Best Levana Baby Monitors You Should Spend Money on

Still looking for the best Levana baby monitors you can buy for your use? Not sure which one would suit you the most? No worry. Just take a few minutes to scan through my comparison table below. Then read my reviews. I'm sure you will soon find the answer you're seeking.

Levana Jena1.8 pounds3.5 x 7 x 11.3 inchesbuy3
Levana Sophia1.4 pounds6.6 x 4.3 x 10.1 inchesbuy3
Levana Ayden1.6 pounds9.8 x 6.7 x 4.3 inchesbuy3
Levana Alexa11.2 ounces5.8 x 3.7 x 4.1 inchesbuy3
Levana Astra1.6 pounds9 x 3.9 x 6.3 inchesbuy3

The Jena Model

Do you want something that runs smoothly for 8 hours without requiring any recharging? Then this one is the best choice for you. This product boasts of an amazing battery performance coupled with excellent functionality. And the best thing about this unit is that its battery performance makes it an ideal tracker to use while on the move.

It provides you with assurance and guarantee that you will be able to watch your baby within a 500 feet range through a private encrypted transmission. This one gives a record 10+ hours of battery performance when on PEEP mode. What is more amazing is that it gives a clear and automatic night vision for up to 15 feet. Ideally, it is purposely designed to make watching over your babies effortless and easily achievable.


    • Excellent battery performance
    • Nursery temperature tracking
    • Talkback intercom
    • 5 pre-programmed lullabies
    • Expandable camera functionality


    • No touch-screen
    • Does not connect to smart devices

The Sophia Model

This model particularly has an incredible 48 hours battery life when in VOX and PEEP modes. In addition to this, it comes with ClearVu digital signal with a secure transmission within 500 feet. There are also invisible LEDs that ensure that the nursery is dark at night while capturing clear videos and images.

When you purchase this, you get classic features as opposed to the basic ones in standard options out there. For instance, the ClearVu Digital Signal ensures that all transmissions are interference-free thereby enabling you to hear the best quality sounds and see full-color videos of the nursery. When you choose this model, you get more than you bargain for. For instance, you can use button controls in the parent unit to set the brightness to your desired level.


    • LED volume indicator
    • Gentle night light
    • Built-in lullabies
    • Excellent battery life
    • Clear digital signal


    • Small size screen
    • Not mountable on wall

The Ayden Model

If you want to enjoy unlimited peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping safe and soundly, then you should get this one. Featuring temperature tracking, pre-programmed lullabies, two-way intercom and 48 hours of continuous battery performance, this model is one of the most reliable and dependable on the market.

With an amazing 750 feet range and 48 hours battery performance, it ensures that you enjoy all-time tracking through the hand-held parent unit. When using, you need not worry about sudden power surges as it will warn you when the power is running too low as well as when you go beyond its operating range. It is designed to help you in multiple-monitoring as you can add 3 more cameras for the best tracking option.


    • Great battery life
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Night vision mode
    • Long operating range
    • Eco-friendly
    • 3 calming lullabies


    • Not so good video quality
    • False alarms

The Alexa Model

This product is a skillfully designed and developed model with an expandable camera function of an additional 3 cameras. It has a 12 feet night vision (Invisible LEDs) for the best shots and images in dimly lit rooms. The fixed camera can be rotated manually for optimal positioning. It has a large size display screen measuring 5-inch for the best views of the baby and the nursery.

Despite  operating on a sophisticated technology, it is quite easy to operate and use. It also comes with a real-time clock, feeding and nap timers, 12 hours battery performance, and temperature sensors among other features. This sleek and stylish unit has a uniquely redesigned 15 mm housing that makes it possible to hold the product comfortably in the hands. When using, you can rest assured that no one can hack into the transmission as the ClearVu technology ensures secure transmissions at all times.


