Best Samsung Baby Monitors You Can Buy For Your Children?

best samsung baby monitors

If you are looking for a good quality baby monitor with outstanding features and a superior design, then you should look no further than at the best Samsung baby monitors. These monitors are designed and manufactured using sophisticated technology and high-level expertise. This makes the monitors valuable investments and extremely reliable in monitoring babies. These monitors are nicely developed and come with exclusive features. You can read their reviews below for more information.

Samsung SEW-3036W BabyVIEW Baby Monitoring System IR Night Vision Zoom 3.5 inch9.6 ounces1 x 3.3 x 5.7 inchesbuy3
Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW HD Baby Video Monitoring System IR Night Vision PTZ 5.0 Inch. Touch Screen2.5 pounds4.5 x 11.2 x 9.5 inchesbuy3
Samsung SEW-3041W Brilliant View Baby Monitoring System IR Night Vision PTZ, White, 4.3 Inch9.6 ounces1 x 3.3 x 5.7 inchesbuy3
Samsung SEW-2002W Secured Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor1.5 pounds11 x 3 x 7 inchesbuy3

Samsung SEW-3036W Baby Monitoring System Review

This Samsung baby monitor comes with a 3.5” HD display screen and uses a secure and encrypted 2.4GHz signal transmission. The monitor uses a rechargeable battery and has a 5-level sound indicator on the display screen for notifying the parent on the intensity of noise in the baby’s room. This video monitor is easy to use and operate.

Like other Samsung baby monitors, the SEW-3036W monitor comes with advanced features that include 640X480 resolution, time display, and 800 feet (244m) digital signal range. In addition to this, the monitor also has a two-way intercom, an inbuilt microphone, and speaker. There is also a quiet mode in the monitor that removes any background noise that may interfere with the quality of sound transmitted through the monitor.


    • Good battery life
    • High-quality construction
    • Low battery alert
    • IR night vision
    • Belt clip


    • Night vision blinks after 3 seconds limiting clear vision
    • Video quality needs improvement

Samsung SEW-3043W Baby Monitoring System Review

This bright view Samsung baby monitor with a video monitoring system boasts of an HD camera and a 5-inch display touch screen. The monitor has a unique 900+ feet range for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This makes it possible to use the monitor comfortably and conveniently around your home without worrying about getting out of range.

This Samsung baby monitor comes with 4 programmed lullabies and a soft & calming night light for soothing the baby to sleep at night. In addition to this, the monitor also has feed timer alerts and supports a maximum of 4 cameras at a time. What’s more amazing about this monitor is that it also has a long-lasting battery that enhances the functionality and excellent performance of the monitor.


    • Long battery life
    • Feed timer alerts
    • Easy setup
    • Large 5” screen
    • Voice-activated mode
    • Audio mode activation


    • Fairly sensitive touch screen
    • Susceptible to breakages after falls

Samsung SEW-3041W Baby Monitoring System Review

If you are looking for a nicely designed baby monitor with appealing and attractive looks, then this Samsung SEW-3041W is the monitor to purchase. The monitor boasts of an amazing ultra-large 4.3-inch display screen with touch functionality and remote controlled Pan, tilt & zoom camera. The monitoring system also prides itself in having a secure and interference-free digital signal transmission and a 900ft working range.

The IR LED lights for night vision have an operating limit of up to 15 feet. The monitor also has a remote night light for soothing and calming the baby down when you are not within the baby’s reach. There is also a sleep mode in the monitor that allows the monitor to save power while not being actively used. The sound level LED lights indicate noise/sound intensity in the baby’s room when the monitoring system is muted.


    • PTZ Camera
    • Expandable to 4 cameras
    • 16ft night vision mode
    • 900 feet transmission range
    • VOX mode/ two-way intercom
    • 4.3” display screen


    • Dismal battery life
    • Strangulation hazard when left within baby’s reach without supervision

Samsung SEW-2002W Secured Digital Baby Audio Monitor Review

This Samsung audio baby monitor is designed for use by parents with heightened awareness and attention of taking care of their young babies. This audio monitoring system is reputable for enhancing easy and effortless parenting. The audio monitor boasts an unsurpassed 900 feet range and a secure DECT 1.8GHz interference and disruption-free connection. The monitor comes in an elegantly sleek and simple design that is not only beautiful but also attractive to the eye.

This two parent unit baby monitor is designed to provide an extra set of ears for watching and monitoring your baby. The voice activated mode of the monitor ensures that the speakers are quiet at all times and turn on when sound and motion are detected in the baby’s room. For portability and easy mobility, the parent units come with belt clips for securing holding the units onto the belt.

This audio monitor maintains static noise and other background sounds at an all time minimum to ensure quality and crystal clear signal transmission. This goes a long way in ensuring that the baby’s environment is healthy and conducive for good growth and development.


    • Crystal clear transmission
    • Interference free connection
    • Two parent units for excellent monitoring
    • VOX mode
    • Belt clip available
    • Remote pan & tilt
    • Sound level indicator


    • Not waterproof
    • Insecure wireless transmission

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10 Reasons You Should Buy Samsung Baby Monitors

Samsung Baby Monitors are exceedingly important devices for new parents. Whether the baby is within your reach at all times or it is sleeping soundly in the nursery, there are times when you will be away from the baby and you will want to keep an eye at it. These monitors provide parents with great peace of mind to parents by enabling them ensure that their babies are safe even when away from them.

