Reviews of the Best Dual Baby Monitors With 2 Cameras

best dual baby monitors with 2 cameras reviews

Baby monitors with 2 cameras are increasingly becoming popular among most first time parents. This is because the monitors provide better monitoring in that the two cameras provide a better view of the nursery and the baby. Most of these monitors feature high-end functions, settings, and features for comprehensive baby monitoring. Here are some of the best baby monitors with 2 cameras that I have for you. Read their reviews below for more information.

VTech VM342-2 Safe & Sound Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras, Standard Lens and Wide-Angle Lens8 ounces13.8 x 3.3 x 8.3 inchesbuy3
Motorola MBP25-2 Wireless Video Baby Monitor LCD Color Screen and Two Cameras, 2.4 Inch2.2 pounds4.6 x 11.8 x 8.5 inchesbuy3
VTech VM312-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Two Cameras1.9 pounds2.3 x 4.4 x 3.3 inchesbuy3
Motorola Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras, 3.5 Inch LCD Screen2.7 pounds14.4 x 8.7 x 5 inchesbuy3

VTech VM342-2 (Safe & Sound) Expandable Video Monitor Review

If you do not want to ever miss a giggle or smile from your baby, you should buy this VTech VM342-2 Baby Monitor with 2 cameras and a high-resolution video. The monitor comes with multiple viewing options that include: a single view, split-screen view, and patrol mode. All these views perform differently thereby allowing you to enjoy different functionalities with each of the views.

This VTech VM342-2 uses DECT 6.0 technology that ensures that all transmissions are crystal clear and free from interference by annoying background noises like in analog monitors. The monitor features an incredibly large 4.3-inch color digital display screen with a high resolution. There is an automatic IR (night) vision mode that lets you view the baby clearly even when the nursery is dark or poorly lit without turning the light on. This baby monitoring system with two cameras is expandable to 4 baby units.


    • Wide angle lens
    • Soothing built-in lullabies
    • Vibrating sound alert
    • Wall-mount bracket
    • Secure digital video transmission
    • Sound activation mode


    • Short power cords
    • Common false alarms

Motorola MBP 25-2 Wireless (Video Baby Monitor) Review

Motorola Baby Monitors are arguably some of the finely designed and developed baby monitors with amazing functionalities and features. This Motorola MBP 25-2 Baby Monitor uses a 2.4GHz FHSS technology that is wireless enabled. This monitor with two cameras has a 2.4-inch display LCD screen on the parent unit. This monitor allows for multiple monitoring in different rooms with one camera in each room. As such, it is a perfect gadget for monitoring twins or two babies in different rooms.

This Motorola Baby Monitor boasts of a convenient two-way talkback intercom that enables you to talk to your babies through the monitor when you are not in the same room with them. This video monitor showcases a zoom functionality, 2.4” color screen, IR night vision, and sophisticated video-camera combo. The FHSS technology provides for a reliable wireless connection that ensures that crystal clear transmission is not hindered by interference or background noise.


    • Convenient talkback intercom
    • Low battery alert
    • Out of range alert
    • Secure connection
    • Crystal clear transmission


    • Limited range
    • Short battery life

VTech VM312-2 (Safe & Sound) Review

This VTech VM312-2 video baby monitor boasts of a high video transmission rate of 22 frames/ second. This transmission delivers a clear and dynamic video of the nursery and the baby through the 2-inch full-color display screen in the parent unit/receiver. In addition to this, you can comfort your baby through the impressive talkback intercom in the monitor. There are 8 IR LEDs that automatically detect darkness or dim light thereby providing a clear video even in darkness.

There are a couple of amazing features and functionalities you enjoy when using this baby monitor with two cameras. For starters, the monitor has multiple viewing options including single view-one camera only, split-screen viewing-both cameras, and patrol mode- single view interchanging between the cameras after 10 seconds. The cameras have an automatic IR feature that detects dimly lit conditions or darkness and captures the best views. When using this baby monitor, you can enjoy a full-motion video with 25frames/second video transmission.


    • Night vision
    • Full-motion video
    • High-resolution moments
    • Multiple viewing options
    • Talkback intercom


    • Not portable
    • Small screen size

Motorola Video Baby Monitoring System Review

This Motorola Baby Monitor is an inexpensive monitoring system with 2 camera functionality and a crystal clear transmission. The large 3.5” diagonal display screen is full color and digital thereby showing the best video and image qualities. The monitor has an auto-switch screen option that allows you to add other additional cameras in the monitor for multiple monitoring. Like other Motorola Baby Monitors, this product comes with a performance guarantee and reassurance.

Motorola is a reputable electronics brand due to its superior design and construction concepts adopted for all its products. In line with this spirit, this Motorola Video Monitor with two screens comes with excellent features such as adjustable volume controls, automatic camera interchanging feature after 20 seconds, simultaneous baby monitoring enabled, and temperature display.


