Infant Optics DXR-5 Review – Should You Buy This Portable Baby Monitor?

Quick summary: This is a great product. It can pick video signals at a range of 150 foot indoors and 800 foot outdoors. This makes it good for everyone no matter the size of their house. Its TFT-LCD monitor displays full color images under a resolution of 320 by 240. If you want to find out more, read my review below.


    • Has an automatic infrared night vision
    • Has a power saving mode that activates itself automatically on voice
    • Requires no set up
    • Supports up to four cameras
    • The video playback remains ultra-smooth
    • Its wireless transmission is totally secure and remains free of interference


    • Has no battery low alert feature

Product highlights

This gadget uses a very secure wireless mode of signal transmission.

Anyone intending to eavesdrop through the transmission can surely not make it. The wireless 2.4 GHz FHSS transmission remains private and accommodates your communication link only. It also remains unaffected by signals from other wireless devices in your home.

A 2.4 inch screen keeps you in sight with your child.

Whenever you want to see how the child is, there is no need to run all the way to his/her bedroom. The monitor gets you covered here. All you need is to be in range with the camera and everything will remain notable to you through the monitor. The 2.4 inch display uses a combination of TFT and LCD technology to remain brightly colored and display high quality images. It is powered by a Li-on battery that is rechargeable.

The VOX mode is another feature found in this handy product.

With this, you don’t have to keep turning off the monitor whenever you think it is not in use just to save power. It is a mode that saves power automatically through voice activation. The mode is activated when everything is calm and goes off whenever sudden voices are picked. When the power saving mode is on, the screen of the monitor normally goes off. It takes 3 minutes of silence for the mode to be activated.

An automatically activated night vision is also featured.

With this, you won’t need to run up and down the whole night going to check on the baby. The monitor displays everything captured by the camera clearly and you can confirm the well-being of the child with no struggles. The night vision turns on automatically whenever darkness falls and infrared rays are used to aid in the vision. The camera causes no interference to the sleeping baby.

The built- in microphone in the system helps in capturing sounds perfectly.

Even the first mildly cry the baby makes when he/she wakes up cannot be missed by the microphone. You will always be able to notice any important noises coming from the baby’s room right away. The system is also able eliminate white noises especially when it is too quiet and this helps in doing away with any false sound alarms. A built-in module for shutting off audio receiver helps in eliminating the white noises.

What we don’t like

The monitor keeps going off and requires the press of a button for it to turn on. This happens due to the activation of the VOX mode. Turning off this mode solves this issue but means that the monitor won’t be able to enter the power saving mode. To deactivate the VOX mode, you will need to two press two buttons together. Press the brightness+ button and the volume+ button together and have this mode deactivated.

It has no low battery alert feature. The battery may remain depleted for some time without your notice. To solve this problem, always plug the monitor to a power source when going to sleep.

What other people think

Most people have been finding this product so useful. They love it because of different reasons and the main one being the clear full color video it transmits. Its ease of use makes it good for everyone and has even made it be used by some as a present to their loved ones.

The camera needs a manual reboot whenever the power comes back after a blackout. This has been a challenge to some but has not stopped them from using the monitor. It is a great choice and has many useful features that make it the best option for most users. The portable monitor has had recommendations by most of the users due to its usefulness.

In conclusion, if you want to have an easier time monitoring your baby, then you should get this today.