How to Raise a Happy Confident Child

It takes efforts, skills and time to mold a confident child out of an innocent toddler.

Self-confidence and resilience rise out of competence. It also takes courage for a child to face an adult and speak, crawl and even take the first lesson at school.

In order to raise a child with some of the admirable qualities, you as a parent must go an extra mile into instilling the best of moral standards.

Try these parenting tips below and help raise your confident child.

Give responsibilities

From that tender age when your child can pick your words; make good use of this time by awarding him/ her some soft and easy responsibilities.

It doesn’t have to make a lot of sense, just something to keep her busy; for example to take care of the pet. This is one way of helping your child internalize values and keep them for use later in life.

Giving light household duties will also do for this case, it makes them feel valuable and worth it every single minute. Idleness is discouraged while Self-confidence is built in the long run.

Observe your child’s interest before awarding any light task. Some children may like some fascinating machines such as vacuum cleaners and dishwashers.

Make safety a priority and allow this only if the kid is of knowledgeable age to operate such machines. Create job charts and award a specific task to each of your children; it will build confidence and extra skills.

Encourage an open relationship

This starts with an honest parent.

Let your child trust and obey you in every situation. If your seven-year-old son cannot respond to your questions or explain his mistakes; chances are you are doing it wrong. Focus on developing a comfortable balance between controlling and expressing feelings.

Know all the close friends associating with your child. Be in a position to influence your child more than anybody else outside there, this means you have to spend more time with your kid. Keeping your child in a reserved state is destroying his/her future while a kid with unbridled emotions becomes more of a brat.

There should be no communication barrier between you and your child. If your daughter, for example, starts keeping secrets at the age of seven, you’ll have very little or nothing to share at all concerning her private life. Try to be a bit closer, never at any point interfere with her self-esteem.

Avoid ambiguous questioning that makes her feel guilty. If you are to correct any wrongdoing, make it professional; give her time to make up for the mistake instead of jumping into conclusion and hauling abusive accusations. This is the best way to bring her conscious and trust back on track.

Each and every day as you develop stronger bond and understanding with your child, you are actively cultivating mutual respect.


Every human needs encouragement and that feeling of appreciation to keep it going.

An inner voice won’t build itself without that prior support from a parent. Let your children face some challenges on their own, explore difficulties and look for solutions. If they make it on their own, they are good to go but if not, don’t be mean to offer your support.

Build that sense of perseverance and improvement in your kid. If your son is struggling to emerge on top of the music class; let him know that everything is possible through hard work. If he fails more often, don’t lose hope in him rather encourage him, appreciate the efforts made so far but don’t try to compare him with other successful kids you know, this will just be disappointing him.

Be your child’s coach but not a dictator who tries to control every aspect in place. Kids are the one playing the game and your work is to develop the useful skills. Help the kid built competence with time, let the decision for once be made without your concern; watch the outcome and appreciate it.

Let your kids pursue their interest

This is another way of boosting their confidence and encouraging them to live an adult life while you’re still over-watching their steps.

It gives them the sense of being responsible for their own lives and owning the very right to making correct choices. See to it that they succeed in their area of interest by offering the best of support and the best products you can have.

Before letting your kids pursue that passion, make sure it’s realistic and within reach with respect to their level of performance and ability.

Do not let your son feel like a failure after doing something totally strange from his abilities. After making it a success in his area of interest, be sure to motivate and praise him for the good work. The deal is, know to what extent you need to do the praising.

Give your children undivided attention

Full attention is necessary to make them feel and appreciate the close parental affection.

Whether you are speaking to your child or you are doing the listening; pay keen attention and show them that you’re a caring and understanding parent. Doing these will encourage and make them become more thoughtful and communicative. This is how to win their confidence, trust, and respect.

Make it clear that your love is unconditional. Let your children see you as a loving father even when you’re correcting their mistakes. Avoid bodily harm or weird punishments that serve to revenge a past experience.

Teach positivity and forgiveness

Positive psychology has been linked to forgiveness and happiness.

Let your child learn some basic skills of survival that will help throughout the youthful stage. Letting go and forgiving are some vital tips that drive away depressing and anxiety. A child who learns to forgive and turn the past negative feelings into positive ones stands a better chance of leading a successful life.

Another way is to help your child choose the best mentor out of the talent and career path in life. Creating family rituals and holding frequent reunions and meetings will help reinforce all the virtues necessary for bringing up an upright and confident child.

Parenting can be a noble calling but isn’t easy to raise discipline, confident, and resilient children.