Best Philips Avent Baby Monitor for Your Money – Read This Before You Buy

Still searching for the best Philips Avent baby monitors for your money? Don't know if the device is right for your needs? Then take a few minutes to scan my comparison table below and read the reviews. They will definitely help you out.

Philips Avent DECT with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode1.6 pounds3.5 x 8 x 6 inchesbuy3
Philips AVENT SCD630/371.4 pounds4.2 x 8.7 x 7.3 inchesbuy3
Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision5 pounds3.4 x 8.2 x 7.2 inchesbuy3
Philips AVENT uGrow15.2 ounces8.7 x 5.7 x 3 inchesbuy3
Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor12.8 ounces2 x 8 x 6 inchesbuy3

Philips Avent Baby Monitor w/ Temperature Sensor

If you are looking for an outstandingly efficient and reliable system, then this model is your best choice. It comes with a temperature sensor, a talk-back feature, and a night mode function for convenience of use. Powered by DECT technology, it has a secure and encrypted connection that not only guarantees great sound quality but also has zero interference.

The features in this product are not like those in standard units on the market. This is because it has a vibration alert, a 900 feet operating range, talkback intercom for comforting your baby and inbuilt night light as well as programmed lullabies for soothing the baby to sleep.

It delivers complete reassurance and convenience by ensuring that you get real time tracking irrespective of where you are within the operating range.


    • Crystal clear sound
    • LED lights for sound display
    • Temperature sensor
    • Talkback feature
    • Portable parent unit
    • Vibration alert


    • Poor battery life
    • Not waterproof

Philips Avent SCD630/37 Baby Monitor

If you are looking for a video model that uses FHSS technology for a secure connection and has a 3.5” full-color display screen, then this is the one for you. The good thing is that it can be mounted on the wall. As such, you need not worry about where to fix it for best viewing angle.

This incredible unit ensures that you are able to maintain an interference-free secure connection with the baby at all times. What is more unique is that you can hear the baby clearly due to the device’s perfect sound quality and clarity. The high-resolution display screen measuring 3.5” broadcasts clear images that are in no pixilated like those in low-quality products.


    • 300 meters range
    • Vibration alert
    • Link indication light
    • Temperature sensor
    • Overnight monitoring mode
    • Clear night vision


    • Common screen sensitivity issues
    • Short battery life

Philips Avent Digital (Video) Baby Monitor w/ Night Vision

This wall mountable gadget is a digital video monitoring system with impressive features and an appealing stylish design. With this, you can hear and watch your baby from the comfort of a portable parent unit. It boasts of having a secure and encrypted transmission, a high-resolution display screen measuring 2.4 inches, a soft nightlight, and VOX mode.

The key features of this device include 100% secure connection, clear and high-quality sound, automatic volume activation, 30 meters indoor and 150 meters outdoor range, and a self-activating screen feature. The night vision switches itself on automatically in the dark. There is a remote lullaby function as well as a soft nightlight- both of which can be used to calm the baby down.


    • Wall mountable
    • Backup battery function
    • Rechargeable parent unit
    • Out of range notification
    • LED noise light
    • High-resolution display


    • Does not connect to Wi-Fi
    • Night vision lights can be distracting at times

Philips Avent uGrow (Smart) Baby Monitor

If you want something that you can control from your smart device like a smartphone, then this uGrow model is the ultimate system to purchase. It is wall mountable for convenience of setting up and consequent use. This app-controlled gadget allows for remote tracking from a smart device. It also connects securely to Wi-Fi through a wireless 2.4GHz wireless connection. The best thing about app is that it continues to run background even when using other applications in the phone thereby allowing consistent all-time monitoring.

This one of a kind unit has a snapshot functionality that allows you to capture the baby’s special moments and save them on your phone’s storage. It has a 720p HD vision quality for both day and night modes. In addition to this, it also has humidity and temperature sensors. The most amazing aspect here is that the camera feature can be expanded up to 10 cameras thereby allowing 3 simultaneous views.


    • Talkback feature
    • Multi-color nightlight
    • App controlled
    • Pre-programmed lullabies
    • Customizable alerts


    • False alerts are common
    • App requires multiple sign-ins

Philips Avent SCD501/10 DECT Baby Monitor

This reliable model makes it possible for you to remain connected to your baby throughout the day and night with its secure connection. It has a variable volume control feature that allows you to adjust the volume to your preferences. Additionally, there are 5-sound activated lights to alert you on the intensity of noise in the baby’s room even when it is muted.

