Best Orthodontic Pacifiers – Read My Reviews Before You Buy

Orthodontic pacifiers are good because they are tested and confirmed to meet hospital standards. They are designed to comfort your baby without interfering with his/her normal development. If you want to get the best products of this kind, read my following reviews for more information.

Comparison Table


For baby aged

Material used

Editor's rating


NUK Newborn 100% Silicone

0-3 months


Philips AVENT Translucent Infant

0-6 months


Philips AVENT BPA Free Night Time

6-18 months


MAM Glow in the Dark Night

6+ months


MAM Mini-Air

0-6 months


NUK newborn

NUK newborn is made using one-piece silicon. This enhances hygiene and durability. Its nipple is orthodontic-shaped and helps in soothing your baby better. The nipple is asymmetric too and fits in the baby’s mouth freely. It allows natural development of his/her mouth. Free tongue movement is allowed by the scoop made at the nipple. Its shield contains 3 vents and is heart-shaped to allow free breathing. The pacifier is good for babies who are 0-3 months old.

The pacifier is meant for babies who are 0-3 months old and may therefore not be useful after 3 months.

Philips Avent translucent

This is a good product that is designed to promote your baby’s oral development. Its nipple is made using silicone that never gets misshaped or discolored. It is BPA free and can be dish-washed or sterilized. Its nipple comes with a cap that keeps it hygienically protected. The symmetrical nipple is also collapsible, tasteless and odorless. The pacifier comes in a pair and is good for babies who are 0-6 months. Its shield is made using a clear translucent material and has a cut that allows the baby’s nose to remain unblocked throughout.

However, this one may trap some water inside its vents when you are washing it.

Philips Avent 6-18 months night pacifier

This pacifier is designed to allow your baby’s mouth to develop naturally. It gives the baby’s teeth and gum a good space for movement. It comes with a handle that glows in the dark. This makes it easy to find in the night. It is made using silicone that contains no BPA. Its nipple never gets misshaped or discolored and has a cap that keeps it hygienically protected. It is tasteless and odorless and can be dish-washed or sterilized. It is good for babies who are 6-18 months old.

This product comes with vent holes that may trap some water when being washed.

MAM dark night glow

This is a good one that helps you calm your baby even in the night. It glows in the dark and can easily be seen at night. It is made using silicone that is ultra-soft and has a slip-resistant texture. Its symmetric nipple allows your baby’s jaw to develop naturally. This one comes with a curved shield that makes it sit freely on the baby’s face. It also features vent holes that allows free air circulation to your baby’s skin. It's also good for babies who are 6 or more months old.

It features some vent holes that may trap water when being washed.

MAM mini air

This is a great option that comes in girlish colors. It is made using silicon and is expertly textured to give its surface a better feel. The pacifier comes with multiple air vents that allow free air circulation to your baby’s skin. Its shield is curved to allow it sit freely and comfortably on the baby’s face. Side rims that are extra soft and unique are featured to allow natural teething. The product is BPA free and has an asymmetrically designed nipple that is good for the development of your baby’s jaw. It is good for babies who are 0-6 months old.

How to buy

First of all, remember that the best pacifiers for you is the one that your baby uses comfortably and without any resistance. This may make it trickier for you to decide on the most ideal one.

What you should know before shopping

Every pacifier is ideal for babies who are within a certain age set. This means that your baby needs to use products that are designed for his age in months. They may need replacement after a certain period of time since they are all prone to tear or misplacement. It is therefore important for you to get something that is correct for your baby’s age. It should also be made using an orthodontic material that does not necessarily have to last for too long.

The safety of your baby matters the most. Any pacifier that goes in his/her mouth should be designed to enhance safety. The nipple should be permanently attached to the shield and should not be too long in such a way that it can choke the baby. It should also allow your baby to breathe and develop naturally. Always ensure that your ideal choice prevents any choking and allows air to circulate on your baby’s skin freely. Be sure to also check for any nipple tears every now and then as you continue using the pacifier.

The best market

The best market is the one that offers reliable services. You should buy from an honest place that sells you quality products. The market should have a good reputation that is gained through serving previous customers accordingly. The above review helps you compare and choose the best ones easily. Your ideal market should be able to provide you with your ideal options and make a delivery if possible. There should be no alteration made to your ideal product. It should come in a packet that is neatly sealed.

Remember this

Let your baby help you in choosing the most ideal pacifier. If your baby rejects something you bought, don’t force it on him/her. Change the pacifier with another one that seems to be the most appropriate. The baby will always want something that sits comfortably in his/ her mouth. That is why you should let your baby decide on the one that sounds more comfortable to him/her.