Best Ways on How You Should Discipline Your 14 Year-old Boy

Giving instructions to a 14-year old boy can be challenging and sometimes come with a wave of resistance. That rebellious streak must be dealt with in a proper manner without hurting or intimidating the boy’s emotions, and at the same time delivering rebukes in the best way possible.

Here are some important tips to keep your boy on the right track especially at this adolescence stage.


How should you approach this issue?

ways on how to discipline your 14 year old boy

In order to address any problem, a tactical and proper approach is mandatory. This being the case, an attempt to discipline your boy without knowing the cause of that rude behavior might not be effective.

Some of the things that drive your boy into that unfriendly denial of instructions are deep within his personal life and requires a close understanding.

A teen at this stage of life is in a transitional age; between childhood and adulthood and most of the decisions made might not be that satisfactory. Being in the company of friends in the same stage adds more trouble to the existing situation due to the power of influence and peer pressure.

As a good father, advice should come in handy with useful correction measures that will change the behavior of your son without undue pressure.


Causes of rudeness

Lack of parental guidance in any child’s life from that tender age is one major cause of indiscipline and strange character. Trying to shape a behavior that has no good foundation is almost impossible. When you fail to educate your son from the toddler age, you should be more than prepared to tackle some of the wildest behaviors in the future.

Lack of paternal affection, for example, will make the father-son relationship loose and weaker as time tickles. A son who grows with deficient paternal love will proceed with life as the two-part ways.

At this age, when the boy is on his way to becoming an adult, that clashing relationship depicts a clear image of two different personalities in one closed environment.


Playing your role

discipline strategies for 14 year old boys

If children are the leaders of tomorrow, a young criminal is the worst present the future can have! Some of the behaviors we have as parents affect our children the most.

A father who lacks the power to show the virtues he has to the entire family is a doomed parent. A single vice depicted by a sane parent is enough to change the character of your son.

The power to convince is a blessing many do not have. The better news is that you can learn the tricks to convince your 14-year-old son. It is more than human to make mistakes and simply a quicker way to learn.

The way of bringing out that mistake and giving it the best correction needs to be updated knowledge if not wisdom.


How to handle indiscipline cases

Many parents have been pointing accusing fingers to their sons whenever they become rude at some instant in life. Some blame their friends, teachers back at school and even relatives yet they have the largest share of time with their sons.

A father, for example, should make oneself accountable for his son’s weird behavior and try to solve this in a sensible manner.

As the rate of indiscipline cases eats deeper and deeper into the hearts of our society, some external measures should be implemented. Peer counselors should be given an opportunity to confront and share precious time with your son.

Some of the behaviors are copied from friends with unlawful intentions in life hence the need to re-install sense in the boy.

Motivation in life is all you can have after a successful trial, but sometimes it demands more of that. Lack of motivation is like lacking purpose in life and this causes reluctance and adoption of careless behaviors. These kinds of behaviors make parents annoyed and sometimes become unbearable.


A highly recommended action for fathers

motivating 14 year old boys

As a mature and caring father, make sure you encourage your son every time he tries something new in life. Be keen to monitor all his current behavior, classwork and correct him politely where possible.

Using factual examples in counseling is more effective due to the presence of evidence to support your compliments.

Juvenile delinquency is a threat once your son shows consistent rudeness and unbearable violence at this tender age. Make an effort and save yourself more struggle and stressful nights by seeking appropriate help from the right authorities. Some institutions can help you prune the criminal and inhumane character out of your son.