My Young Daughters Are Touching Themselves and Each Other, What Should I Do?

Childhood is yet another time of youthful innocence and your children could be overwhelmed by the glory of first experiences.

A parent who’s keeping a watch on her daughters may get understandably wigged upon noticing some of the weird behaviors. Young sisters touching themselves usually on their private parts can be shocking.

What we know less about this peculiar behavior among our children is that it’s common to some extent. It’s more than usual for children age 4 to 5 years to start exploring some of their hidden body parts that look strange to them.

This classic exploration should, however, be transient and stops as the child grows older. In some cases, your knowledgeable daughters may have some tendency of touching each other; if you have such experiences at home, worry less, we’ve got your back.


What causes the touching?

things to do if daughters touching themselves each other

Children are inquisitive by nature. They are taken much into discovering weird things in their adjacent environment. They usually don’t have some concealed intentions when exploring their bodies and those of others.

Being innocent and curious, they go up to an extent where we as parents have to be in charge. More often in girls; they begin sexualizing each other. Some are wise enough to do this in private but most do it in public- out of innocence.

Sometimes they are just playing. If your daughters are nearly of the same age, chances are; they are making fun out of each other. If you feel what they are doing is far from just a normal play, you have a right to take action before they advance into sinister territory.

Age is something worth noticing; if one of your daughters is far way mature than the other, she might be doing something not worth saying in public. She will, therefore, convince her sibling to keep it a secret. Take control and calm this habit!

Exposing your daughters to lots of crazy images, videos and adults stuff at a tender age isn’t that good. Imagine you watching an adult TV program with your innocent girls, all the essential parts of the play; from dirty talks, kissing to…. –you know.

The power of influence affects everybody regardless of age. Due to curiosity, your girls will have no option but to put into practice what they saw and learned earlier of the day.

It’s very important to observe the entertainment and age regulations; those programs for general exhibition and cartoons should be your child’s favorite channels if they need to watch anyway. Avoid ambiguously and confusing stations that will ruin your daughter’s social life.


What to do as a parent

things to do as a parent

You have just noticed this unusual behavior in your daughters. Which action will be the most appropriate without hurting their emotions at the same time rebuking the habit? It’s good to understand what’s behind it all before dealing with the real challenge.

Focus on addressing the issue competently. Make it known to them that you are aware of their behavior and that it’s not good at all. Don’t make them feel that quilt in their veins; instead, prioritize in making it an awareness that touching oneself and someone else’s body isn’t a good show.

Try to own the blame (even if it’s certainly not yours) for not teaching them good morals instead of accusing their innocence. As a good parent, try to build a closer relationship with your daughters so as to get first-hand information of what they actually experience in their private lives. Building trust is all you need to get you started.

Upon noticing your children’s behavior, you’ll always be forced to seek advice from close family friends. This is wise but not that best of an idea you can surely have your daughters’ privacy. This is supposed to be a family issue; making it a small family secret.


Take actions

teaching daughter the good morals

This is the last part you need to end the mess. Taking action doesn’t necessarily mean giving punishment. A young child, for example, will not benefit from any bodily harm in the form of punishment- in most cases unless otherwise.

Prioritize in teaching your daughters some good morals. Explain to your daughters why touching each other is not an appropriate mode of conduct. Consider the age of your children, understand their curious minds and try to give the best possible advice. You can coin on imaginary stories relating to the topic to attract their attention without any ill intentions.

If any of your children has been exposed to some sexual activities before, it is certain that she is trying to recall the prior exercise. Convince her to expose everything she knows about touching someone else’s body; check with her friends about the matter.

In case there is some evidence of sexual abuse before, take immediate and appropriate action with the relevant authorities.

From consistent touching of one’s body to the private parts of the other, this habit may worse with time. Unless you notice this, you won’t be in a position to take any action.

Some may hurt themselves causing discomfort and this is the time you will realize the hidden action. Although you might be late to take a preventive measure, you won’t be late to stop it.

Whatsoever the strange circumstances your daughters put you into, engaging in some activates that involves touching or nudity should be dealt with the slightest of punishment or direct insult.

Approach the topic compassionately and tactfully with your children; give them time to speak out their innocent minds. Understand what they are going through but don’t show any compliance with any wicked actions.

Provoke the bad company around them while encouraging open friendship with some of the good friends you are aware of their behaviors.



More than often, when such circumstances find access into our lives, we tend to be taken much by our negative thoughts. The first fear of every parent is that of their daughters being lesbians- which is usually not the case considering their age and level of sexual maturity.

In case you are not in a position to handle this issue exceptionally well or you fear to approach the subject more by yourself, find help from qualified personnel with sufficient knowledge on the same.