How To Be A Strict Parent With Your Child – A Short Guide

Strict parenting is one of the effective ways of bringing up any child regardless of the underlying circumstances.

It involves setting reasonable limits and teaching kids how to handle consequences that result from their deliberate actions. Strict parents have the authoritative voice in the family, they model their children on the right path in life and watch them succeed all the way up.

They set high standards for their kids, do some reinforcement, and emphasize the importance of meeting the very expectations. If you are tired of your lenient parenting skills, lack that voice as a parent, and still struggling to recover that respect from your kids; you are in the right place.

Here are some important parenting tips you need to turn things around.

Establish responsibilities

responsibilities for kids

At least everybody in the household should contribute in one way or the other.

Some of the lights tasks like; cleaning their own living room, washing the windows, washing dishes and feeding the pet should form the basis of house chores. See to it that they perform their responsibilities on time and on a daily basis.

Avoid reluctance; motivate good work done to your expectations and rebuke any form of indiscipline.


Set rules

Unless you do this, you can’t expect your child to read your mind.

These rules should cover all modes of conduct in and out of the home environment. The rules need not be too strange or hostile, make some basic rules on; table manners, safety around the house, house routines/ chores, and behavioral conduct.

The deal here is how frequently your kids follow the rules to the latter. This will help when you’re disciplining them; they will read, understand, and correct where they mess up.


Build confidence in your children

building confidence in children

The feeling of self-assurance needs an external force.

Your kids will only know he/ she is right once you approve the act. Appreciate your children’s best qualities and various abilities; show them your sincere appreciation and they’ll be more than willing next time to do good on their own.

A strict disciplinarian teaches kids to cope with the consequences of their behavior at all costs. Such children learn virtues and healthy decision-making tips with less of a struggle.

Being strict is giving your child the opportunity to go wrong and correcting the mistake in the best ways possible. This pushes your kids to do better; they develop confidence and useful abilities by themselves.

At this point, they can meet challenges, strive, and overcome them. Permissive parenting and unworthy praises develop an inflated ego in your kids. Let your children endure the real meaning of hard work towards success rather, providing them everything without working their efforts out.

It’s through this that your kids develop confidence and they can behave themselves with the least of supervision.


Enforce rules

disciplining kids

Rules are no rules until they are broken.

The breaking of rules should come with due consequences. Never at any point allow your kids to go without being corrected after breaking your precious rules. Punishment isn’t necessarily a form of discipline; even a firm talk can solve the issue.

So, next time your kid’s mess with their own toys or products, just talk to them in a proper manner and things should be fine.​

The rules should remain firm and those vulnerable to the consequences of breaking them should be dealt with accordingly. Your rules shouldn’t seem to be negotiable or flexible.


Give them space but watch the magnitude

Let your children make their own decisions at some point.

This is a great way of helping them make mistakes, correct them, learn, and pick important lessons. Let them choose those favorite clothes and control their pocket-money spending ways. Sometimes you need to be some distance away to see the sense of responsibility inside your child.

This doesn’t mean you neglect your kid in the name of giving them space; they are young and need your immediate support, control, and affection. Keep a close check, track their behavioral change, and provide a helping hand where necessary.


Build self-control in your children

A strict parent will set limits, boundaries, and enforce rules to govern the same.

Children will learn to control their emotions and desires when you let them sought out their deliberate actions. You don’t need to spoon-feed your kid with all the necessary qualities for survival. They need not be adults to realize some of the important tips on how to express their urgent needs during difficult situations.

Guide your child through a healthy and open mode of conduct. Discourage those peer mates with risky behaviors and strong influence.

Be consistent with discipline, let them choose the type of disciplinary action for their mistake; they will appreciate the need for proper conduct.

Once you are in a position to instill self-control in your kid, you are already a strict parent with good motives for your future child. Watch him/her carry this virtue all the way to adulthood.


Proper communication

proper communication with kid

Children aren’t born with that innate sense of rules. You’ll need to explain why he/she has to follow the rules.

Let them know that you are doing this out of love and concern to provide the best for them in life. If you lack the basic communication skills as a parent, you need to work on it first. Any barrier to the effective passage of ideas and information is a failure in the first place.

Children like to test your patience, their boundaries, and mostly your rules. They may go further to plead or cry but remember rules should stand firm. Learn to say no at some point as a confident and strict parent.

Learn also to explain your answer, give alternatives instead of a big NO! where possible. Use positive reinforcement every time you note an acceptable behavior.


Choose disciplining methods wisely

disciplining method for kids

If your child breaks the rules more often, you may be forced to give some punishments as a disciplinary method.

Some consequences are logical while others are natural. If you are to pick the logical consequences, a strict parent has an authoritative voice and not the physical strength to scare or harm the child.

You can also decide to cut off the privileges as a form of punishment. This should be done immediately after the mistake, make it clear to them. Physical punishment is the least expected of every parent. Never let anger get the best of you, take control, and own your emotions.