Levana Stella Review – Read This Before You Buy

Quick summary: This is one of the best products in the market. It has many special features that make it easy for you to monitor your little one when they are in a different room than you. The name Stella loosely translated means a star and it only emphasizes what a special being your little one is. Read my Levana Stella review to find out more.


    • A big 4.3 inch screen
    • Long battery life: up to 36 hours on PEEP mode
    • 2 way communication button
    • Invisible LED night vision
    • ​3 lullabies
    • Expandable


    • Tilt camera

Product Highlights

This item has a 4.3 inch screen. By any standards, this is a remarkably large screen. The big screen gives you a feeling of being in the same room with your child when they are calling out for help. It also affords you a wide field of view to monitor your little one when they are all alone in the nursery. It is reassuring to be able to watch your little one from afar on such a large screen.

Additionally, the monitor comes with a two way communication button. Pressing the intercom button allows you to reassure your precious little one with your voice before you get to their rescue in person. Your soothing voice will be enough to calm the wails of an irate baby who was suddenly roused from their sleep. This special feature also allows one parent to ask for help from the other in case they need it in the nursery. This feature is one of the best that the monitor has to offer. It is what makes the monitor stand out from the average monitor.

Another feature of the monitor that makes it worth your attention is its long battery life. Nothing can be more irritating than to have to charge your monitor every now and then because it keeps running out of power. The good news is that with this device, you can keep your battery for up to a solid thirty six hours.

How is that possible, you ask?

It is because the monitor uses technology that is referred to as PEEP. In full, the abbreviation stands Power on/off Energy Efficient Picture. In simple terms, it means that the monitor is virtually off for as long as there is no disturbance from your child’s room. However, the instant noise of any kind is detected from their room, the monitor comes fully to life. This is a genius energy efficient plan that saves you plenty of power. It is for this reason that the monitor has such a long battery life.

Invisible LED night vision is yet another feature that makes parents fall head over heels in love with this monitor. There is no denying the fact that LED light is invasive. It can be so invasive as to be the very cause of your child’s restlessness and sleeplessness. However, with this gadget, it will become a thing of the distant past.

What we don’t like

One feature that is less than satisfactory with this monitor is the tilt camera. The fact that it goes from flat to upright straight can be a bother for you who want to watch your child from the angles that are in between 0 and 90 degrees. But there is a simple way around the problem. Mounting the camera on a wall will give you the results you desire. The good thing is that the monitor’s manual comes with extensive instructions on how to mount the camera on the wall, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with that.

What other people think

Generally, people are more than satisfied with this product. I am not surprised given how efficient and innovative it is. It is of invaluable help for parents across the globe. It affords you peace of mind knowing that you baby is safe and sound even when they are not in the same room as you. As a parent, not being in the same room with your infant can be a constant source of worry, especially if the child is all alone. This product from Levana affords you the peace that you can get only from knowing that your child is alright.

What are you waiting for? Buy this one today and enjoy all the special features this particular monitor has to offer you.