Philips Avent SCD630/37 Review – Should You Buy This Video Baby Monitor?

Quick summary: This is a great product that comes with everything needed for a complete monitoring of your baby. It supports day and night audio and visual coverage. Comforting and entertaining your child is also favored through the use of various features on the device. Read my review below for more information.


    • It uses a private connection that is totally secure
    • With the monitor, you are able to check the temperature of the room where the camera is kept
    • It has a talkback feature
    • Night vision is supported
    • It has a vibration alert
    • Its screen is wide enough and shows quality images


    • Its sensitivity is a little bit higher

Product highlights

This product uses a very secure line of connection. Anyone trying to secretly monitor your child using another display monitor cannot be able to access the connection as it is totally locked. FHSS technology is used in enhancing this privacy. This adaptive technology only allows a single automatic connection and uses a kind of “end-to-end encryption” system to maintain the secrecy of a connection.

It shows high resolution pictures. This feature helps you to not miss any detail on the video coverage and any physical change on your child can easily be noted. The 3.5 inches screen basically displays pictures in the same quality and clarity they are recorded in by the camera. Infrared rays are used for the night vision. This ensures that the images displayed remains clear even at the darkest hours of the night. Having an automated night vision comes as an added advantage for you.

Its camera can easily be mounted. This is so useful especially when you want to have a broader view of the room your child is in. You can easily position it at a higher point of the room and enjoy a full view of your baby’s bed. The camera comes with its own stand and sits on it so securely. Positioning it therefore remains easy as you have two options to go with. Shifting it to a new location whenever you need to is also simple and this enables you to have unlimited angles of monitoring your baby.

It also comes with a long lasting battery. The battery power lasts for long and helps you to not be waking up in the middle of every night just to recharge it. The monitor remains powered by the battery for more than 12 hours. This means that if you had charged it during the day, you will remain fully serviced the whole night.

Small bulb lights are also featured to help you monitor your child better. Three of them are used for showing sound level and this is important for you as you can be able to determine the level of distress your child is in. A higher light level will mean that the child is crying loudly and needs your immediate attention. An indication light is also featured and it tells when there is an active link. With this light, you can easily know if the monitor is connected to the camera.

What we don’t like

Its sound system is too sensitive. This makes it sometimes even pick the irrelevant sounds. The monitor may therefore not enter its power saving mode as the camera will always be picking sounds. To avoid this, the camera can be placed a bit far from the baby. Mounting it at a higher point may even be a better solution. Keeping the distances helps in ensuring that the sound system only catches significant sounds.

Some expertise also may be needed when mounting the camera. The camera needs accurate mounting for it to remain a hundred percent efficient. As a solution to this, the camera comes with its own stand that can be used instead of mounting. Setting up the camera using its stand is easy and saves you time.

What other people think

This is a good option to choose. That is why most people find it totally useful. The product has no complexity of use and this makes it good for everyone. Its user friendliness makes it the best of its kind according to users.

Being light in weight and having a quality display also works as a favor to everybody. The sound produced is excellent and many people find it perfect. It works perfectly for most users and they have actually been recommending it to others. It is a product that meets the needs of the people without disappointments.

In conclusion, if you want to have an advanced way of monitoring your baby, make sure you get yourself this device!