Best Summer Infant Baby Monitor – Read My Reviews and Pick One up Today

Monitoring your baby with the best Summer Infant baby monitors ensures that you always enjoy great peace of mind; day and night. Gone are the days of spending of sleepless nights checking your little one. These products pride themselves in having extraordinary features and are developed using the latest technology. In addition to this, they also come with state of the art functionality and overall performance. Read their reviews below and you will soon find what you're looking for.

Summer Infant Baby Touch2.3 pounds4.2 x 11.4 x 9.2 inchesbuy3
Summer Infant Baby Secure1.5 pounds11.5 x 10 x 5 inchesbuy3
Summer Infant Clear Sight1.2 pounds10 x 5 x 11 inchesbuy3
Summer Infant In View2 pounds12 x 5 x 11 inchesbuy3
Summer Infant Wide View2.1 pounds12.5 x 5 x 11 inchesbuy3

The Baby Touch Model

This 3.5 inch device is an easy to use device with some of the finest features. The display screen is touch-enabled for easy operation and management. When using this device, you can be guaranteed not only to enjoy seamless a performance but also experience tracking at its finest. It uses an encrypted 2.4GHz transmission that ensures privacy and security of all transmissions.

With an operating range of 400 feet, it has an auto black & white vision for capturing high clarity images and videos at night, sound activated LEDs for indicating noise levels even when the system is muted, pan, scan, and zoom enabled camera and added convenience through the inbuilt belt-clips in the device. Videos and images transmitted from the baby’s nursery through the camera are displayed on the 3.5” display screen.


    • Touch-enabled screen
    • Easy to use
    • 2.4GHz technology
    • Expandable up to 3 cameras
    • Talkback intercom


    • No Wifi
    • Not compatible with smart devices like smartphones, tablets, and Ipads

The Baby Secure Model

If you want to enjoy peace of mind by knowing that your baby is safe at all times, then you should buy this 2.5-inch cam system. With an amazing 600 feet range, it has an expandable that allows the addition of up to 3 more cameras for multiple checking. It also uses a rechargeable battery that runs for 4-6 hours with continuous use. What’s more unique is that it has a two-way intercom for addressing your angel when in a different location within the working range.

This product allows you to navigate its functionalities and make any settings with a single button press on the receiver/parent unit. The 2.5-inch full-color screen features a digital display that makes it possible for you to see even the slightest movements and hear all sounds perfectly without any interference whatsoever. The camera has a digital zoom feature that enables you to catch your child’s precious and priceless moments such as when he is waking up or making a giggle.


    • Add up to 3 more cameras
    • Night vision
    • Two-way communication
    • Private and secure, interference-free transmission
    • Sound activated LEDs


    • Does not support wireless connections
    • Small display screen

The Clear Sight Digital Model

This unit with a two-way intercom and sound activated LEDs is one of the most reliable ones in the series. It is designed with great simplicity for ease of use and excellent portability thereby making it a great choice to carry along while on the move with your baby. Every time you use this unit, you can be guaranteed to get real-time tracking and enjoys clear views of the room and your child.

It is specially designed for cross-monitoring in up to four rooms as you can add 3 more cameras to the system. This presents you with the ability to see more than one child in different rooms. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and has range exceed alerts as well as battery low indicators. Other features include adjustable volume, brightness controls, auto power saving mode, and sound activated LEDs. It is wall mountable for a secure installation.


    • Brightness controls
    • Wall mountable
    • Range exceed alert
    • Private & secure transmission
    • Digital zoom


    • Small screen size
    • Short battery life

The In-View Digital Color Model

This product is one of the most creatively and stylish option from the collection. It boasts an extra-large 5 inch LCD video display screen with full color and an auto black & white vision for night use. The digital zoom feature allows for closer screen views while the one-touch on/off button for video allows for the easy and convenient use.

It also has extraordinary features that make it exceptionally helpful and useful. Some of the outstanding features include a 5 inch LCD display screen, 100% DECT technology for secure transmissions, low battery alert, and 600 feet range. Its camera has a swivel design that allows for wall mounting and tabletop placement for purposes of optimal positioning and focus on baby. It uses a customizable and expandable system that enables you to add 3 extra cameras for checking different rooms simultaneously.


    • Belt clip
    • Wall mountable and table top place-able
    • Adjustable volume
    • Brightness controls
    • Sound activated LEDs


    • Not compatible with wireless connections
    • Short battery life

The Wide-View Model

Like others from this collection, this amazing model comes with high-end features including a 5.0 inch LCD screen and a handheld receiver/parent unit. The camera uses a wide angle lens that provides for a 4X wide view of the baby and nursery. When using this digital device, you can add three more cameras to make a total of 4 cameras in the system. The large size of the display screens provides a great viewing platform in which you can watch even the slightest motions by your little one.

When using this unit, you can move freely all around the house while seeing your child as it has a 600-foot range. What is more amazing about the long working range is that you will receive an alert to warn you that you have gone beyond the operating limit. By using the talk-back intercom feature, you can speak through the device to comfort your child or address the nanny or partner in the baby’s nursery.


    • Large display screen
    • Wide nursery views
    • Digital zoom
    • Night vision
    • Privacy and interference-free transmission


    • Does not support smart devices
    • Limited range for outdoor spaces

In conclusion, these gadgets are pretty easy to install and use. These devices are designed and developed with great simplicity and expandability. In addition to this, the monitors are easy to customize and add personal preferences for convenience of use.