Why is My Teenage Daughter So Angry All The Time? 10 Ways On How To Improve The Situation

Have you found yourself wondering why your teenage daughter is always angry?

If yes, then you need not worry as anger and mood swings is a common occurrence among teenage girls. When you find that your daughter is angry most of the times, here are a few tips for parents like you:

Do not curse or name-call

There is no reason or excuse for cursing or name-calling your teenage daughter when she is angry at you.

Just like you would feel ashamed of your daughter curses other people, you should not call her names because she is angry or moody to you. As a parent, when you become verbally abusive and disrespectful to your teen, you are not setting a good example for her to enumerate.

Additionally, cursing strains the parent-daughter relationship between you and her thereby making it hard to resolve the issue at hand.

Take control of the situation

Being the parent and obviously older than your daughter, you have to learn how to take control of an anger situation created by your daughter.

For starters, you have to limit yourself to making regrettable things or actions that may worsen the situation.

At times, the easiest way to control a verbal outburst from your daughter is letting her talk without responding or answering her back. This goes a long way in enabling her to cool down and become watchful of what she says to you.

Never get physical

Getting physical after your angry daughter has said something inappropriate to you will only make the situation worse.

Firstly, getting physical with her may show her that the only to gain control over another person when angry is through violence. Secondly, when you feel disrespected by your teen, you may inflict serious injuries on her after getting physical.

This particularly applies to short-tempered people as they can cause extensive bodily harm which can result in death in extreme situations.

Try understanding the cause of her anger

Understanding the underlying causes of her anger and mood swings is one of the best ways of finding a permanent solution to her anger outbursts.

At times, these causes may be well-founded but more often than not, teenage girls become angry for no specific reason.

When such is the case, it is quite hard to help improve the situation unless you sit her down and have a one on one conversation with her.

Find out if she is under the influence of drugs

Teenagers are very experimental and her anger and mood swings towards you may be because of drug and substance abuse.

Mostly, teenage girls are introduced to drug use by their peers but they may also introduce themselves to the vice.

If by any chance you identify that your daughter is using drugs including alcohol and cigarettes, you need to act promptly to rectify the situation before it gets out of hand.

Take it seriously but not personal

Sometimes, teens’ anger is blown out of proportion due to little disagreements and conflicting opinions at home.

If you have brought up your daughter with love, good care and respect yet she is hostile to you, most likely you may have given her too much love while raising her. This is why you need to take her anger issues seriously but not personally to effectively control the situation before is spiraling out of control.

If you may have wronged her either intentionally or otherwise, acknowledge your mistakes and apologize for your actions.

Understand signs of adolescent depression

Explosiveness, exaggerated anger and irritability in your teenage doctor may be signs of adolescent depression.

It is not always that your teen will be angry and moody to you because she doesn’t respect you. When these emotional changes are caused by adolescence, it is advisable to take the teen for counseling sessions to help her cope with the changes she is going through.

Give her tough love

If your teenage daughter is always angry and disrespectful and shows no signs of changing her behavior, it may be time to exercise tough love.

The best thing about tough love is that it helps her to change her lack of respect and anger towards you since it becomes hard to live without the privileges you had accorded her before.

For instance, you may decline to take her on a summer vacation to a destination of her liking unless she addresses her anger issues. Other strict measures that you can enforce include taking away her car or other adored gadgets like laptops and cell phones.

With tough love, it becomes easy to establish a lifetime foundation of great love and respect by the teen to other people.

Express concern for her anger

Teenage years do not last forever and often lead to early adulthood- an age in which children become more responsible for their actions.

Before your teenage daughter transitions into early adulthood, it is important to express your concerns for her anger and mood swings to you. Avoid using extreme measures such as constant scolding, nagging, repeated lecturing or physical punishing as these behaviors will only make her more defensive.

Instead, you should adopt a softer and peaceful approach such as talking to her or seeking the intervention of her friends.

Be a good listener

At times, all teenagers want is having someone who can listen to their concerns and offer the emotional support they need during puberty.

Let your teenage daughter know that she can confide in you and that you will always be there for her in every way possible. This reassurance and parental support can help in toning down an angry teen who may have thought that she is on her own.

It is important to understand that teenagers need more than material support especially during their teenage years as their lives start shaping up.


When you notice that your teenage daughter is always angry and disrespectful to other people, promote moral spirituality in their lives.

This will guide them throughout the rest of their lives as it will help them be concerned about the feelings and emotions of other people. As such, it will be quite hard for them to be angry, disrespectful or insulting to other people.