Motorola MBP36S Review – Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Quick summary: This device enables you to watch over your kids as you also carry other equally important tasks of your life. It will help you overcome the hurdles and challenges that you may have been experiencing due to the limited features of other monitors. Read my Motorola MPB36-S review below for more information.


    • The monitor gives the clear, high-quality video both in the day and night lights.
    • It comes with pre-installed lullabies to soothe an awoken baby to sleep. You will not have to do it.
    • It comes with pre-installed lullabies to soothe an awoken baby to sleep. You will not have to do it.
    • It comes with an accurate remote temperature reader that will enable you to measure the temperature of the room where your baby is in to ensure its comfort.
    • The signals are strong at all times, which makes it reliable to use.


    • It has limited zoom options, and you have to switch between normal and X2 limiting your ability to clarify a scene.
    • It is too costly, and expected functionalities don't measure up.


Split-screen Display

This product allows you to divide the screen and stream live feeds from all the cameras you have attached to the device. Unlike other devices, this option will allow you watch live feed from up to the four cameras simultaneously.

This means that you can install the cameras in up to four rooms and watch the feed streaming to a single screen where you can be monitoring all the children in the four rooms concurrently.

This gives the monitor an edge over the others that don't support this function. And it becomes the best choice if you have several rooms to monitor and you want to look at them all throughout.

Better Signal Strength

It also has better signal strength when compared to most of its competing brands. It covers a range of up to 580ft, which means that the linked cameras can be a good distance away and not lose signal strength. This will come in hand if you have a big house. Or rooms you want to monitor to monitor are far apart.

Sleep Mode

Unlike others, this gadget from Motorola has a sleep mode. This will help you minimize the amount of power that it consumes while in operation through the day and night. Sleep mode will automatically turn off the screen but maintain the audio feed to enable you to monitor rooms without draining its battery much.

High Video and Audio Quality

This product has an advanced system for transmitting video and audio. For video, it also uses an advanced technology that incorporates infrared light to generate a high-quality video stream even in night light. The monitor comes with a "mute" allows you to mute the audio should need to arise.

Long Battery Life

On top of the many features that this unit supports, it has a long battery life. The battery can last up to 3.5 hours, and the good thing is that it comes with a replaceable battery that can be changed when the other one is being charged.

What we don't like

Despite the modern design, the product is a bit slow in responding to camera tilt. And the accessibility of the monitor’s control buttons isn't easy because everything has to be accessed from the menu screen.

What other people think

Going by the reviews, it is highly rated by customers for the many functionalities it comes equipped with. One of them is the ability to split screen that allows you to view video from different cameras simultaneously. Many think this feature is a must have when in a situation where you have more than one room. And the video, they say, is quality.

Another attribute of this monitor that users have felt stands out is the sleep mode which helps them save on battery power, so they don't have to plug the unit into a power source too often. Its ability to sense and display temperature is another endearment for those who have reviewed it.

Users also report that it lasts long, and without having issues that need major repairs. Past customers say they have not had to take it back for a replacement because of a breakdown.

However, users complain that the zoom is too low limiting your ability to get a closeup of a napping baby. They think the great video quality would do well to be accompanied by a great zoom.

With all the great features it offers, this productis a must-have in your house if you want to make watching over your baby easier, never again having to worry that the baby out of sight.