Project Nursery Baby Monitor Review – Would it Be a Good Investment?

Quick summary: This is one of the best options on the market and brings peace of mind with a unique 1.5 inch monitor accompanies with a wearable wristband. It gives parents a hands free opportunity to watch over their babies at a glance and includes remote camera rotation and child-proof sound systems. Read my Project Nursery baby monitor review below for more details.


    • Ergonomic 1.5 inch digital display wearable with a wristband
    • Long (16 hour) battery life
    • Offers static-free transmission up
    • Has sensors for temperature, motion and sound
    • Comes with two cameras for multi-directional monitoring


    • Comes with two cameras for multi-directional monitoring

Product highlights

The product comes with various trademark features and specifications to make child monitoring as painless and convenient as possible. Some of the features you will find in this monitoring system include the following:

4.3” Main and 1.5” Mini LCD displays

The 4.3 inch main monitor can be fixed somewhere stationary while the 1.5 inch display comes with a wearable wristband to offer constant monitoring. The mini monitors can also be used for radio communication between parents in different rooms or to send lullabies to the kid through the main. These two monitors ensure parents are constantly aware of what they baby is doing at all times.

Up to four 2.4 GHz cameras

The system features two pairs of 2.4 GHz wireless cameras that provide seamless non-static transmission to the monitors. They offer high quality live feed and can be remotely operated using a remote or through the wearable displays. Parents can zoom or tilt the cameras to monitor the whole room and it does not take any technical knowledge to install the cameras. They are usable straight off the box. The signals can be transmitted within 800 feet which is sufficient enough for parents handling other errands within or around the house.

Safety alerts

It also offers various sensory alerts delivered through audio signals to the main and mini monitors worn by the parents. The system can sense motion and movement, sound and temperature. These safety alerts will help you keep your child safe and they are very easy to set. They will notify you of any motion, sound, heat or cold that can harm your baby to ensure you are there in time to correct it and keep your child safe.

Sturdy baby-proof design

This package is designed not only to keep your baby safe, but also to keep it safe from your baby. It can be installed anywhere in the baby’s room in an unreachable spot. The mini displays are baby-proof so you do not have to worry about damages or accidents.

Once fixed on their location, no baby can actually remove or damage them without assistance. The main unit has long-life batteries that last up to 16 hours on constant use while the mini units have 8 hour batteries. However, you can turn the system off when not using them like when you leave home with your baby. It is made of tough plastic construction and also allows radio control.

What we don’t like

Personally, I think it is a cool monitoring system, especially the 1.5 inch mini displays that I can wear around all the time to keep an eye on my baby.

However, I did not like the quality of night images and I felt the manufacturer could have done something to improve this. Nonetheless, the lighting and display is okay. Additionally, I did not see any weatherproof features, but who walks out on a rainy day with their baby left alone in the house?

What other people think

From previous customer reviews, most people seem to love this device as you can basically see your kids actions and surroundings from anywhere in the house. It is one of the simplest monitors to use and no special setup work is required.

It is also simply chick and you feel great wearing the mini displays while handing other tasks inside the house. The featherweight wristband is also soft and comfortable on your hand. Some users felt that the 800 feet is not sufficient for those who need to walk longer distances to handle something, but I think over 240 meters is pretty much long unless you live within a 5 acre piece of land without a watchman and so you have to open the gates for visitors.

In overall, this gadget is a very good choice and you can feel free to try it out today if you want to improve your baby’s safety.