Should Parents Spank Their Teenagers or Not?

In my opinion, NO!

In the ideal world, spanking a teenager is unnecessary, not even when your emotions as a parent are at its climax. Learning some polite and friendlier ways of correcting your teenager is not only humane but also very effective.

Treating your son or daughter more like an adult will help him/her grow like one. Undesired punishments that cause discomfort and irritations should be avoided at all cost. Slapping your teenager with an intention to punish or correct an ill-doing can turn into an unexpected pain or injury.


Why spanking is never an option

reasons why spanking is never an option for teenagers

Spanking is physical abuse and an indirect form of corporal punishment to your teenager. Some parents believe in hitting their children so as to rebuke some behaviors while others strongly believe in friendly approach. Spanking your teenager wouldn’t do you good but harm him/her instead of confronting in a decent and affectionate way.

Mistakes in life are made over and over, every time accompanied with learning and furthered experience. If you make spanking a daily routine, the probability of hurting the relationship between you and your children is almost infinite. This is because of the deliberate pain you cruelly cause every time you correct them.

This form of physical abuse teaches your teenager more about you and the perspective to take in life. Resolving conflicts through violence is one and this keeps your teenager on the darker side of life contrary to how you have been trying to raise him/her. Once your teenager sees violence very acceptable as one way of dealing with problems, you must be preparing for war in the future.

To be honest, spanking is not a heroic act; it is emotionally haunting and depressing. One feels a wave of guilt, remorse, and doubts about the parenting skills. The youth on the other side doesn’t feel grateful after the hit; the act is traumatic and creates resentment.

Spanking kills self-esteem both in our youths and us as parents. Once we resist the very urge to smack, we avoid that agony since it’s such an unpleasant sensation to fell like a bully. This regular habit breaks the teen’s sense of security and trust at the same time building a long-term barrier to effective communication.

Once you start slapping your teenager, he keeps on making other mistakes and the same punishment sets in. The more you keep the spanking the more the resistance and that urge for a heavy punishment begins.


Disadvantages of spanking

disadvantages of spanking

Once you spank your teenager after making a mistake; he /she will get away without learning the best alternative to do instead of the prior mistake. He/ she will shy away from the very mistake for fear of being hit but the chances of doing wrong the next time is high due to lack of distinct knowledge and understanding.

Spanking hurt and it does a lot, especially from that hard, bare hand. Repeated spanking will destroy your teen’s skin causing inflammation and other skin related disorders. Such disorders cause wounds and increase the chances of Bactria penetrating into the skin turning it a health hazard!

Any form of physical abuse and violence against children, in general, is unlawful and breaking the same is enough for one to be answerable in a court of law. As a caring parent, don’t withhold any form of good impulse for the sake of spanking and other forms of traumatic punishments.


Best alternatives to spanking

best alternatives to spanking

Some of the parents spank their children just because they don’t know how best they can do something else instead. If you are one, you are in the right place. Take a look at these easy positive parenting techniques every parent should keep in mind, every time need arises.

It is always wise to make a decision when you are calm. Anger can drive you into nasty and miserable decisions that might cost you in the long run. Think of a good reason not to spank you teenage daughter or son and choose an appropriate correction as a nice father.

In case your youth makes mistakes more often, use logical consequences to giving him/ her choices in life. You should train your teenager to respect you and not to fear you. Spanking is an obsolete and weird way of correcting a mature teenager.