What are the Best Car Baby Monitors for Your Money?

best baby monitors for car reviews

New parents often feel exceedingly overwhelmed as far as taking care and attending to their babies is concerned. Especially when traveling around in cars. Knowing that the baby is alright, safe, and secure at all times is every parent’s top priority. And with the best car baby monitors, it is easier to know every movement and sound made by the baby while sleeping in the car. Read the reviews, scan through the comparison table below, and you will find what you're looking for.

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, Aqua/White3.5 pounds12.7 x 5.2 x 11.1 inchesbuy3
Angelcare Video, Movement and Sound Monitor, Gray/white5.1 ounces12.8 x 11.3 x 5.1 inchesbuy3
Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor, White1 pound3 x 6.7 x 8.5 inchesbuy3
Angelcare AC403 Movement and Sound Monitor (2PU)4.2 pounds9 x 2 x 5.8 inchesbuy3
Angelcare AC1120 Video and Sound Monitor, Grey2.1 pounds8.5 x 6.7 x 3.1 inchesbuy3

Angelcare 401-A-US-1GV Movement & Sound Baby Monitor Review

Angelcare Baby Monitors are designed using the most sophisticated technology and skills for best quality and dependable car baby monitors. This monitor boasts of having a movement sensor pad (placed under-the-mattress). If no motion/movement is detected in 20 seconds, an alarm sounds to alert you. The monitor also has a full color display screen that displays aspect such as room temperature, sound lights, and your various settings.

This incredible product is portable thereby making it a great choice for use in the car or when on the move. You can conveniently carry the receiver/parent unit conveniently from one point to the other for all time baby’s monitoring. In addition to this, the parent unit is rechargeable thus making it possible to maintain it fully recharged.


    • Nursery night light
    • Out-of-range indicator
    • Long range
    • Has a motion sensor
    • Accurate and precise baby monitoring


    • Short battery life
    • No video display

Angelcare 1100-A-US-1GB Video and Sound Monitor Review

If you want to watchfully care for your baby at all times, then you should get this Angelcare baby monitor. The monitor features color video transmission and a live feed connection for real time baby monitoring. Using this monitor is similar to momentarily peeking into the baby’s room without putting on the lights or opening the door.The monitor has been extensively tested for performance, reliability and functionality in monitoring babies. Therefore, the monitor comes with a guarantee not to disappoint as far as monitoring and keeping track of the baby is put to consideration.

This Angelcare product has a movement sensor pad placed beneath the mattress. This sensor pad sounds an alarm/vibration alert when there is no motion detected after every 20 seconds. The monitor has an IR camera day-night vision. It is worth noting that this camera can perfectly stream crystal clear images even in the dark. The monitor also features an LCD touch screen that measures 2.75 inches and has an intuitive user interface.


    • Two-way intercom
    • Movement sensor pad
    • Live feed video
    • 2.4GHz secure transmission
    • Temperature display
    • Night light


    • Short battery life
    • Small display screen

Angelcare AC420 Baby (Sound) Monitor Review

If you are looking for an affordable baby monitor with superior features, then this Angelcare Baby Monitor is the best monitor to purchase. With its amazing full color display, this sound monitor clearly displays features and aspects such as sound lights, and nursery room temperature among other features.

Just like other Angelcare baby products, this monitor is designed to provide parents with the ultimate peace of mind of knowing that their babies are safe at all times. The monitor features advanced technology including a digital temperature display to ensure that the baby sleeps in comfort at all times. There are also sound lights to indicate sound coming from the baby’s nursery even when the monitor is on mute mode.


    • Portable parent unit
    • Temperature display
    • Nursery night light
    • Crystal clear transmission
    • Up to 8 channels
    • Long battery life


    • Comes with only one parent unit
    • No video

Angelcare AC403 Movement & Sound Monitor-2PU Review

With this Angelcare Baby Monitor, you can rest comfortably knowing that you will be alerted and notified when the baby needs your attention. This amazing baby monitor has a movement sensor pad that comes with an adjustable sensitivity to set the most preferred sensitivity. This monitor comes with easy to use customizable features that allow you to set the monitor’s features to your convenience.

The features in this Angelcare baby monitor are such as 8 channel functionality, an 820 feet range, and a secure encrypted connection for interference-free transmission. The best thing about this monitor is that it detects even the slightest and subtle little motions/movements of the baby. In addition to this, the monitor does not experience any sound lags or delays. Transmissions are done in real time.


    • Gentle nursery light
    • 2 parent units
    • Movement sensor pad
    • Location feature
    • Sound lights
    • Low battery alert


    • Lacks video
    • Poor battery performance

Angelcare AC1120 Video & Sound Monitor Review

If you want a reliable video and sound monitor with dependable functionality and amazing features, then the Angelcare AC1120 monitor is the best choice for you. With a color video transmission, the monitor makes it possible to keep track of what is taking place or happening in the baby’s room round the clock. The infrared camera in the monitor takes perfect shots and views of the baby and the nursery at any time of the day or night.

Angelcare Baby Monitors are known to possess high-end features and qualities that make the monitors exceptionally reliable. Some of these features include a two-way intercom, a 2.75” LCD touch screen, temperature display & control, live video feed, and good quality audio.

