Samsung SEW-3037W Review – Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Quick summary: This high-end system is a quality product that has been carefully designed and manufactured by Samsung. What better way can a parent display love and affection to a baby than to keep them safe. This is where this modern gadget meets the parental instincts you have. Read my Samsung SEW-3037W review below for additional information:


    • It has an exquisite camera.
    • It has a useful scan option.
    • It is very quiet during operation.
    • Battery life is okay.
    • Image quality is just excellent.


    • It is not intuitive to switch between two cameras.
    • Image quality is just excellent.

Product highlights

The whole system is unique mainly because of its interesting features that include the following:


This product has a rich clear sound output which is quite accurate. In fact, the parent unit has a relatively bright tone that is desirable. The sound function and quality of the product is among its best features. The image quality is crisp and clear. The large screen size also helps to give a better view of your child especially when it is a significant distance from you and you are busy with house chores. Without a doubt, it makes it very easy for the modern parent who want to multi-task and still be able to monitor their baby's movements.

Tilt, zoom and pan

The camera movement of this camera can be easily controlled remotely. It allows you to pan, zoom and tilt so as to achieve a better view of the room where your baby sleeps. These features have simple controls that allow for a 300 degree pan either to the left or to the right, a 100 degree tilt either up or down and a zoom of 2x to give you that much needed closer view.

Battery life

This product has a good battery life as it can run for 4.5 hours on full use mode before it requires to be charged. This is a battery that can successfully last through a majority of nap times for most babies. This product’s battery life can drastically be improved by putting it in VOX mode or sleep mode. Since low battery causes the audio and video quality to be substandard, it is advisable to keep it plugged in overnight when monitoring is very critical. Generally, this kind of battery is considered to be good enough for the work.

Night vision

It has infrared LEDs with an incredible range of feet. Infrared LEDs are an excellent way by which to see in both low light and no light at all. The camera has a sensor that detects low light automatically and this causes it to switch to automatic night vision. The video that is viewed in the night vision mode is displayed on the monitor as black and white.

What we don't like

There are a few drawbacks that are associated with this product, they include the following:

This gadget has the capability of reaching 900 feet if there are no obstacles on its way. This might be a challenge as most if not all homes have floors and walls that act as obstructions. However, the range is able to handle 5 walls which is acceptable by all standards.

It also lacks a temperature sensor that is present in most of the very modern brands. However, it should come to mind that this is not a necessary feature as the product is designed to depend more on audio/visual communication.

What other people think

This device has received a myriad of reactions from previous customers who have extensively used. Some are of the opinion that it has excellent reception in dark rooms and that the volume is quite audible even at lowest setting. Some people also thought that it has an appealing design and layout while others were happy with its user interface that was considered to be friendly.

Some clients were very impressed by its ability to accommodate more than one camera and how great its sensitivity is. However, what most customers liked was the simplicity of use. Similarly, clients had high regard for the night vision feature as it was considered to be truly unparalleled in the current market.


In conclusion, if you desire a durable device that has the visual appeal and longevity then you should instantly get this one. It's a real deal!