They are also soft and tender to improve the baby’s eating schedules as there are no sore gums sustained. It is made from a food grade silicone that is not prone to bacterial infection.

This product should not be left for babies to play with and should be thrown away as soon as it damages. Unfortunately, the same spoons get stained by foods and are hard to wash them away.

Gerber Graduates Baby Spoon Review

This is the perfect tool for your baby to start feeding herself. The whole set includes 3 spoons that have good handles that the baby can just hold without going through much difficulty. They are made from a durable material to prevent early damage and are washable in a dishwasher.

They are safe for use by children aged 1 years and above. One great advantage about it is that the handle area is too heavy compared to the tip; so the spoon keeps falling off shallow bowls.

How to buy the best baby spoons for your kid

Before settling on one choice of spoons for your baby, always consult the previous users through the reviews they have written. This is where you get the raw information about any product including spoons since they are in no way linked to advertise the product. The opinions are true and not scams and from there, you will have more information which will help you make up your mind on whether to get the spoon for your baby or not.

State-of-the-art technologies

Sophistication is the trend in this millennium. Always see to it that any spoon you get for your baby has been manufactured using the latest technology and every detail put into consideration. This way, you will be able to buy the best baby spoons characterized by quality and uniqueness as well as efficient function ability.

Size and shape

Anything for your baby should always be appropriate to its age for an easy time. If your baby is 4 months old, get him a spoon suitable for that age. Getting him a 6 month old baby spoon will rather be waste of money and your baby will find it hard using it and will not manage well with it. Meal times are some of the essential activities in your baby’s life and you wouldn’t want it to seem miserable for him. Get him age appropriate spoons for good and happy eating moments with your son or daughter.

Materials used

Babies are delicate beings that should be handled with care. Toxic substances shouldn’t get in their way at all. Therefore, before buying them any spoon, always check to affirm that the materials used to manufacture them aren’t detrimental to your baby’s health. This promotes a healthy life for the baby. For instance; any baby spoon you choose to buy should be free from BPA, a fatal chemical that was banned by the FDA from being used in baby utensils. Therefore you should avoid any plastic wares that are made from plastic unless they are labeled BPA-free.

In conclusion

Babies are tender and delicate beings that should be tended with mild care and tenderness in every angle possible. This is during bathing times and feeding times. During feeding especially during weaning stage; it is highly recommended to get them their own special utensils including baby spoons. This helps them love eating time which also adds up as a bonding time for both you and your baby.

The normal spoons are too deep for your little one which makes feeding more complicated for him. The reason why baby spoons are recommended is because they are soft, flexible and shallow and will ultimately not injure him while trying to eat food on them. Get your baby some feeding spoons and let him or her feel the taste of solid food.