Levana Jena Review – Should You Buy This Baby Monitor?

Quick summary: This is a premium product that can guarantee the safety of your precious little one. It cannot get better than this, as it combines modern technology with traditional functionality to result in a superb hybrid. Read my comprehensive review below to get better insight on the product.


    • It lets you see and hear what your baby is doing.
    • It suppresses all sounds.
    • It plays kids’ songs.
    • You can speak through the product to your baby.
    • It has good battery life.


    • It has bright lights on both camera and the parent units.
    • It lacks an option for using sound or video only.

Product highlights

Battery life

It has a very good battery life that might just be unparalleled on careful inspection of the market. A full charge can keep it operational for eight hours straight. This allows you to monitor your child throughout the whole night. You can therefore be able to see if the baby is having trouble sleeping.


This device has an intercom system that facilitates communication between you and the baby. This allows you to utter soothing words to the baby to help him or her get some sleep. Alternatively, you can use the intercom system to play some music to the baby. This feature acknowledges the fact that your physical presence is not always required by the baby so long as there is some communication.

Night vision

The product is not affected at all by darkness. This night vision camera is in-built to deliver clear pictures up to a range of 15 ft. What is even more fascinating is that the camera automatically adjusts itself when lighting conditions change.


This is the most popular feature. This is mainly because it has a technology that allows you to both hear and see your baby with sharpness and clarity to a range of 500 ft away. In addition, it has a secure and private signal that cannot be intercepted like analog signals do. This feature allows only you to hear or see your baby thereby increasing security to some extent.


The product is very clear with regard to audio quality. This is what allows you to properly and clearly hear your baby. However, there is a VOX feature that allows the adjustment of volume sensitivity.


There are a few drawbacks that are associated with this product, they include the ones expounded on below:

Button placement

The placement of the buttons of the lullabies are located on the side and this is a clear indication that when pick it up it is exactly where your fingers would be pressing the buttons. These can be accidentally hit. This is not a big problem as it does not affect the functionality of the monitor.


It has controls that are slightly confusing but they get the job done. This just needs you to get used to the configuration and in time you will know the function of each and where to find what. It is therefore not a very significant drawback.

What other people think about this product

This digital gadget has received many reviews from customers who have bought and used it.

Most of them think that it has good video quality and that its sensitivity is also excellent. Others also mentioned that the power saving mode is quite handy as it greatly contributed to extending the product’s battery life.

Client’s similarly appreciated the high sound quality, its picture resolution and that it is possible to zoom form the receiver. The fact that it is easy to set up impressed some clients as they will not need to hire help.

Other features that brought customers a high level of satisfaction were the temperature sensor that facilitated adjustment of the air conditioning unit and the fact that it can accommodate more than a single camera.


All in all, this product is undoubtedly the perfect blend of cutting edge technology, aesthetic appeal and high performance. Purchasing this product today may end up being the most worthwhile decision you have ever made in a while. Hurry while stocks last.