Hello Baby HB24 Review – Is This Baby Monitor a Good Choice?

Quick summary: This product boasts of having a night vision mode, temperature monitoring, a 2-way intercom and clear transmission. In addition to this, the white & black night vision is clear and produces good quality videos even in poorly lit conditions. This ensures that you get the best quality videos during the day and night. Read my Hello Baby HB24 review below to find out more.


    • Excellent battery life
    • Expandable camera function (4 cameras)
    • High quality day/night video
    • Multifunctional features like temperature monitoring.
    • Two way intercom for talking to your baby while in another room
    • Sound activated LEDs


    • Common charging problems
    • Easily breaks when dropped

Product Highlights

This product is not a complex monitoring system to set up as it is a plug and play monitoring system.The VOX mode in the monitor enables you to save power and enhance the battery’s life while still using the monitor for real time monitoring. This guarantees that you need not worry about the battery running out of power at the dead of the night.

What is more unique about this monitor is that the expandable camera function enables you to add up to four cameras to the parent unit for multiple monitoring. As such, you can use the monitoring system to watch more than one baby in different rooms. If the baby wakes up or starts becoming fussy but you cannot reach his/her room right away, you can use the 2 way intercom feature in the monitor to soothe the baby back to sleep or comfort him/her to calm down.

It is one of the few high-end options on the market with amazing features, high quality sound & video transmission, and an incredibly long battery life. This combination is quite hard to find and as such, when you purchase this monitor, you can be guaranteed to get more than you bargain for.

The creativity and innovativeness that goes into the creation, design, and consequent development of this monitor is amazing and unmatched by that of any other monitor currently in the monitor.

Additionally, the cutting edge technology used in this monitor ensures that all static is removed for the monitor to perform excellently under any working condition or volume. This goes a long way in ensuring that parents get real time monitoring when using the monitor to watch over their babies.

It is worth noting that the monitor also comes with 8 pre-programmed (polyphonic) lullabies that you can use for soothing the baby to sleep or comforting him/her when he/she is fussy. Ideally, this product allows you to be in the baby’s nursery at all times even when you are not in the nursery physically.

What we hate about the monitor

Earlier models of this device are noted to have problems with their charging function. However, it seems that Hello Baby has fixed this problem in recent monitors and once fully charged, the rechargeable battery in the monitor lasts for over 8 hours.

Other people’s thoughts

Parents particularly those that lead ever-busy lives have applauded the monitor for being a quite reliable parenting tool particularly with its talk-back intercom feature.

In addition to this, the monitor can be switched to an audio only monitor in case you do not want to get disturbed by the video function like when you are asleep at night. Most parents like this feature as it not only makes it possible to reduce power consumption by over 50% but also allows you to sleep comfortably and peacefully knowing that the baby is safe.

Additionally, parents have also expressed their gratefulness due to the expandable camera function as it allows the parents to use the monitor for watching more than one room at a time.

What is more amazing and beneficial is that it comes with 8 pre-programmed polyphonic lullabies for soothing your baby back to sleep. Monitoring your child cannot get any better than it is with this gadget!