Safety First Audio Monitor Reviews – Is it a Good Choice for You?

Quick summary: The Safety First crystal clear audio baby monitor is an easy to set up device that will help you monitor your baby’s wherever you are in the house. It will make sure that you can hear your baby’s cries and attend to him promptly. Read my detailed review of this great product below for more information.


    • Two channels to reduce interference from nearby devices with similar frequencies.
    • 600 feet range.
    • Audio jack for listening with earphones.
    • Power and low battery indicators that tell you when you need to plug in your monitor.
    • One monitor, two parent units with clips that could be used as loops.
    • 49 MHz analog frequency.


    • Slight static due to frequency interference if the monitor unit and the parent unit are on different channels.

Product highlights

The monitor is equipped with two channels to cut interference and static that arises from channel conflict. This will make sure that you can always hear from your baby even if you have a conflicting device of similar radio waves around. It also gives you auto tune mode with which the monitor can switch to a channel with better transmission to make sure communication between you and your little one is not cut off. Just make sure both radios are on the same channels, it works perfectly.

The device is equipped with power and low battery indicators that tell you exactly when you need to recharge your monitor to make sure that you do not lose touch with your baby. With power, the manufacturer offers you the option of either using the device while it’s plugged in or simply run it on batteries. A backup plan doesn’t hurt.

The inbuilt low intensity 49 MHz analog frequency offers fast transmission (analog data is transmitted faster than digital frequencies). The frequency is within ranges that are medically proven. You do not have to worry about your child being exposed to harmful electromagnetic waves.

This amazing product provides for a 600 feet range of smooth transmission between the monitor and the parent radio. This allows you to handle other things in the house without worrying about your child; you will hear him when he calls. The long range also covers instances when you are on a different floor of the building. It still works. The 49MHz frequency makes sure a high sound quality is maintained in such a large range.

This gadget has a portable parent unit with belt clip. As a parent, you won’t have to worry about where you forgot your monitor. All you have to do is attach the clip on your belt buckle or your skirt. The device has an audio jack. You can plug-in headphones and wait for your child’s cry for help as you do other things in the house. Still on the portable units, this product comes with a pair. This means that you can have more than one eye on the baby, in this case, more than one ear. This is to give extra attention to the baby.


There are instances where a parent may hear static. This mainly happens if the parent and the monitoring units are not on the same channel. In case this happens, adjust the child unit’s channel to the parents monitor channel and vice versa. The device does not have a light indicator in case the baby cries. Please make sure you are listening closely to your parent monitor so as to avoid any mistakes while using the monitor.

Other customers’ opinions

I like the fact that this device has a light indicator that warns me when the battery is about to die. It works not only for children, but you can also use it to watch over an elderly parent. It works great! The monitor is loud and clear with no interference. Nothing is better to use for watching over your kids.

Looking for a safe, convenient easy to use a monitoring device? You do not need to go far; all you have to do is get yourself this wonderful product and you will be good to go. Your baby will be safe, and you will have less to worry as continue with other chores.