    • Remote tilt, pan, and zoom camera features
    • Room temperature monitoring
    • Comes with a power adapter
    • Split-screen function
    • Auto-switch screen feature


    • Lagging PTZ features
    • Poor monitor-charge cable connection

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How to Buy Baby Monitors With 2 Cameras the Right Way

If you have twins or more than one baby that you want to monitor, a baby monitor with 2 cameras is a great choice for you. There are very many dual camera monitors in the market presently and as such, it might be quite hard to choose the best monitor. When shopping for these monitors, it is necessary to ensure that the monitor of choice meets your needs and preferences. Such a monitor is quite reliable and is bound to make it easy for you to supervise your babies. Here are some ideas and tips on how to buy these monitors:

Monitor range

The range of the dual camera monitor of choice is a very important consideration. The only monitor you should purchase is one that has a long range that will allow you to move easily around your house and allover the homestead including in the backyard.

If you live in a house with many rooms and thick walls, you should consider getting a wireless baby monitor. This is because dual camera monitors with WiFi connectivity come without any range limitations and their efficiency is not obstructed by thick walls.

Analog or digital

In the current times of great technological advancement, analog monitors are outdated as compared to the modern digital monitors with superior features. In addition to this, analog monitors tend to have poor quality sound and video clarity. As such, they may not be the best option to get for dual camera monitors. However, analog baby monitors are very cheap but their transmissions are not secure and can thus be hacked into very easily.

On the other hand, digital dual camera baby monitors are exceptionally reliable, have great sound and video quality, and have secure transmissions as well as good working ranges. They are however a little more expensive than analog monitors but they are worth every cent they cost.

Type of monitor

There are several types of dual camera baby monitors in the market presently: video and WiFi monitors. There are also audio monitors but dual camera monitors are mostly video monitors. Audio monitors come with limited features, are less expensive, and do not transmit any images or video.

WiFi and Video monitors are more sophisticated but are more expensive than audio monitors. These monitors (video and WiFi) come with advanced features, good range, easy to customize, video streaming, live feed, and real time monitoring among other features.

Night Vision

Night vision is a very important feature in dual camera monitors but not most parents realize this until they have started using the monitors. Night vision allows you to comfortably monitor the babies at night without having to put on the lights. Night vision is a very crucial feature in any video monitor as it saves you the trouble of walking to the nursery at night to check on the baby.

Most dual camera monitors come with a night vision of different ranges such as 12ft, 15ft or 20ft. it is advisable to settle on a monitor whose night vision range is long enough to cover your house such that you can monitor the baby from any room at night.

Multiple Receivers

If you want to monitor the baby together with another person such as your partner or nanny, you should get a dual camera monitor with more than one receiver/parent unit. Most monitors come with only one receiver, but some the latest models come with two or more receivers for multiple monitoring.

In addition to getting a baby monitor with more than receiver, you can also consider getting a dual camera monitor that is compatible with smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, iphones, PCS and ipads among other devices. Such monitors have apps that can run in different devices at the same time thereby allowing multiple monitoring.

Temperature Sensor & Motion Detection

Having a dual camera with a temperature sensor is a great advantage. This is because the sensor makes it easy to check the temperature of the nursery in real time and make the necessary adjustments. For instance, if the nursery’s temperature is too low, you can add warm clothing on the babies to ensure that they do not feel cold.

Motion Detection is yet another important extra to look for in baby monitors with 2 cameras. This cool feature makes it easy to know when the baby moves or when the baby wakes up. The feature is particularly necessary in preventing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) as the monitor alerts you immediately the baby makes even the slightest movement.

Sound Activated Lights

These lights come in handy in alerting you when there is sound in the baby’s room but the monitor is on mute mode. Most often, dual camera monitors have 5-sound activated lights. The light in the monitor blinks to alert you that there is sound/noise in the nursery.

Battery Life

The battery life of a dual camera monitor is simply the length of time that the battery in the monitor lasts before requiring a recharge or replacement. Battery life is a crucial feature so that the monitor remains powered on for the length of time you want. You should only settle on a monitor whose battery life meets your needs and preferences.

In addition to battery life, you should also look for a low battery alert feature. Some monitors will sound an alarm or vibrate when the battery is excessively low and warn you to recharge the battery or seek an alternative power source.


The best display to look for in dual camera baby monitoring systems is a digital full color display. This display has very unique images and videos that make it easy to see the baby and the surroundings in the nursery clearly and in the best way possible. Analog monitors have poor quality displays and may not clearly highlight all the essentials in the nursery.


Price is a clear difference between most dual camera monitors in the market. There are some monitors that are very cheap; others are moderately priced while others are very expensive. Price influences the quality and features of these monitors with most cheap monitors being substandard, low in quality and generally inefficient. On the other hand, expensive monitors come with the finest features and are very efficient and equally reliable.


Baby monitors with two cameras are a great choice if you have twins or want to monitor two babies at a time. These monitors provide an inexpensive solution as compared to using multiple baby monitors. In addition to this, most of these monitors come with expandable functionalities and easy to customize features for convenient use.​

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