Samsung SEW-3036W Review – Is it a Good Baby Monitor?

Quick summary: This is a modern-edge monitor that offers high quality seamless monitoring and night vision from anywhere within 800 feet. The 3.5 inch LCD digital display allows you to keep constant watch on your baby. And the package is adjustable to four cameras which can all be operated from remote control. Read my Samsung SEW-3036W review below for more information about the product.


    • High quality 3.5 inch LCD ergonomic display
    • 2.4 GHz signal pure digital seamless (static-free) transmission
    • VGA 640 by 480 pixel streaming and time display
    • Built in mic and speaker for two way audio communication
    • High quality night vision
    • Various sound levels, sleep mode and rechargeable batteries


    • The device may easily drop out of range if you live in a large house with many separate rooms

Product highlights

This product has a lot of amazing features and genius specifications trademark to Samsung as well as minor improvements. Some of the features you will find in this model include:

LCD display with two-way communication

This smart gadget comes with an ergonomic 3.5 inch LCD screen that offers high quality VGA (640p × 480p) display. It also offers two-way communication with built in speakers to allow you send lullabies or speak to your baby and let them know you are somewhere close. There is also a quiet mode to get rid of the white noise produced by radio communication. This feature is voice activated and immediately clears the ambient noise that goes through the speakers installed in your baby’s room.

High quality night vision

This device, unlike other popular choices out there, offers high quality night vision. It uses infrared lights to render high quality images of your baby in their sleep. The night vision signals can be received within 15 feet which is a good distance if your baby is sleeping in the adjacent room. The cameras automatically adjust the image for optimal sensors depending on the light levels in the room so you can keep an eye on your baby even in dim-light conditions.

Clean digital signal transmission within 800 feet

It uses 2.4 GHz signals to transmit your baby’s actions and environment within a radius of 800 feet. The digital signals ensure pure seamless real time transmission. What’s great is the transmission is uninterruptible and suffers no interference from microwaves, cordless phones or wireless routers. You will get an “out of range” warning on the monitor should you lose the signal. This happens when you go beyond 800 feet or if there are several obstructions between the camera and monitor.

Different sound levels and modes

It offers several sound levels to help you determine when your baby needs some help. Any sound detected provided a red LED and the louder the noise, the more lights you get. You can effortlessly set the monitor to various modes including quiet mode, sleep mode and snap mode. The sleep mode simply turns off your screen to save battery, but the monitor continues to detect noise and the cameras. You can turn it back on by touching any button. Snap mode allows you to roll through contents of the other cameras and monitor the whole room.

What we don’t like

It has many features and advantages. It does not only offer superior night vision, but also allows expansion to five cameras and uses AC rechargeable batteries that offer long life. However, there are a few things I do not like about this one. The antenna, which supposedly boosts signal strength, is quite easy to lose as it is not tightly fixed and this can mess with your signal frequently telling you it is out of range. Nonetheless, your signals will come back up when your child makes some noise so it not a total disadvantage.

What other people think

From most reviews, users seem to love the features, especially the high quality display, high quality transmission and night vision. The monitor is very easy to use and allows you to maintain watch over your baby at all times. It is easy to set up, has a nice range even through multiple obstructions and you can add three more cameras to the package.

Nonetheless, some users felt that the transmission interferes with signals from other wireless devices although it is not affected. Nonetheless, most reviews are positive and Samsung is known for high end connectivity which is exactly what this monitor delivers.

In overall, this gadget from Samsung is a good addition to your baby’s security and you can purchase it today to try it out.