My Baby Keeps Crying and Whining All the Time? 7 Things To Keep In Mind!

One thing with which every parent would agree to is that they never stop crying.

And I don’t know how they do it, but they can go hours and hours crying and then go back to normal as if nothing happened. So there he is, crying at 2 a.m, and we fed the baby, we changed the diaper, we rocked him for a while, took a walk with him, burped him, and guess what, the baby is still crying. And that makes me think about what possibly could have bothered this little soul at 2 a.m.

Anyway, keeping all the jokes aside, baby crying is exhausting, for the baby and for you too. And since they are little and we’re the parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that they’re okay and safe and not hurt. Often there are only a few counted reasons for an infant to cry, and most parents couldn’t acknowledge that. I did a little research and find out about the most common reasons for a crying baby that every parent should know.

So, let’s take a look at some interesting parenting tips related to this topic, shall we?​

Raw hunger

Yes, the baby is hungry. An infant needs to be fed every two hours. It’s a tiring job, but it is a must. Feed your little one after a constant period of interval. So if you’re baby crying, make sure it’s never for the milk.

Diaper change

Changing the diaper after an interval of 4 hours is recommended. Even if it’s not dirty, it could get sweaty and irritate the child. Diapers often even lead to rashes. So take care of that. Also, try and avoid those cheap plastic diapers, and prefer the soft rash-free ones instead. Many doctors also prohibit the 24-hour use of diapers since they don’t let the skin breathe at all and cause redness and irritation to the baby.

Your baby needs to sleep

Now I know we all think that children have nothing to do all day, they have the easiest life ever. But whatever they do, it’s enough to make them feel tired like a farmer. A child below 2 needs at least 14 hours of sleep every day.

If they don’t get enough sleep, they get irritated and moody and cry a lot. So, make sure your child gets proper sleep. Children often can be difficult to put to sleep, so be patient and calm. Rock the baby gently to and fro or move around the housekeeping the baby vertically in your lap. Obviously it always helps.

She might have an upset stomach

This is the most overlooked reason by parents. A child’s digestive system works 4 times faster than a grown up’s. Also, their constant consumption of milk leads to various gastric problems. They pass too much gas and are still not relieved. Many herbal medicines are advised to be given to the children regularly. If that doesn’t work, taking your child to a pediatrician is the best option.

Not being comfortable

It could be an itch, their clothes, something biting like a hair or a piece of jewelry, or simply the weather which could be making them uncomfortable. After all, they’ve been in this world for a few months only. Or sometimes it can be something as minute as a hair tangled around their finger stopping the blood flow, or a mosquito bite. You must always be careful with the baby. They are delicate little creatures who can’t survive without your love and care.

New teeth

Teething can be a pretty difficult time for your child. They often are irritated during this time and nothing can make them calm. This is something you’ll have to go along with the child. But there are some ways to make it less difficult for them. Kids at this time often have the urge to chew on something. Provide them with hygienic toys and teethers (toys specially made for kids to chew on) so that they can have a little relief.

She might be bored

This may seem unusual but it is common. Children demand your attention or could be just bored with their toys. Get them something new, or better, try a new activity or pastime with them. This will surely bring a smile on their face.

Yes, they can be irritating.

Yes, they can make you want to burn the entire world (or yourself).

And yes, they can squeeze the life out of you. But there is nothing as beautiful as a child’s innocent face looking at you curiously, searching for something, anything.