The video feature in the monitor is excellent and clearly visible at night. It is worth noting that the video feature does not transmit any pixilated feed or blurred images. When using this monitor, you can be guaranteed to hear the baby’s sounds, giggles and cries clearly through the parent unit.


    • LCD touch screen
    • 2-way intercom
    • Day & night vision
    • Temperature display & control
    • Secure transmission
    • Advanced technology


    • Lacks 2 receivers/ parent units
    • Short battery life

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How to Buy Good Car Baby Monitors

The cost of buying car baby monitors ranges from affordable to incredibly expensive. As such, it is important for parents to ensure that they are able to look for the best car monitor that matches their preference and fits their budget. It is worth noting that there are many car baby monitors that are relatively affordable and offer excellent functionality. Therefore, you should search for the right monitor for you. Here are the things to look for when shopping for best car baby monitors:


It is important to know that car baby monitors are subject to interference through hacking or transmission on the same channel with other monitors. For instance, if your neighbor has a baby monitor that uses the same channel as your car monitor, it is possible for the transmission of your monitor to be interfered with by the other monitor. Therefore, you should only settle on a car baby monitor that uses secure transmission and is not subject to interference from other cordless gadgets.

Additionally, when using a monitor that uses Wi-Fi for transmission, you should ensure that your Wi-Fi is password protected at all times.

Medium price extras

When buying a car baby monitor, it is necessary that you get value for money. Always look at the extras that come with a monitor to determine if it is worth purchasing or not. Most monitors come with several additional features that are designed to provide extra reassurance to the parent as well as the baby.

There are monitors that come with sound-activated lights, lullabies, and vibration alert among other features. Others have features like in-built timers for alerting the parent when it is time to feed the baby or for a nap. While these features are not essential in all monitors, they provide great value if used accordingly.

Rechargeable battery

Buying a car baby monitor with an internal rechargeable battery can be quite economical in the long run. This is because you will only need a charger or a dock to charge the battery, every time the power level goes down.

On the other hand, monitors that use replaceable batteries can be quite expensive to operate in the long run. Mostly, such monitors have a poor battery life and the batteries need to be replaced once after every few days. What’s more inconveniencing is that the batteries can run out of power at the dead of the night; at a time when you may not have spare batteries.

High end extras

If you have enough money to spend on a classic car baby monitor, then you should opt for monitors that come with high end safety features like motion sensors, temperature sensors and breathe rate sensors. There are also monitors with video camera technology that allows parents to watch their babies from separate rooms through a screen on the parent unit.

High-end extra features are increasing becoming popular and most sought-after features since parents are looking for the best car baby monitors that are reliable and dependable upon. The best thing about these features is that they allow you to respond and attend to your baby in split seconds in case of an emergency.


Even though car baby monitors are mostly used in cars, there may come a time when you want to monitor the baby in the car while you are several yards or meters away. Therefore, it is important to get a monitor with a long communication range to serve you well. However, if you will be monitoring your baby while close to the car at all times, there is no need to opt for a pricey monitor with a long range.

Best car baby monitors have an operating range of between 0-500 meters. There are also some that exceed this range limit and are thus a more reliable and dependable option. However, the cost of such monitors (those with extra long ranges) can be quite high and can cost you a few hundred dollars.


The technology used in developing and enhancing car baby monitors determines the functionality, efficiency and reliability of the monitor. As such, it is advisable to settle only on monitors with the latest technology and those that use advanced systems. Such monitors are very effective, reliable and have high end features.

One of the best and widely used technologies in car baby monitors is the Dect technology. This technology ensures secure transmissions that cannot be hacked or interfered with. Additionally, such monitors have unique safety features that guarantee your baby’s safety at all times.

Durability and quality

Buying a durable car baby monitor is very economical both in the short and long runs. This is because such a monitor can be used for a very long time without developing any faults, breakdowns, or inefficiencies. What is more amazing about such a monitor is that you can also maintain it well for future use with other children.

Digital monitors

Digital car baby monitors are better than analogue monitors in that they (digital) are of high quality and as such have good sound & visual quality, secure and clear transmissions, and are less susceptible to interruptions. The improved performance of digital monitors makes them more expensive as compared to analogue monitors.

Most digital monitors have a video feature; a factor that makes them more reliable in monitoring babies. This feature makes it possible to see the baby sleeping while you are in another place other than in the car.

Before buying any car baby monitor, you will need to test it to access its reliability and performance. This makes it possible for you to estimate the overall performance of the monitor and estimate its battery life. With prior testing, it’s hard for you to go wrong when buying the best car baby monitor.

The internet is a great place to look for resourceful information and advice on how to identify the best monitors as well as the key features you should look for in car baby monitors. There are many review sites that provide detailed reviews of these monitors based on their performance, ease of use, dependability and functionality.


Angelcare Baby Monitors are designed, developed, and manufactured using high-end technology and expertise. As such, these monitors possess superior features and functions that make parenting effortlessly easy and convenient. When shopping for these monitors, it is advisable to gather as much information as possible about the monitor of preference. This helps you in identifying whether the monitor will be of reliable use to you and if it will function as you want.​

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