Samsung is a giant electronics manufacturer across the globe and only manufactures high quality products backed by lifetime guarantees and quality assurance. Generally, Samsung Baby Monitors possess superior features and an amazing functionality as compared to other monitors. Reasons to buy these monitors include:

Digital wireless technology

The monitoring system in Samsung Baby Monitors is powered by an amazing digital wireless technology. All baby monitors manufactured by Samsung use regularly DECT technology to for clear transmissions between the baby and parent units. The wireless technology ensures that transmissions are sent over interference & disruption free connection.

The DECT technology in Samsung Baby Monitors ensures that audios and videos transmitted are crystal clear and of a high quality. There are no white noises or other forms of distortions that are heard when monitoring your baby using a Samsung baby monitor.

Long range

Samsung Baby Monitors are popular for their long working range. The signal range in these monitors is 1000+ feet, a lot more than the range in other standard monitors. This long range gives you freedom of use as you can move around the house or in the backyard while monitoring the baby without worrying about getting out of range.

The best thing about the long working range in Samsung Baby Monitors is that it makes it easy to use the monitors for both indoor and outdoor monitoring. There are no limitations whatsoever when using these monitors.

Sleek and unisex designs

Samsung Baby Monitors have a sleek, unisex design with great simplicity and general attractiveness. This goes a long way in enhancing the appeal and general outlook of the monitors. In addition to this, the monitors blend different color variations perfectly for a characteristic look.

The unisex designs of Samsung Baby Monitors make it possible to use the monitors for all genders; boys and girls alike. What is more amazing about the design of these monitors is that they come with a sturdy base that allows for the great stability of the monitors when placed on their base.

Advanced notification alerts

When using Samsung Baby Monitors to monitor and keep track of your baby, you need not worry about missing any alert. This is because the monitors come with advanced notification alerts that keep you up-to-date with the situation in your baby’s nursery. For instance, if you get out-of-range, the parent unit will beep a sound or vibrate to alert you are no longer within range.

There are also visual sound indicators that alert you when there is sound coming from the baby’s nursery and the monitor is muted. Other alerts in the monitor include low battery alerts, baby motion, and timer alerts.

Choice between audio and video monitoring

There are mainly two types of Samsung Baby Monitors. These types include audio and video baby monitors. The choice of either monitor is dependent on aspects such as cost, intended use and personal preference. If you want audio monitoring only, then you can opt for audio baby monitors by Samsung. However, if you want audio and video, then video monitors are the best choice.

Both audio and video Samsung baby monitors are designed expertly with high-level skillfulness and expertise. This enhances their performance, and functionality thereby making them ideal baby monitors.

High-end features

Samsung Baby Monitors pride themselves in having high-end features that are only found in the most exclusive baby monitors. These features include built-in zoom feature for video monitors and IR LED night vision- which is invisible to the baby and thus does not cause any disturbance when the baby is asleep.

There is also a two-way intercom feature in Samsung Baby Monitors. This feature allows you to talk to your baby while in another room through the monitor. Ideally, these features are designed to allow you to monitor your baby with great ease, convenience, and in a reliable manner.

Large touch screens

Samsung Baby Monitors have extra-large screens that measure over 4.3”. Most of these screens are touch enabled and as such, you can input your preferences or settings by navigating the touch screen. The extra large screen of these monitors provides a large view for video monitors. In addition to this, you can use the split-screen feature to monitor twins or two babies in the same room at the same time.

The unlimited functionality of these monitors’ screens provides an added advantage to parents as they can use the monitors for real-time tracking and monitoring of their babies. Some of the latest models of Samsung baby monitors come with remote pan and tilt features.

Easy to use

Samsung Baby Monitors are uniquely easy to use and do not require much expertise to operate. This is because the monitors come with a user-friendly interface, and custom features that make it easy to navigate the features and operate the monitors. You can also use pre-set intervals to set your preferred custom features such as timer.

You can put the monitor on sleep mode to save power when you are not actively using the monitor to watch the baby. While on sleep mode, the monitor will still be keeping track of the baby and sound an alert when any sound/motion is detected in the baby’s room.

Clear images and camera features

The videos and images transmitted through Samsung Baby Monitors are of top clarity, possess great color effects, and are well aligned within the screen. Additionally, the cameras in the monitors have high pixels thereby allowing you to capture clear images of the baby’s nursery.

What is more amazing about the cameras in these monitors come with tilt, pan, and zoom features to capture images in a better and a clearer way. Most of these monitors are expandable up to 4 cameras for better nursery monitoring.

When shopping for the best Samsung Baby Monitors, it is important to read reviews left by people who have used the monitors previously. This provides you with reliable first-hand information on the specs and features of the monitors.


Samsung baby monitors, either audio or video provide the simplest solution for baby care and monitoring needs. These monitors are of high quality and use secure transmissions that ensure no third party can hack or eavesdrop on the transmission. These monitors are ultimately a great purchase and a worthy investment for any parent. When searching for the best monitor to purchase, you can refer to the internet for reviews, advice, and tips on identifying the most suitable baby monitoring system for you.​

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