“Help! My Son is Dealing Drugs, What Should I Do Now?”

Drug dealing has become very common among the youth particularly for those in their teenage years and in their 20s. There is nothing more devastating and stressful like a parent finding out that his/her son is dealing into drugs.

In the presents, drugs have become readily available and drug dealing has become an all too common vice among majority young people.And you, as a parent, must know how to deal with that.

While there are so many actions that you can take to help your drug dealing son, it is important to note that he must have the will to stop being a dealer for him to helped. Some of these actions are listed below.

Talk to your son

actions to do if your son is dealing drug

Most drug dealing cases among children come about as a result of lack of close parental supervision and guidance.

However, there are a few cases in which children may pick up drug dealing even with close parental monitoring and good upbringing.

By talking to your son, it becomes easy for him to understand your concerns about his drug dealing habits and let him know the possible consequences of their actions. Let him understand that there are severe consequences of drug dealing in addition to landing in jail.

Ideally, a drug dealing son not only puts his life in danger but that of the family too. It is important to give your son a stern warning that dealing in drugs is unacceptable in your home. Avoid being angry at him as this will only worsen the problem but be firm and strict in your boundaries.


Understand the cause of the problem

things to do if your son is dealing drug

The easiest way to eliminate drug dealing and help a drug dealer is by understanding the cause and reason for the problem’s existence. Without eliminating the cause of the problem, he will most likely slip back into drug dealing even after you help him kick out this bad habit.

Mostly, the main reason for dealing in drugs among teenagers and young youths is peer pleasure. His friends and peers could be influencing him into deal into drugs to fit in the gang. Other reasons include money issues, influence from music, and influence from older family members who are into drug dealing.


Give an ultimatum

actions to do if your son is dealing drug

Give your son an ultimatum on the steps you will take in case he does not quit dealing in drugs and comply with the guidelines and rules that you will set.

Allowing him to continue with the behavior as they wish will not solve anything but will instead perpetuate his behavior and will only stop after a severe consequence such as apprehension by the law or death occurs. Let him know that you are ready to call the authorities in case he does not quite the behavior.

As a parent, you should be willing to go to any extreme to put your son off from this destructive vice.


Consider treatment options

Your son may be dealing in drugs to support his drug abuse habit. When this is the case, you will need to do more than simply helping him out of dealing in drugs. This is because even after quitting drug dealing, he may still be using drugs and thus become more susceptible to becoming a dealer again.

If your son is selling drugs to cater for his drug use needs, you should take him into a rehabilitation program and have him booked into drug treatment programs. Ideally, the main goal of helping your son out of drug dealing is cutting off any contact with drugs. As such, intervening early before the behavior becomes addictive is very important.


Help your son re-focus in life

helping son to refocus in life

After you have helped your son to quit drug dealing, you should help him regain focus in his life. Let him set targets and goals that you will help him achieve within a set time frame. This is because of the reason that idle minds are very vulnerable and susceptible to bad behavior.

You need to teach your son that they should avoid being dependent on drugs to solve his problems or address his fears. Instead, you should teach him on the importance of using constructive problem-solving approaches.


Wrapping up

As a parent, you should always be aware of what is going on in your son’s life at all times. This close monitoring will help you detect drug dealing and abuse behaviors in their early stages thereby making it easy to control and remove these behaviors.