Infant Optics DXR-8 Review – Is This Video Baby Monitor Really That Good?

Quick summary: This is a good product and has everything important for a clear and precise look over your baby. Its 3.5 inches screen is large enough and the full color LCD makes it amazing. This is even beyond most people’s expectations as it has interchangeable optical lenses. Read my review to have a clear understanding of everything it offers.


    • Has real-time video streaming capability
    • Can be charged by any device that supports a power cable
    • Measures temperature
    • Supports multiple cameras
    • Camera can be pan/titled to various angles
    • Supports talk back


    • Multi-channeling is not supported and this means that no more than one video streaming channel can be viewed on the monitor at a go

Product highlights

This is a camera that supports the interchanging of lenses. Interchanging lenses is so important especially when you want to view a specific point where your child has moved to and don’t want to re-position the whole camera. You can easily replace the current lens with the one that favors your view. Three lenses namely; normal, zoom and wide angle are available. The zoom lens nails it all. It is able to retain image clarity even after zooming.

It also streams video in real-time. With real-time streaming, you can notice when your child has just woken up and even before he/she notices anything, you are there ready for any support. The 3-1/2 inches LCD display of the monitor also favors your watch greatly. Displaying crystal clear images helps you judge the moods of your baby correctly. You can see and tell when there is something wrong with her and respond accordingly.

Night vision is also supported. Clear images are displayed even at night and this helps you gain peace of mind by just checking with the monitor whenever you wake up and think of your child. Seeing him/her through the display screen is almost as good as seeing the baby directly with your own eyes. The infrared night vision used by this camera is invisible and cannot disturb the baby.

The camera also supports talk back. With this feature, you can easily calm down your worried baby by speaking to him/her and delivering that parental voice of assurance that he/she needs. You can even calm him/her with a song even if you are not physically there. The monitor comes with a button that allows you to speak to the child when pressed. This two way sound transmission is vital and creates a unique way of entertaining your child while doing other things.

It also comes with a long life battery. The life of this battery is actually long enough to make you forget connecting the monitor to power every time you are about to sleep. The battery keeps the monitor on for 10 hours when on power saving mode, and 6 hours when the screen is displaying continuously. This means that if you had charged it during the day, you can sleep comfortably at night knowing that the monitor has enough power. You can also know when the battery is low by activating the beep alert.

What we don’t like

It can support up to 4 cameras but cannot accommodate multiple channels on the monitor. This means that you cannot be able to see your child with more than one camera at the same time.

It can connect to up to 4 cameras and to utilize this feature, there is only one way that can work. A user can only be able to connect the 4 cameras to the display, and then switch from one camera to another every time the view needs a change. This can be done both manually and automatically. Through this way, you can only have a single view from only one camera at a go.

What other people think

Most people like this device and have been praising it. It has a secure wireless transmission that supports real-time streaming. Users are amazed by this and love the fact that its images remain crystal clear on display. This monitor has many amazing features that favors every user and makes it the number one option for many.

It is a plug and play device and this simplicity makes people love it. The interchangeable lenses it comes with are also handy and helps a user check on his/her baby without causing disturbances. This is an amazing product that has had recommendations from many people.

In conclusion, if you want to monitor your child closely without causing disturbances, then make sure you get this one!