Just like other models from the brand, this exclusive product comes with a 300-meter range (outdoors) and a 50-meter range (indoors). However, this range varies is dependent on factors like obstruction and interference. In addition to this, the DECT technology used ensures that there is zero interference from devices such as cordless phones, cell phones, etc. Needless to say, it has a crystal clear transmission that ensures high-quality sound.


    • 24/7 operating time
    • Interference-free connection
    • Long range
    • Sound-activated LEDs
    • Variable volume control


    • No belt clip
    • Does not use rechargeable batteries

10 Reasons to Buy From This Brand


When you buy from this household name, you need not worry about functionality problems and quality issues. This is because these monitors are developed using the latest technology and highly-skilled expertise to ensure that they are amazingly reliable and functional throughout their life. The functionality is maintained at its best to ensure that the monitor provides you with unrivaled functionality, excellent performance, and reliability.


Are you looking for a nice product with finely finished design? If yes, you should look no further than the ones mentioned above. With any of them, you should have no concerns about their stylishness as they are exceptionally looking and have equally appealing shapes. The edges are nicely trimmed such that they are virtually unnoticeable and feel nice to touch.

They also have a characteristic design so that they are attractive and appealing to babies and adults alike. The best thing about the designs here is that they come in several variations to provide freedom of choice to parents when buying.

Soothing features

When you purchase, you no longer need to worry about soothing your baby to sleep anymore. This is because the monitors come with unique features that include built-in lullabies, ceiling lights, and custom features such as tune and sound addition.

If the baby becomes fussy at night and you are too tired to soothe her to sleep, you can turn on the lullabies and watch your baby sleep peacefully and restfully. The attached ceiling lights are multicolored to give a classic display on the ceiling and entertain the baby before he/she falls back to sleep.

Two-way intercom

This is by far the classiest feature you will find here. The two-way intercom feature allows you to talk to your baby through the parent unit while you are in another room. This feature gives reassurance to your baby that you are still around even when he/she cannot see you in the room with him/her.

The two-way intercom feature is crystal clear and the sound quality is not interfered with by background noise and other types of white noise. This makes it possible for your baby to hear you audibly and clearly as you talk to him/her to calm him down.


Are you looking for an affordable high-end unit with the best features possible? If yes, then you've come to the right place. These monitors are uniquely crafted and developed to possess high-end features but are amazingly priced for all. They come in different models with some being cheap others moderately affordable and others expensive.

It is worth noting that despite these units being priced differently, their quality, functionality, reliability and performance are maintained at their best. As such, the quality is guaranteed irrespective of the model and version you purchase.

Excellent battery life

Most standard products come with a poor battery performance such that they last for only a short time before the need for recharging or replacing the batteries arises. However, this is not the case here as these gadgets boast of a superb battery performance coupled with amazing power consumption.

It is worth noting that battery life has a direct effect on the overall performance and functionality of the product. For ones with a short battery life, their functionality is mostly limited and they may not be of much benefit to you.

Built to last

These bad boys are built to last. The company uses superior quality materials and manufacturing approaches to design their models that are resistant to wear and tear. The durability is significant compared to others in the market.

With proper care and maintenance, they can last for decades without showing any decline in functionality or showing signs of dilapidation. Always ensure that you put the product at a safe distance away from the baby’s reach.

In the present hard economic times, you should only spend your hard earned cash on valuable and high-end items that have great value for money. And the best thing is that these monitors are greatly valuable. As such, you can resell them later in life at a good price when you no longer require their use.

Customization and personalization

The most amazing aspect here is that these devices are easy to customize and personalize. These products provide you with a chance to add your preferences and customize them to your specifications. For instance, if there is a favorite tune, sound or song you want to add to the system as a lullaby, you can easily do so. Likewise, if there are sounds and voices that your child likes to hear, you can add them to the monitor and use them to soothe your baby.

Ease of use

There is nothing complex about operating and using these products. The users’ manual comes with detailed instructions on how to set up, and operate everything. Additionally, the manual also contains information on how to set up the ones with two parent units and how to set the whole system for maximum functionality.


These units are compatible with other devices such as smartphones, Ipads, Ipods and other smart devices. There are apps developed for use with them to remotely monitor the baby even while at work or in another location away from home. The compatibility with other devices makes it easy to keep track of your baby even when you are attending to other duties.


Ideally, Philips Avent baby monitors are designed to make parenting easy, fun and enjoyable. There are several of them to choose from depending on the features you are looking for. When shopping, always ensure that you only opt for the best monitor that meets your preferences.