Snug Baby Monitor v2 Review

Quick summary: The Snug Baby Monitor v2 is a top notch product. This baby monitor is the ideal way to show that you love and care for your baby. The safety of your baby is paramount and that is why making an investment in this monitor is a worthwhile decision. Read my detailed Snug Baby Monitor v2 review below to learn more about the product.


    • The quality of pictures is clear.
    • The audio quality is equally good.
    • It has a microphone function.
    • The camera rotates 360 degrees.
    • It can take a screen shot.
    • Setting it up is simple and can be easily done by first-time users.


    • Sensitivity settings are substandard.
    • It lags at times and this is one of its major drawbacks.

Product highlights

The Snug brand has not disappointed as it is offering you a high performance baby monitor that is robust in every sense of the word. This product has the following salient features that may pique your interest:

Audio and motion detection

This product has alarms for motion and audio detection. This means that you do not have to watch the screen of your tablet or phone as alerts will be automatically sent. This is quite convenient as watching the screen all the time is a challenge with such busy lifestyle that modern parents are leading.


It has a simple set-up. This is because the camera connects to the WiFi network you have at your home in just a few minutes. After establishing the connection, you can control the video camera via your tablet or smartphone. This simple set-up eliminates the need of hiring an extra pair of hands to help with the installation.

Night vision

This feature allows you to see your baby in low lighting conditions. This means that the lights do not have to be on in order for you to monitor your baby at night or very early in the morning.

Phone number and online support

The Snug brand has both a website and a helpline that helps you in setting up if need be as well as troubleshooting the product.


This baby monitor is controlled through a free app. The app is what facilitates the monitoring of the baby via an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or even Android tablet. Since the app is installed in such devices, you can easily carry them to work or wherever you are going to and still monitor your baby effectively. The remote viewing is what makes the baby monitor so cutting edge with regard to technology.


There are a few drawbacks that are associated with this product, they include the following:


Despite the fact that the Snug Baby Monitor v2 can capture images and video, it is impossible to share such from the mobile app to other platforms. This is not a very significant drawback as the baby monitor is primarily designed for viewing babies to guarantee their safety. Furthermore, sharing videos and images of your baby on other platforms may be a security risk as someone may attempt to harm them.


This Snug baby monitor has self-calibrate each and every day which returns it to the position that it was originally preset to. This is not really a problem as it has no negative effective on the functionality of the camera and should not be a need for worry. (See other great baby monitors)


The Snug Baby Monitor has got a number of customer reactions ever since its release to the market. A majority of clients like the monitor because it can be viewed from anywhere. The fact that the camera can be connected via a wireless router was a plus to some customers. Some people were fascinated that all functions of the baby monitor could be controlled through the app on a tablet or a smartphone.

The high level of security that the baby monitor provides was appreciated by many clients because one cannot just download the app and view the camera’s contents. The decent app notification system of the product especially on the iOS app for sound and motion received positive opinion.

Other features that received positive reviews from clients who have used the product are its impressive planning ability and its wireless operation that people said reduced accidents, enhanced aesthetic appeal and saves space that would have otherwise been occupied by wires


All in all, the Snug Baby Monitor v2 is value for your hard earned money. You can join the bandwagon of modern parents and guardians by buying this amazing product today. In many ways, the product makes it easy for one to monitor the baby from any location. It is simply what the modern parent needs.

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