Levana Astra Review – Can You Trust This Digital Baby Video Monitor?

Quick summary: This could be one of the best options for you if you're looking for a good monitoring device. With a screen size of 3.5 inch and talk to baby feature, this product from Levana has all the relevant features you will need. To know more about this device, read my review below.


    • The battery life is good.
    • It has Night vision.
    • It is completely secure.
    • It comes with 3 lullabies, which can be played to calm down your baby.
    • If you want, you can install 3 additional cameras in the future.


    • There are no temperature sensors.
    • The camera chord is slightly short. Hence, if you want to put it up in a high place, there will be some trouble.

Product highlights

Smart LED

This is one of the best features that come along with the device. As soon as the camera detects some noise, the LED light changes from blue to green or orange. You also have the option to change the sensitivity level of the noise, if you want. Because, generally, a baby makes a lot of noise while sleeping. In order to avoid minor noises from waking you up, you can increase the sensitivity level. For example, when the sensitivity levels are high, the LED will change colors, only when the baby is crying loudly or is shouting.

Tilt or zoom

You can pan or tilt the camera if you want. With the help of your monitor, you can adjust the view as it suits you. If you want to focus on a specific object, you can also zoom in anytime you want.

Battery life

This product comes with a 1800 maH battery and has one of the best battery lives you will ever find. The maximum battery life is 48 hours. The PEEP feature also allows you to extend the battery life. If the device fails to detect any sound or movement for a long time, then the monitor automatically enters into Sleep Mode. When it is fully charged, you will see a solid blue icon on the display. While charging, the blue icon will flash slowly. And when the charge is less, the icon will start flashing quickly.

Infrared LED

The camera comes equipped with Infra-LED's. Even in pitch darkness, you will be able to get a clear view of the baby's room. And unlike the traditional LED lights, Infra-LED's will not disturb or affect your baby's sleep. It operates silently and you can pan or tilt without any worries.

Good display

It comes with a 3.5 inch screen. A 3.5 inch screen is not very large, but still it is good enough to get a decent view of the room. And the display is also quite sharp during night time.

What we don't like

In spite of all the great features, there are some minor flaws present. For example, there are no temperature sensors present. However, the camera is capable of detecting any noise and will alert you immediately. Hence, if the baby is feeling uncomfortable or making lots of noises, you will find out.

Also, instead of optical zoom, there is digital zoom. However, digital zoom is also good enough and anyway the zoom feature is not used much. All these are minor flaws and shouldn't be deal breakers.

What other people think

This has been one of the most sold products by the brand. It is a big hit and many customers love it. Parents love the PEEP feature, which allows them to use this monitor for a long time.

The ability to pan or tilt also makes it much easier to keep an eye on not only the baby, but also the entire room. So if you have any pet, you can also keep track of it, so that it doesn't get close to the baby.

Hence, if you are looking for a good produc with all the necessary features and at an affordable price, this will be the best option.