iBaby Monitor M6S Review – Should You Spend Money on This Product?

Quick summary: This is an awesome product that helps you monitor your child at all times. It has great features that allow you to see, follow and even entertain the child. This is a great camera that eases the process of monitoring your kid. You can read my following review and learn everything you need to know about it.


    • You can control the camera with a simple swipe on your device’s screen
    • Its application is available for android and iOS devices
    • Installing and using it is easy
    • Images come out clear even during the night where night vision is used
    • The camera helps you monitor humidity and temperature of a room


    • Weak signal Wi-Fi may result to slower coverage

Product highlights

This product supports video resolution of up to 1080p. The picture acquired by this camera remains clear and concise even on big screens. This helps you remain calm and comfortable as you are sure of noticing any change around the child. That big picture makes you even feel the presence of the child and you can know anytime he/she needs assistance. The night vision capability of this camera adds the advantage of you being able to monitor your little angel even at night.

The monitor camera rotates 360 degrees round and can tilt for up to 110 degrees. Following your child anytime he/she makes a movement all around becomes easy with this. Catching those beautiful moments of the kid is possible at all angles. All that control only requires a simple swipe on the screen of your smart gadget. This feature saves you the hustle of physically moving the camera whenever the child moves to a new location. Its movement remains unheard by the child as it is always smooth.

Two-way clear audio transmission is supported. You can actually listen to your child as he/she tries to say those words and even talk to him/her just like you were there physically. The connection needed between the two of you is enhanced excellently by this. You can easily entertain the kid with talks and songs and bring her the joy she needs. Recording and replaying your voice is also possible and this helps the child feel your presence even more.

It also supports unlimited number of user connections. Anytime the child has something bothering and he/she is making those movements of distress, there won’t lack a pair of eyes to notice that as long as there are many people connected. This means that the safety of the child is enhanced. Everybody that wants to see the little kid can also be able to do that without causing disturbance. Care and concern remains high here and ensures that the child remains watched at all times. The owner is also able to control the activities of the users connected to the device.

The device supports photo, sound and video recordings. Alerts on any sounds or motions made can be sent to you even when on call. This helps you remain peaceful as the camera will be checking the child and will alert you on any changes to the child’s environment without delays. On top of that, you can also be able to record videos of the best quality and share them with anyone. Showing others the growth of your kid remains simple and quick with this feature. Keeping those sweet memories also needs very little effort from you.

What we don’t like

Streaming may be slower at some point. There are various things that could lead to this. The camera is a high-definition one and this means that the speed of the internet has to be good enough. To maintain perfect connection and streaming, keep a favorable distance between the router and your smart device. You can also reduce the number of devices connected to the router to avoid making it too busy. You can also lower the resolution of the camera to favor the internet speed if the connection available is not fast enough. Also seek services only from a good internet provider.

What other people think

This gadget has had various reactions from different people who have used it. Most of them love it and are especially amazed by the rotation and the tilting feature of the camera. Everybody loves this given ability to follow the kid all around while just resting. The accurate streaming is also appreciated by many who have enjoyed it. The few who have been having issues with the camera have been contacting the customer assistants. They have been receiving excellent assistance and have even been commending the assistants. This means that most people have been satisfied with everything that the camera offers.

In conclusion, if you need an advanced, safe and lovely way of monitoring your child, get this camera and you won’t be disappointed.