The Secret of How to Teach Your Child to Care for Others

how to teach your child to care for others

The way you bring up your child plays a big role in determining the kind of person he or she becomes. This is mainly because if you bring up your child in the right manner he or she will fit in the society perfectly. One of the most important virtues you can instill on your child is to be caring and here are 10 tips on how to teach your child to care for others (see other parenting tips here).

1. Take care of your child

One of the most helpful things you can do to teach your child to help other people is to also care for him or her. This is mainly because the children who are neglected usually get into bad habits including not minding about others. You should create time to show your child that you care about him or her and the child will also learn to be caring.

2. Reward good deeds

Another helpful tip when you want your child to learn to care for others is rewarding good deeds. This simply means that you should reward the child every time he or she does something that shows he or she cares about some one else. Some of the most effective rewards including letting the child play his or her favorite game or letting him or her get her favorite meal after doing something good to someone else.

Besides rewarding good deeds of your child you should also punish bad habits. If you do not punish your kid when he or she does something wrong, he will think that it is okay to do wrong things including doing wrong to others.

3. Be a good example

Being a good example can also effectively teach your child to be good to others. This means that you should always treat other people including strangers in a humane and polite manner especially while in the company of your child. If you are always treating other people well the child will emulate what you do and he or she will also learn to help other people.

4. Ensure your kid has the right friends

You should also control the kind of friend your child has and also the kind of activities your child engages in. if you let your child keep bad company he or she will copy the bad habits from the bad friends and this will prevent him or her from being caring. You should take time to confirm the kind of friends you kid has to ensure the friends do not influence your child in a negative way.

5. Let your child know there are people who need help

It is also helpful to take your child to places where people needs help or to places where people are less fortunate. The child will learn that there are people who need to be cared for and as a result will learn to help others.

You can take the child to places such as children wards where kids need different kinds of help. However, you should avoid taking the child to places which can traumatize him or her especially if the child is very young. If you let your child learn that there are people who need help he or she will eventually learn to care be caring at all times.

6. Hide confrontations and arguments from the child

To allow your kid learn how to care help other people you should ensure that the kid does not see any kind of confrontation especially amongst adults. If you are arguing with anyone at home you should make sure that the child does not see or hear the argument. You should also ensure your neighbors are peaceful people who are not likely to do mean things which might show your kid that caring for others is not good.

7. Control what your child watches on TV

Controlling the kind of things your child watches on TV can also help a lot in teaching your child the importance of caring for others. There are certain programs and shows which are not meant for children since they contain violent scenes. On the other hand, there are programs that are purposely meant for children of certain ages.

Most TVs have parental control options where you can easily control what your child is watching. You can also ensure that you spend a lot of time with the kid especially while at home so as to ensure he or she watches only the right content which will help him or her learn to be compassionate to others.

8. Let your kid be helped by other children

If you let your child get help from others especially children who are of his or her age, he or she will eventually learn to like other people. This means that you should invite friends of your child when he or she needs help like when he or she is not feeling well. By getting help from other children your child will appreciate and will learn that it is important to help other people.

9. Give your child responsibility of taking care of a pet

You should also give your child responsibility of taking care of something in your home. This is effective especially if you have a pet such as a cat or a dog which needs to be taken care of. When the child learns to take care of the pet, he or she will eventually learn to appreciate others and will grow up knowing that it is helpful to care for others.

While letting your child take care of a pet you should take caution to ensure the kid does not get affected by diseases which commonly affect pets. You should ensure the pet is clean and healthy because kids like playing with their pets a lot.

10. Avoid punishing your child in a violent manner

Avoiding being violent with your child can also help a lot in letting your child learn the importance of caring for others. This does not mean that you should never punish your child when he or does something wrong, but it means you should avoid violent punishments. If you are violent with your child the child will grow knowing that being violent is okay and therefore will not care about others.

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