    • Feeding & nap timer
    • Temperature tracking
    • Private digital signal
    • Two-way intercom
    • LED night vision


  • Not mountable on wall
  • Poor battery performance compared to others

10 Reasons You Should Buy from This Brand

For over a decade, Levana has continually manufactured high-end baby monitors with outstanding features such as wireless connectivity and full-color display. The company has consistently been committed to creating exclusive models that allow parents to enjoy peace of mind and get reassurance knowing that their babies are safe at all times. Here are the top reasons why you should choose this brand:

All-time monitoring

When using these device, you can see and keep track of the baby all clock round by ensuring that you are up-to-date with the present situation in the baby’s nursery.

They come with an incredible notification system that alerts you immediately the baby moves, makes a sound or when the temperature of the nursery changes. This goes a long way in giving you peace of mind as you will receive instant notification incase the baby needs your attention.

Portability and mobility

The parent unit often comes with a belt clip for attaching the unit on the belt thereby providing great portability and convenience when attending to other chores. In addition to this, it is not bulky and as such, you can easily carry it along when travelling with the baby.

Setting up is quite easy and does not any detailed know-how or expertise. As such, you can easily set it up even in hotel rooms and still use it to monitor your while you are on vacation.

Guaranteed performance

These gadgets are quality assured and come with a performance guarantee due to their superior construction and design. Therefore, when you choose any of the products listed above, you can be assured that it will exceed your expectations as far as performance is concerned. They are taken through extensive tests to ensure that they meet market standards and that their performance is up to required mark.

All of the products listed here are not only reliable but are equally dependable as far as quality, functionality and performance are concerned. For instance, the sound transmission is crystal clear and free of distortions and interference.

Superior features

These devices are uniquely designed and developed using the latest technology to ensure superior features that are not found in other designs on the market right now. These features include automatic IR LED lights for night vision for up to 4.57 meters (15 feet), Smart LED sound indicator ring, split screen functionality and a HD display screen.

Secure encrypted transmission

Most of them have an operating range of 750+ feet (228.6 meters). They come with a 2.4GHz secure encrypted signal transmission range that enhances great privacy when using the device. The best thing about this secure transmission is that it ensures that there is no person that can hack the transmission.

When using Wi-Fi for transmission between the baby unit and the receiver, it is advisable to protect the connection with a password so that other people using the same Wi-Fi do not eavesdrop on the transmission. This helps in ensuring that you enhance the security and privacy of the transmission in the best way possible.

Ease of use

These units are designed for everyone’s use. They do not require any detailed technical knowledge in operating the monitors. The user friendly interface is easy to navigate and the custom features are easy to preset. The timer and other features like lullabies are turned on through one-touch buttons.

For power saving purposes, you can turn on the sleep mode. You can also use the user manual that comes with the unit to learn more about operating the gadget including the do’s and don’ts that you should observe while using.

Excellent camera features

The camera features are incredible and excellent. They are very popular for their ultra-clear images that are of great quality. When using, you can be guaranteed to get the best quality images and views on the parent unit.

The cameras have different functionalities including but not limited to zoom, pan, and tilt features. These features are designed to enable you capture the best views of the baby’s nursery at different angles.

Large touch-enabled screens

Large display screens is a hallmark feature in the series. These display screens are touch-enabled for easy operation and navigation. The best thing about these large size screens is that they make video tracking quite easy and fun as you can see much of the nursery on the screen.

If you want to watch your twins or two babies, you can use the split screen function instead of buying two separate monitors.

Compatibility with other devices

The models are also compatible with other devices and gadgets such as smart devices like smartphones, PCs, tablets, and Ipads among other devices. This compatibility goes a long way in enhancing remote baby monitoring. In addition to this, there are special apps that can be installed on smart devices for checking out the baby on your phone when away from home.

Audio and video monitors

When buying, you can exercise great freedom of choice in that you can choose between audio and video options depending on your needs. If you do not have much money to spend, then you can opt for an audio model. However, if you are looking forward total control, you can settle for video ones.

Video monitors are the best option as they provide both audio and video while audio-only units are limited to just sounds only. However, whichever the choice you settle for, you can be guaranteed the one you pick up will be of reliable help to you.

There are several models here with different functionalities and features. You can consider reading reviews and buying guides like mine first to identify the product that is best for you depending on your needs and preferences.