Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor SCD570 Review – Should You Spend Money on it?

Quick sumary: This is an excellent product that can offers reliable services. It is a monitor that allows clear sound transmission with zero interference. Room temperature monitoring also remains easy with the device. If you want to find out more on this product, read my review.


    • Streams clear sounds that cannot be interrupted
    • Streams clear sounds that cannot be interrupted
    • Uses a private connection that is totally safe
    • Allows temperature monitoring and sensing
    • A two-way communication is featured
    • Its parent unit uses a rechargeable battery
    • Has LED lights that helps in monitoring sound level


    • It does not support visual monitoring

Product highlights

This gadget uses DECT technology to ensure that the sound remains clear and free from any interference. This enables you to exactly hear and understand what is happening in the child’s room. With this, you can even here those words the baby is trying to pronounce. The monitor also uses a very secure line of connection. The connection is reliable and remains a hundred percent private. No intruder can have his way through this connection.

LED lights are featured to help you monitor the noise levels. This feature even helps you tell the loudness of your child’s cry and lets you act immediately if the level is alarming. A talk back feature is also included to help you calm the child if he/she is not in much distress. You can talk and sing to the child while still doing your chores. The device streams very clear sounds and your words will be delivered just as well as you sound them.

At night, your child can be comforted with various features. You don’t have to wake up and go to the child every time he/she wakes up at night. The monitor comes with various lullabies. You can easily select the one you want your child to listen to. A night light is also featured in the device. The light helps in calming your child at night. The light is soft and soothes the child to go back to sleep. Comforting your child remains so easy with this monitor.

This device uses a strong line of connection that remains firm within a long range. You can easily move around your whole house with the monitor and remain connected. The connection remains excellent for a range of up to 330 meters. The parent unit also contains a connection alert feature. With the feature, you can easily tell when you are connected. Going out of range therefore remains hard and you are able to move all around the house with no worries of losing the connection.

It also comes with a dock station. Keeping the parent unit remains easy and you can position it anywhere with no worries as you know that it is firmly held. Checking the parent unit’s screen remains easy as the dock station holds it in a way that you can read everything without a hustle. The dock station also eases the process of recharging the display monitor. For it to recharge, you will only have to place it to the corded deck.

What we don’t like

The device does not support visual coverage. You can listen to the child but cannot see anything happening around him/her. The device however comes with an excellent sound coverage system. The sound coverage is perfect and you can easily tell if the child is okay through it. The device serves its purpose excellently but would be better if it had a visual coverage feature.

The baby unit requires accurate mounting. You need to ensure that the unit is firmly held to its base to avoid any unexpected disconnection. The base connects the baby unit to the power and any dismounting will lead to disconnection from power. A disconnection alert will be seen on the parent unit. The parent unit will continuously send the alert that might sometimes be bothering. Mounting the baby unit correctly prevents all this.

What other people think

This is a reliable product. It is according to most users who have been having a good time monitoring their babies with it. Having a perfect sound coverage that is totally secure helps everyone listen to their children with no worries.

The talk-back feature also helps you to comfort his/her child without necessarily having to go to the child’s room. Its ease of set up and use makes people love it. The monitor also allows you to set noise level and this helps users to be in control of what they want to listen to. Most users recommend the device to others as it is totally reliable.

In conclusion, if you want to have a perfect way of listening to your child uninterruptedly, then get this one! It's a good deal.